I understand the selection isn't great but there's more online then in store.

I can only assume they require the same from all their suppliers.

Was it just pricing/sales guy or actual issues with their stuff?

Waited a few weeks for it all to show up. Finally when it arrived they sent the wrong table. No big deal, just return it and and send us the right one, right?

The tables we order was no longer available, and our salesman tried to tell us we ordered the wrong table, so it was our fault.

We questioned how we could be at fault and he said he saw the item numbers he put on our order and that we were suppose to know them. Now we were getting close to having some guest come.

We ask for our money back and they so no problem, we would get our money back when they could come back and pick them up in 10 days!

We made a few suggestions and she wasn't willing to do any of them.

I politely told her we were a young family were looking to finish furnishing our new home and kids rooms and master bedrooms for many years to come.

Their prices are on the higher end, but then again, so is the quality of their products. Got 4 great bar stools/chairs there for a great price.

I know people think they are expensive but seriously, even if you only get one central piece and buy cheaper for all the rest of whatever you are looking for. The we did end up buying is absolutely amazing and high quality (and not as stuffy or hoity toity as they have in their catalogue pics).

You will have to wait though because all the larger items are made to order. It really lost a lot of its support and cushion in about 6 months, it arrived damaged and took 3 months to get sorted out, and their extended warranty is kind of a rip off. They came, put a cross brace in reattached all of the material and re tightened the feet in my living room under warranty.

We bought a reclining couch and chaise and the couch arrived broken and continued to stay that way for 6 months and 3 different guys over 6 house visits. First to get the information again, the second time he came with the part only to find it was already broken from shipping damage, finally it was fixed the 3 time he was out. The couch lost all padding within a year and we just gave up and got rid of it. Our experience with the brick was no better either and we are currently looking for new again.

I went to all the big chain and wasn't impressed. They're a smaller store but they offer all the major catalogues. Plus you can custom order pieces in specific colours. If you have a smaller budget they also have the quality common coloured items.

You can spend all day in the area looking at furniture. Revolve is alright but is too modern for me. The place is a bit expensive, but the quality of our set is top notch. They have to order it in but they also have their own delivery trucks rather than contracting it out to an unknown 3rd party. Bought a chair and sectional from them a few years ago.

We analyze rates over a 60 day period, and compare your selection to the average rate of comparable stays to ensure you're getting the best possible deal. The hotel is a ‘tower’ with some car parking below. As other reviewers have commented the security access cards ( to both lifts and room) are a challenge even to seasoned travellers. That said security is welcome in this neighbourhood.

Elite Leather Dealers

Lots of people with rucksacks standing around but doubt you will have any problems. Room was really nice, very clean and a corner one so had extra views!

Location is good, right beside the trams which are free in the downtown area. Walking distance to city, some nice restaurants and supermarket. Nice indoor pool, jacuzzi and fitness room. It is also the last hotel on the plus 15 which was the main reason for booking in case too snowy etc outside. Not right in the heart of city but only 15 min walk or jump on the tram for a few mins. The beds were hard and very uncomfortable. The tap and shower in my room did not work. The location must have been near a bad part of town because there was constanly ambulances and fire trucks going by throughout the night. To check if this location is open, please contact the company. Please enter your address, city, state or zip code, so that we can display the businesses near you. Reviews must be based on a personal experience with a service provider who was hired by you, and reflect accurate, reliable, truthful information. Passionate opinions are great but we ask you to focus on sharing informative reviews without comments that are offensive. Provide feedback that will help other customers and give good solid insight to businesses.

We will screen out offensive or fraudulent reviews and suspend members who attempt to post them.

You cannot post a review for a company if you are an owner, own an interest in, manage, or are an employee of that company. Likewise, company owners, managers and employees are not permitted to post reviews about other companies in the same service category. The atmosphere of the store made it very inviting with their self serve coffee bar.

