There are a number of time honored trends in home décors you can use as style guides as well, which we have categorized and created collections for your convenience. Coastal décor opens up your home décor using a toned-down palette of oceanic blues and sandy taupes to amplify the natural light coursing through thinly veiled windows.

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Warm earthy tones and milk painted finishes soften the seemingly bare bones complexion of country style furniture. Layer on the homespun calico fabrics and pick out a few wood-carved decorative accents to really give your home the country style feel you are trying to achieve. With the country style home décor, you want to pick furniture and accents that have character and seemingly get better with age. It is for those who live life outside the box and revel in a wanderlust of textures and patterns from all over the world.

Bohemian home décor borrows from the full spectrum of colors to accent various styled furniture. When brainstorming decorating ideas, think beyond function. Strive to make each room configuration a conversation piece. That means little to no layering, subtle to no textures, and most certainly no indulgence in vibrant colors. It is a style that can be honed to place the spotlight solely on a particular piece of art or furniture in your every room. There is also the fact that minimalism is quite easy to clean and perfectly adaptable to small room décor.

to Grig Stamate: The most popular and in fact, the first on the country theme list is the rustic.

It embraces the organic while not necessarily resisting contemporary construction methods and materials. The ornamental nature of traditional furniture alone can give any room a palatial feel. Solid construction of earthy toned wood also gives traditional style home décor a warmer, homier setting. Today’s barn homes incorporate such traditional elements but also add modern touches, like a monochromatic white palette or sleek fixtures. And some otherwise contemporary spaces add country-inspired flair, such as repurposed barn doors, for a rustic-chic feel. If you aren't already living in the countryside, these rustic barn-style homes just might persuade you to pack up. A flagstone fireplace topped with wood cabinets anchors the space. Ling “reused the barn vernacular but with a modernist sensibility” for the addition. The lawn, terraced by a stone wall, echoes the divisions of the building’s living and pool areas. Boards from the interior replaced crumbling ones on the exterior, and expansive windows were added.

I didn’t want anything to detract from the cleanliness and purity of the composition,” he says. Although it’s quite common to blend different elements of each of the rustic styles together, it does help to be able to identify the core aspects of each one. It incorporates items that are homespun, timeworn and handcrafted as well as earthy colors, re-purposed objects, barn-inspired elements and weathered materials. Rustic style has natural overtones that creates a parallel between exterior and interior spaces. While rustic style in it’s most traditional sense has appeared heavy and dark, a more contemporary approach has emerged that is far more light and fresh. To achieve this look try layering warm colors, patterns and textures as well as vibrant quilts, warm rugs and leather. Rustic charm is about retaining a natural look and works well with handcrafted, rough-hewn wood, organic materials and wrought iron. Create a color palette inspired from nature using subtle browns, greens, reds and sandy tones to give the interior space an earthy and rustic feel. Get the lodge look by pairing rich leathers with rustic wood elements and classic tartans. Look for earth toned accessories, earthenware containers, colorful quilts and lodge style lamps. This style seeks to combine the warmth and charm of a rustic home with the style and convenience of a modern dwelling. It provides the best of two words, allowing home owners to create an eclectic space that reflects individual personality. Key elements of a modern rustic space are an open floor plan, exposed natural architectural elements and modern furniture. The color scheme is generally simple and evokes an informal elegance.


Best Farmhouse Interior Ideas and Designs for 2018

Country Interior Design Idea IDEAS

It is inspired from old factories and industrial spaces and structural elements are turned into showpieces. A natural palette is most commonly used combining a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors. Most industrial spaces incorporate weathered wood, exposed brick, concrete and industrial lighting fixtures. Mechanical components in lighting are often reminiscent of steampunk culture. Floor lamps with metal finishes fit well with this style. Rugs should be faded or combine dark tones rather than being vibrant or having geometric patterns. Large sectionals help close off larger spaces and help divide the living areas. Colorful textiles such as sturdy woven fabrics, suede and leather are used to add vibrancy to the space. Mix graphic weavings with calico and plaid as well as soft leather and natural hides. Southwestern décor is natural and warm with a hint of rugged appeal. Wrought iron, hand-painted pottery and sculptures are typical decorative accents. Terra cotta tiles or light wood flooring is often used to achieve this look. Cowboy memorabilia from the 1950’s can add a whimsical touch. Use vintage textiles, family heirlooms, simple furniture, antiques and down-to-earth accessories. Fabrics on and chairs are usually solid white or cream and accented with pillows and throws that have floral themes, stripes, checks or plaid. Add wooden crockery, plenty of baskets and pottery. Farmhouse furniture is often characterized by distressed wood, upholstered linen and large in scale. Add lots of greenery, carefully arranged pots and vases as well as planters to stylize your home. Bring in the rustic comfort of a mountain vista to your home with hand-distressed finishes, natural cowhide and updated lodge furnishings.

