Romancing The Rustic: Charming Chalet, Spain &Ndash; Adorable HomeGiving the views outdoors a run for their money, the interiors of this chalet are dominated by the warm and grainy textures of bare wood. Crafted into an array of structural and non-structural elements, it brings a charm to the space and a masculine solidity to the structure. These crisp definitions and rigid lines contrast beautifully with a selection of contemporary materials and ideas, adhering to a muted overtone that blends gracefully among it. Underplaying on color, tone and texture, the furnishing bring a soft, feminine grace that strikes a balance in this design. It also lends an air of informal ease that embraces visitors and encourages them to kick back and unwind.

This adorable country home is abundant in intricacy; carefully chosen fixtures and elements add layers within the , creating experiential and visual interest. Bedrooms are simple, comfortable and charming; borrowing from traditional country bedroom ideas, the wooden ceilings here set character and rhythm to the space. The bathrooms on the other hand are distinctly , set in cool concrete and warm wooden surfaces.