Where is the best place to buy furniture in Calgary

I was completely lost with measurements, she was an absolute professional when it came to the floor layout of our new home and what would fit and where. She spent a lot of time with us even over the phone keeping us updated with our order. Definitely would shop here again and or recommend it to others. Art in any style is a welcome enhancement to a home. In addition to adding beauty, a piece of modern art can create drama, interest and emotion in a room. Often people add art as the finishing touch to a room. It can be calming or energizing, monochromatic or brimming with color. When we think about art for our homes, we tend to think about wall art – flat art painted with watercolors, oil paint or acrylics, and most often we hang art on a wall above the sofa or fireplace. The most prominent piece of modern art in a room can be something we don’t even think of as art – such as a sculptural chair, a dramatic rug, a striking chandelier or an unusual coffee table. Focus your rooms with a piece of modern art this season. It will reflect your personality and pull a room together beautifully.

So get snap happy, enter often and don’t forget to vote. If you target something on social media, like a particular sectional, get asked questions and sales increase on this particular item then it is working!

I still think that is all we can offer to get loyalty, tho!

Providing you with endless combinations of style, comfort, colour and function. Built to last and satisfy the most sophisticated palates. Available in an array of soft aneline dyed leathers and wax pull ups.

You get a distinct look, made just for you. This sectional at 45" deep, filled with a topper of down blend. All the toss cushions are down filled as well. Key pieces, the main furnishings of any family room are to offer your space with comfortable seating from your sofas and chairs. A modern take on the wing back chair of days gone by, with unique nailhead detail on the sides. Not to mention the comfort seat, and this chair will lend its self to almost any lifestyle. Chose a contemporary fabric or a soft chenille, and you've changed the look completely. Certified sustainable and made with a kiln dried wood frame. An armless chair with wood trim and an interesting focus on the detail of the leg and back. This chair suggests fun and has an eclectic vibe. Think turquoise, yellows or reds as a choice for a pop of colour when selecting your fabric or leather. A unique look that brings a little whimsy into your life. Janice helped us with everything from picking a paint.

Hinde was very helpful with selecting draperies for my office/living room. Janice showed us options of items we needed. Customer service is very high on the priority list, that to me is worth it's weight in gold. The furniture is well made, well priced and beautiful. Janice and the team were extremely friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with.

We have it displayed in our showroom, should you want to come and see it. It's in excellent condition and comes with 6 chairs which are also in excellent condition. Blue floral pattern with black wood legs. This is a beautiful classic sofa in wood, leather and fabric. It is perfect condition with no scratches or stains. The distressed wood has aged gracefully,. Purchased custom new from cricklewood furnishings. Comes with 4 chairs and 2 captain chairs.

We are here to help you get your personified requirements from each window covering for any budget. Whether you know exact ally what you want or are starting from the beginning, we are here to help you confidently select your blind or drapery. She was very knowledgeable and came to our house multiple times to ensure we were happy with what we were picking out. Equally as disappointed in the customer service received.

I don't think you should be getting advice on how to strengthen a bedframe, your self, that's only a few years old. Sometimes it’s those little added touches in our home that make the biggest impressions. Adding accessories speak volumes personalizes and makes your space your own. Includes both stock, and custom ordered items. Send us a picture and a brief explanation of your questions or concerns and we can offer up a few suggestions you may not have considered. This is the average rating based on homeowner reviews. This indicates how long it's been since the last review. Low reputation means there has been review tampering or a company request to remove a review.

I have purchased everything from mirrors and paintings to couches and end tables.

I have ottomans and bar stools, dining tables and more. All of my blinds are from cricklewood as well. Tgey provided home samples of wood to match to my house which made the purchases so much easier!

Wanted an extra charge to move something about 8 feet out of the way so that way they could actually deliver the furniture. Not only that, the one piece was a screen that was supposed to come as one piece, and it came in separately because they screwed up the hinge and did not put it back together at all. There are a lot of other stores that can use my repeat business.

I own many pieces of good leather furniture and have never encountered this problem. My caution would be to make sure that whatever the salesperson tells you is detailed in writing on the contract even if it seems obvious.

You may have a color in your head, and what is written down may not match what is in your head!

We had a lady come out and measure for furniture and she completely screwed up everything she ordered. Leather sectional was poor quality for price paid. Damaged furniture upon delivery but didn't want to fix the problem. One chair is broken, leg coming off and the upholstery looks like a 3 year old did it. The store is fantastic - you will never tire walking around and exploring!

They attended my home and measured and helped us through the assorted types, styles and colors and then installed everything without a problem or concern. Great company and impressive service to their customers.