40 Rustic Living Room Ideas To Fashion Revamp Around

Maybe you prefer the shabby chic interpretation of farmhouse style with distressed paint finishes and architectural salvage accents. There’s also a farmhouse look for industrial fans, complete with warehouse lighting fixtures, exposed brick, and vintage metal furniture frames. In other words, the potential of the farmhouse look is only limited to your own imagination, tastes, and budget. We’ll help you bring the warmth of this time-tested trend into every room of your house. The white tile backsplash is practical and attractive. The curtains covering the cabinet under the sink make a nice period touch. Done in shades of beige and white, the room is pulled together with farmhouse style. The focal point in the kitchen is the chalkboard wall with a sliding door that evokes a rustic barn. The living room has cozy furniture with plump cushions. The coffee table is a more modern style, making a nice contrast to the vintage touches. Rough stone walls provide a nice contrast to the smooth countertops.

The dual vanity sinks on either side of the towel cabinet are of a traditional shape but have modern drawers underneath. The reclaimed wood floor carries through from the bedroom into the bathroom. The table is rustic in construction and laid with striped runners. An oversized vintage bottle provides space for a green branch centerpiece. An ornamental table has space for several cute accents like an old bread box. Hanging opposite a large mirror is an abstract landscape painting.

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The reflection of the painting makes the hallway feel much larger and brings in a sense of nature. A steamer trunk-style chest of drawers completes the arrangement, featuring a stained glass star sculpture. The carved headboard is tall and painted white. The soft and luxurious linens match the bed. Greenery is draped over the top of the bed and a wreath hangs on the headboard. The tall white curtains make the room feel larger. The centerpiece of the room is a large farmhouse style sink. The tile backsplash is practical but elegant. The wide wooden countertop provides plenty of space for folding clothes. A wall ledge over the countertop provides a place for photos and baskets. The light wood floor is accented by a textured rug. The television is hung over a wide weathered console table. There is plenty of space for floral and pottery accents.

Underneath the table are oversized baskets. The finish of the table is echoed in the chunky wall shelves which are decorated with galvanized metal accents. The cabinets are painted in white and gray and contrast with the center island in black. At the end of the center island, the panel is built to resemble a barn door. The cool gray and white palette of the kitchen complements the stainless steel appliances. The focal point is a mirror which is shaped like a cottage window. The weathered wood console table holds gracious floral arrangements in vintage containers and tall candles. At either side of the mirror, galvanized metal wall vases hold blooming white flowers. In the bathroom, a stone shower has horizontal tiling. The bathroom has practical brushed concrete floors. The bedroom is a calming space in shades of white, beige, and gray. The bed has a pure white bedspread and an inviting beige checkered throw. The contemporary rug gives a soft touch to the wooden floor. Shiplap paneling decorates the end piece of the kitchen cabinet. The countertops are tiled in creamy white. Another farmhouse touch is the polished copper tea kettle on the stove. The industrial touches come in the black metal stair railing and the utilitarian metal chairs. The rest of the room is in the farmhouse style with a reclaimed wood mirror. White blossoms stand in a tall glass vase.

30 Rustic Barn Style House Ideas and Photos to Inspire

Tall pillar candles and a vintage book complete the arrangement. An old fashioned coffee table with turned legs and two classic armchairs sit alongside. A floral arrangement in an old crock and three vintage books sit on top. The focal point of the room is a huge painted clock face in vintage style. White shiplap paneling is on the interior wall. An old-fashioned open china hutch stands at one side of the room, filled with gracious white stoneware pitchers and plates. Over the table hangs an upcycled chandelier. A white floral centerpiece stands in the middle of the wooden plank table. On a ledge above the stairs sit family photos in oversized black and white frames. At the foot of the stairs there is a storage bench with a dried grass arrangement in a tall galvanized pail. Two utilitarian baskets sit on the ledge and on the floor. On the wall, the family’s initial takes pride of place. A buffalo plaid blanket and cushion decorate the space, along with a printed pillow. Two galvanized boxes sit under the bench. An old basket set at an angle provides an interesting twist. Buffalo plaid cushions sit underneath, waiting to be used. A plush and inviting couch sits alongside. The white bed linens are complemented with buffalo plaid pillows and comforter. A curtain hung at the ceiling makes the room appear larger. A basket woven chest sits at the foot of the bed. An old chair holds a basket with extra blankets. A vintage door and a galvanized metal lantern accent the space. A wooden countertop lies on top of the washer and dryer, providing a workspace. The shelves over the washer and dryer hold a mix of galvanized boxes and black wire baskets. The unadorned wood crib holds a cute bunny and a printed cushion. Over the crib hangs the baby’s initial, accented with greenery, and two botanical prints.

