Lauren stores hers in glass jars on the shelves but also keeps a small jar on the wire shelves right beside the washer.

Keeping those out of the washer not only gives some “found money” but also prevents mechanical problems with your washer that can cause leaks. Rustic is also often considered as country style – simple and unsophisticated with natural woods and rough finishes.

Washer storage rustic

Create A Laundry Room With Rustic Charm

You'll find ideas for artistic design, painting tips and crafts that are both beautiful and very useful. Lauren also added a portable rolling storage cart between the washer and dryer to create more storage.

Since the storage is open, using baskets to hide unattractive supplies and glass storage containers for easy identification of products was a great idea. Usually this type of bedding features different wildlife and lodge designs, simple, straight lines and perfectly fits to simple room interiors.

Wildlife, nature motifs, geometric patterns, rugged leathers –all these are the typical motifs that define the rustic.