Expect quality, selection, good prices and friendly shop keepers. So when she was upgrading the home for her broadcast and communications business, she tried to donate her unneeded to people in need.

Antique Furniture Dealer Washington Furniture

Roberts's pieces were white, and several charities she contacted wouldn't accept white . Some charities had a minimum number of pieces they would pick up, and others a maximum. So she reluctantly set about selling her furniture instead. The challenge with those sites is that your cherry chest or tweed couch can get lost among cherry pitters and tweed coats.

The newer furniture-specific sites may attract buyers motivated to pay more for nice pieces. The new sites are also trying to distinguish themselves by offering expert help. Here’s how to keep one simple accident from bankrupting you. However, companies' reputations change over time, so be sure to check them out yourself before you do business with them.

You can specify whether you want to show your furniture to a local or global audience, depending on where you're willing to ship. This curated approach keeps the merchandise upscale and the customers interested.

An Antique Dealer And His Unsellable Treasures

New federal regulations severely limit the trade of antiques with ivory or rhino horn. One New York antiques dealer says the rules.

Chairish also edits your photos and descriptions to help your furniture sell. The site offers multiple nationwide shipping options, or purchasers can arrange to pick up items locally. That service includes inspecting, pricing, photographing and cataloguing your furnishings. The site photographs and prices your items for you. If your item is approved, the company arranges and pays for freight shipping to its warehouse and then on to the customer. Buyers are encouraged to make an offer, which you can accept, counter or reject. Fees : 50 percent of the selling price if you sell 20 or fewer items; 40 percent if you sell 21 or more. Some items are new, but most are used and repurposed. Styles range from antique and eclectic all the way to modern. Everything from eclectic to farmhouse style. Walk slow and look all around and you'll find cool items jumping out at you. They don’t make things like they used to!

The unique and unusual, the beautiful and well-crafted, the treasured and rare. Come on in and find some oddity from times past and explore the store for something special!

Come in and find what you’ve been looking for!

The quality and craftsmanship of these treasures are from days gone by, days when they were built by real craftsman and meant to last a life time and beyond. Some have been restored, some have been repurposed, some have simply been pulled out to into the light and are perfect as is. Each dealer is at the top of their game and specialize in something different bringing out the best in their inspiring collections. And it’s all in one perfectly sized, newly renovated, easy to explore location. Inside the store it’s neat, organized, and full of fun treasures. Looking forward to coming back next time in the area. For a large city, it seems there would be more antique malls, but this seems to be last in the area.

We have a few really nice antiques and loads of decent furniture.

I believe that their prices are somewhat negotiable and they do offer layaway if you ask.

THE 10 BEST Seattle Antique Stores with Photos

Dealer Washington

I can see the ratings from buyers as being pretty spot on.

I like seeing all the paintings, sculptures and furniture. Take some time to really explore here and you will find treasures, some of them hidden but worth the hunt.

Anyone Can Be Antique Dealer, Heres How I Started The Lifestyle