Make it really rustic with barn wood and old style curtains that you can pick up at any flea market.

This can be a repurposing project if you have some of the supplies on hand or if you need to buy them all, it’s honestly not an expensive sconce to make. The great aqua color brings a warm ambiance and really makes you think of the beach, right?

You’ll need to drill and cut to create the holes for your tealights, and you can make as few or as many as you need. The old barn wood holder also adds to the whole rustic country look and the overall project is really easy. Just nail the sticks together until you have a basket and add your favorite flowers or candles. You’ll need boards to cover the wall and if you want to distress them first, they’ll look even better.

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Cool DIY Rustic Furniture Pieces

It’s also really easy to make and since you grab the wood from outside, it’s virtually free, too. The doors slide closed to hide the television and entertainment equipment until you need them. I love the additional space under the counter and those wicker baskets really just add to the whole farmhouse look. I love how rustic it turns the kitchen and it’s a really easy, not to mention inexpensive, project.

You can use those pallets to create this stunning table and it won’t take you nearly as long to build it as you think. From birdhouses and garden shed décor to door handles and fire pits, you’re going to love all the things that you can make with your old tools.

Using paint and stencils (or you can freehand if you’re that creative) you make the top which really resembles a sign you would see in an old general store.

You’ll want to choose what crate lid you want to display and then just transfer to your wood, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds.

This is great for any time of the year or you could even add some seasonal touches to make it match up for any holiday.

You’ll take the mason jars and affix them to wooden sconces, which you can also fashion yourself. You’ll need wood pieces to build the box and then just paint it white and distress it with some sand paper. This is definitely going to be a conversation starter and absolutely one of my favorite projects in this collection. It takes a bit of cutting for this one but you’ll agree that it’s well worth the extra effort. This is an easy project and you can take it down if you ever need to and just have a plain wall again. They’re the perfect shape for creating pears and they’re definitely going to be your favorite décor. You can alter the plans depending on the size that you need and stain it however you want if you need to match existing furnishings.

They’re great on their own or paired with others like them to create a stunning farmhouse styled centerpiece.

Those old drawers can be found at most flea markets or you could improvise and use whatever small drawer you have on hand. You can also paint the seat white and leave the legs natural or vice-versa to create a good look as well.