Mountain living can be idyllic and a true health booster with its unparalleled views; flora majestically displayed like works of art with their ever changing and vibrant colors, fauna with their melodies and voices rolling across the hills and valleys, and the fresh air and outdoor opportunities can make the mountain lifestyle difficult to resist with its peaceful harmony. There is just something about mountain living that speaks to many people; the pleasant summertime weather, the endless supply of outdoor activities, the breathtaking views, the raw and powerful sunsets or the sense of peaceful community.

Happiness, exuberant health and a sense of purpose go hand-in-hand with mountain living where you are inspired to engage in physical activity and the sights and smells of the environment regularly zap stress and insomnia resulting in a longer, healthier life. These rugged exteriors and interiors complement a wide range of house styles and square footage due to their functionality and versatility. These homes use a creative mix of and modern details that give these select homes a true mountain feel and look. Quite a few plans include a detached or semi-detached garage, with a breezeway entry, for the safe storage of vehicles, assorted other gear and as a means of protection from the weather.

However, for those attracted to the style and wish for a permanent residence with a rustic feel, garages can either be added to existing plans or you can choose from the many larger sized mountain house plans that include space for storing vehicles. These homes represent a retreat from everyday living and a place to enjoy outdoor activities that otherwise may not comprise a large part of your everyday living lifestyle. Basements can also be configured to include large amounts of storage space along with finished living spaces such as multi-purpose rooms, additional bedrooms/baths and recreation rooms. Walkout basements are especially desirous as they offer multiple entry and exit points for the storage and removal of large outdoor equipment and a way to shed wet and/or muddy clothing and other items. Loft space can be utilized as an endless variety of living spaces, not to mention, spectacular viewing options available from this space especially if you’re fortunate enough to have mountain or waterfront scenery nearby. Majestic scenery and sweeping vistas rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit while the altitude and panoramic views can be exhilarating.

Wraparound porches and/or front rear covered porches afford abundant opportunities to relax, dine al fresco and in general, enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends. Of course, there are a lot of other defining characteristics which should be mentioned. The exposed beams and the fireplace with floor-to-ceiling firewood storage in the corner are the defining elements in the case of the living space décor. The stainless steel and shiny surfaces in the kitchen give it a particularly modern look which contrasts a bit with the rest of the space. However, the majority of the décor is rustic and a nice balance in thus created. The same type of harmonious balance created with contrasting elements can be seen in the bathroom but also in the bedroom, although the modern-style details and less prominent than the overall cottage ambiance. Imagine how you would feel if you could go in the weekend in a quiet place surrounded by green spaces and flowers, or if you could spend your winter holidays in a rustic room, warm in front of a wonderful fireplace. People tend to confuse country-style homes with outdated cabins, full of dusty lace curtains and overdone ornamenting. While the idea to replicate the ‘80s and ‘90s style remains, rustic décor is now livable and modern. Sometimes, all it takes is to dismiss the overwrought appearance and to make the place look airy and clean. Before we start, let us explain country decor. It is a very wide term and often depends on the geographical region where it is applied. If we had to make a generalization of basic elements common for every country home, we would name basic furnishing; neutral colors; creamy finishes; or vintage fabrics. Brown foldable couches, wrapped with homespun cloths were a classic choice. When it comes to tables and chairs, there is hardly any substitute for knotty pine products. In country homes, you need a palette of gentle hues that inspire comfort and warmth. All of these choices add lively, positive vibes. There is nothing as natural to a country home than hardwood/laminate floors. If you happen to have something different (which costs a fortune to be replaced), purchase a large rug and cover it. Besides, rugs give you a lot of space to experiment with colors.

You can choose a shade that complements the walls; or something that is patterned with simple country motifs (floral, animal, fruits, etc). The combination of natural materials will bring texture to your room. Lace and checkered patterns are the typical choices of every country-style household. The best thing about handmade decoration is that it’s still chic, and you can ‘modernize’ it easily with some fresh colors or geometric patterns.

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Still, we recommend handcraft only for those have a simple, farmhouse interior where there is no risk of exaggeration.

You can find piles of accessories in local flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales, or even your own basements. Be ready-choosing and combining accessories for your rustic home will take a lot of time, but it’s still the most affordable and entertaining shopping experience. Choose your favorite family moments, and enshrine them with carved wooden frames. In fact, the frames could be slightly darker than the , so that the importance of the photo will be highlighted. Another excellent idea is to use an antique wooden clock or to hang checkered quilts in the dining room. Soft materials and floral patterns are an excellent choice for a rustic look. This is exactly why you should use matted finishes, blemished wood, or painted metal. However, cozy recliners, muted lamps, or dazzling fireplaces will really invoke a country farmhouse ambiance.

You can also go more creative, and install wooden racks for spices, pots, and jars.

You should adopt every choice to the requirements of your family, and make sure there are consistency and harmony. Most porches are hand wrought, short, and wrapped with sumptuous plants, but the truth is that a country porch is a completely independent product of its owner’s imagination. One thing, however, is compulsory-the porch has to resemble your style!

As a matter of fact, country porches look cute and inviting even in modern suburbs, where houses have nothing in common with country style. Finally, decorate the porch with friendly elements, which will inspire an irresistible wish to go inside.

You can also add a range of rustic decorations to create a sense of personal style. If your space allows it, put a large daybed with red metal frames, one you could even use to sleep during hot summer nights. Accessories such as tartan cloths, drop cloth curtains, twinkling lights, or even glamorously painted ferns will make the porch your favorite rustic country getaway. For instance, you could use canvas and benefit from the fact that it requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.

We also recommend parachute silk for small accessories (as long as the tone is pale), or there are only modest block-prints or wooden buttons.

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