The chest has a weathered, distressed painted surface. Exposed brick walls complement the distressed wood floors with extra wide planks. The exposed wood ceilings and beams give the house a cozy feeling. A large built-in bookcase fills the entryway to the child’s room. Woven baskets provide practical and portable storage. The ceiling is wooden to match the beams. Over the three large windows hang farmhouse style light fixtures. The gray sectional sofa is plush and inviting with large white cushions. A pallet style coffee table provides a simple accent. An exposed brick fireplace completes the room. On the kitchen island, the sink has a brushed metal fixture that is echoed in a tall vase with branches. The end of the kitchen island has a barn style accent.

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The tall white cabinets give the room a gracious look. A rustic wooden table with built-in drawer storage occupies the center of the room. A comfortable armchair sits at one end of the table and a bench sits along one side. The table holds three large glass jars with greenery. Three small crystal chandeliers hang over the table. Along the window, a cushioned storage bench provides extra seating. The trestle table is surrounded by metal chairs with comfortable woven seats. Exposed beams give the room a vintage touch. Hanging light features bring a contemporary accent. A vintage light fixture with exposed candelabra lights hangs on the ceiling. A tall armoire gives space for practical storage. A coat rack hangs on the wall with a mirror over it. The old-fashioned desk chair holds a comfortable cushion. This railing is practical and safe as well as having pleasing style elements. The stair treads are in a matching distressed wood finish. The kitchen has light gray shiplap paneling and stainless steel appliances. Having seating under the coat rack is practical and attractive. The barn-style hanging hooks provide space for purses and essentials. Over the coat rack hangs a dark gray wall shelf with an arrangement of framed photos, dried flowers, and an open basket. Two oversized galvanized steel planters hang on the wall on either side of the mirror.

These are filled with bountiful greens and flowers in shades of white. A galvanized table vase holds more flowers on the coffee table. The dual vanity sinks are backed by a marble backsplash. Large wood-framed wall mirrors at both sinks echo the paneling on the vanity below. Dark metal faucets and knobs are set directly into the wall. The room is finished with three hanging pendant lights. The exposed beams on the ceiling complement the wide wooden floor planks.

The white walls make the room feel larger. The bar height kitchen table has stools with woven wicker seating surfaces. Built in benches and bookshelves give a practical touch. The four-poster bed is spread in sage green, gray, and white with plump pillows. A vintage wood trunk sits at the foot of the bed. A gold globe light fixture hangs down from the exposed beams.

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A marble island occupies the center of the kitchen, with comfortable bar height stools for seating. The kitchen counters are a dark wood and the cabinets are cream colored with vintage style doors. Built-in wall shelves and light fixtures give the room a contemporary touch. Deer antlers hang high on the wall over the table. A print with cattle hangs on the wall just below. Under the table sit a basket trunk and an old-fashioned suitcase. It brings rustic style to the gracious blue and white room with its four-poster bed. The exposed hardware for the barn door accents the wall. Exposed beams in the room add to the barn aesthetic. The kitchen cabinets and island echo the wooden beams. The island and countertops are marble and the sink has a dramatic, tall faucet fixture. Wooden cabinets make the room feel warm and cozy, while the white accents keep it from being too closed-in. A rustic wooden mirror hangs on the wall over the contemporary style sinks. The sinks look like they were carved from rough stone.

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Rough wooden sconces match the style of the mirror frame. Built-in glass wall shelves brighten the space. Hand-painted ceramic or clay tiles are popular accents on flooring, countertops and wall surfaces. Southwestern colors include desert neutrals, greens and clay reds with dashes of turquoise, yellow and orange. The colorful textiles are usually thickly woven and used both for upholstery and wall art. Leather and suede are also popular upholstery materials for sofas, chairs and ottomans. Other furniture pieces are often made of distressed knotty pine. Accessories are usually handcrafted items such as pottery, baskets and wooden crockery. Lodge style is essentially a refined log cabin and is often seen in resort or hotel getaways. A log cabin style home is built of whole shaved tree logs that are custom-fit to form the exterior and interior walls. The exposed logs and wooden beams are important to the rustic feel on both in the inside and outside of the home. Modern log cabins are regularly sold in kits which feature all the necessary pieces to build a cabin shell.