Custom Builds The Industrial Farmhouse
Industrial Farmhouse can help you design and build that perfect , desk, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Custom Builds Indu
From restaurants, to your home, Industrial Farmhouse builds custom to meet your needs.

Work with our In-House Designers and Craftsmen to create the ideal custom wood table, desk or coffee table for your space. As a designer, collector or business owner, we know you pour your own creativity into making your spaces distinctive. While we do offer standard pieces, you also have an opportunity to commission the birth of a true original.

You want decor that radiates ideas such as strength, authenticity and tradition. The Industrial Farmhouse will not only serve utilitarian needs but also stand as a work of art and a conversation piece that commands attention. Whenever we are tasked with a custom wood furniture order, we sit down at the drawing board to discuss what is going to make an idea work and create a game plan for producing it.

How big does your table, desk, shelving need to be? What are the measurements of the space your piece will go?