In fact, each planter holds a landscape of its own, which adds intricacy and depth to the balcony. For example, the table and chair set below may be a tight squeeze, but it’s well worth it.

For example, below we see two folding chairs creatively stashed out of the way with the help of wall hooks. What you should consider is that you can design your balconies without having to spend much more than you already have. You have the option of not leaving it bare and boring; look for interesting art that you can place against the wall. When putting together your balcony designs always think about making reusable decorations. There is plenty of push-in furniture that you can disguise as benches but in reality can also serve as a pull out bed or table. And last but not the least if you really need to purchase your essentials in decorating go for the not so costly ones. Add special pieces of potted plants that can help in air circulation and server as design as well. Give your balcony a sheik symmetrical design with a built in shelf and adding similarly shaped furniture in each shelf. Give that spacious look on your balcony by getting simplistic furniture and avoiding over designed shelves and chairs. The touch of gray brick walls in contrast to the white walls also give out a good charisma.

The horizontal stripes of the bench also helps give an illusion that the space is wider than it originally is. Finish the walls and the floors with wood and construct a wooden shelf slash table to fit the overall theme. The interior of the balcony is more spacious thanks to the table which is hung at the side. This gives you good access to all your flowers and serves as wonderful wall décor as well. They can serve as wonderful wall ornaments and you don’t even need to buy any wall décor anymore. You can transfer your bathtub on your balcony to get the outside view while taking a long bath.

Fill your balcony with wooden shelves and tables to serve as places where you can place your potted plants. The little railing-mounted table provides a great perch for a glass of wine without cluttering up the balcony with table legs.

Note how the planters are placed along the windows so residents can enjoy them from the indoors.

Balcony wall design

Cozy Ideas To Design Your Balcony

In fact, the bench below is crafted from plastic storage containers, plywood and reed fencing. Leave the middle open to create a sense of space, but place a bench on the side so you can enjoy the view from a stylish resting spot. Kelly green and pink create a refreshing outdoor palette, and crafty details like handmade herb markers help you put your own special stamp on your space.

If you look at pictures online for reference you might feel at loss since you think you won’t be able to replicate the design; don’t give up just yet. Look for appropriate antique in thrift stores and you can surely find one that suits your style.

Make the most out of your budget and invest in decors that you can appreciate no matter how long you have had them. There might be a lot of interesting things that you can find there to redesign and decorate.

Don’t be afraid since there are also pieces online that you can buy which are still in good quality.

You can do this by adding an authentic wooden fence and framing it with pretty potted plants.

You can still make it look great by choosing just the right type of potted plants and flowers and making use of the rustic bare wall. This design makes it possible for a small group of people to fit themselves in your balcony.

The minimalist approach of the furniture arrangement looks neat and gives a lot of extra space within the balcony.

Create a table slash shelf on the wall of your balcony and design it simply with frames of your artwork. The shelves are divided uniformly and at the same time gives a lot of space for the furniture or books placed inside them. This very artistic and very doable balcony design incorporates an all oriental feel to the décor. Make way for your cactus plants in your balcony by building custom shelves that fit the wall and the window. You can easily grow out a small amount of grass framed with pebbles and wooden planks as your walkway.

The single table and chair provide as a good fit for the space while the windowsills are also used as table extensions.

It’s easier for you to reach and water your plants and they look like good decorations as well.