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Turn of the century vintage decor with classic BAR sign wall decor. Vintage look and print on MDF wood with beveled edges and antiqued appearance. Sign print: "BAR" in gold/goldenrod block lettering with border. Sign measures 16. 1/4. in L x 6. 1/2.

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This is a unique wood turned vessel made out of California Wild Lilac Burl (Ceanothus thrysiflorus). Also known as Blue Blossom, this drought tolerant native shrub is a popular landscaping species. While chaparoning a field trip with my 3rd grader, I learned that the American Indian used the flower of this tree as soap: put a small amount of the dried flower in your palm, wet it a bit with water, then rub your hands together and the concoction foams up into a fine lather! Will send you a small bag of dried flower with the vessel’s purchase so you can try it out. The pinkish hard, heavy wood, however, is not often utilized for woodwork because these trees grow in a knobby, contorted way, and the wood split badly while drying. My luck again when my next door neighbor cleaned out their back slope and threw away a few very old specimens, only the portions closest to the root are large enough for turning. This vessell contains everything typical of this timber: knots, burly grow, bark in.

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This is a unique wood turned vessel made out of California Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia). Coast Live Oak is one of my favorite oak species. They grow locally here on the chapparal hill sides with twisted, spreading branches. Almost every week, I drive around the neigborhood, scanning curbsides for oak trimmings people piled up for green recycling. Once in a while I got lucky with some nice sized branches. This hollow form was the result of a crotch piece from such a foray, turned cross-grain to show all the beautiful ray fleck patterns. A ring of natural bark was retained for accent.

Cool Zebra Wood Ember Out Pipe Handcrafted In The Usa « Decor Smoking Pipe, Collectible Pipe,

Cool Zebra Wood Ember Out Pipe Handcrafted In The Usa « Decor Smoking Pipe, Collectible Pipe,
IM Corona Pipemaster with Chrome Engine Turned Briar Wood Finish The IM Corona Pipemaster is designed to be a pipe smokers dream with its angled style flame. It is equipped with a single push button ignition and a built in tobacco tamper, this is a must have addition to your collection. IM CORONA manufactures some of the finest cigar lighters available. Each different luxury model is meticulously finished with the finest lacquers, heavy gold plating, exotic and rare Cocobolo wood, pewter or chromium. New finishes include Matte Black, truly awesome. Each one of these limited production lighters is a work of art. While each model has a different finish, the internal workings are the same…only the best.
This is a unique footed bowl made out of a gallery grade piece of California grown Olive burl. The pattern of this burl is simply striking. There is a void that was filled with clear Inlace to preserve the character of this piece but also retain it’s functionality as a vessel. This is a one-of-a-kind collector’s item and is my all time favorite! I have worked with many pieces of olive burl but this one just stand out amongst others! Dimension (largest diameter x height): 4" x 3-3/8"
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— All wood turned items were hand made and/or hand threaded on a lathe. Hardwood threaded inserts were used for woods that do not accept threading well.