The sales staff and delivery guys are great!

We love to buy local and support local businesses when possible.

They only want one thing, your money and to rip you off and sky high market prices. To be honest, she was the most positive experience of the entire incident.

I also asked if there was anything small he could throw in for free or discount. The call lasted less than 2 mins as he stated if you bought your furniture somewhere else, how you were treated here doesn’t matter.

She went out of her way to call be back with quotes and her attitude was cheeful. Once this came into discussion, we were informed of what a terrible store they were.

I had a wonderful experience and saved truly thousands of dollars for more furniture then we would have at other stores we had shopped at. As a matter of fact we are going back today to purchase additional pieces!

Not to mention the very fair prices and very courteous, awesome staff!!

Our prices are well worth the drive and there are other antique dealers near by.