The casual look harkens back to a simpler time when the holidays weren’t quite so overwhelming. Get the same look by combining natural textures like burlap, wood and evergreens.

To top it off, hang a banner in front of the fireplace or over a window. This is great project to get the kids involved, they can help paint the bags and cut out the leaves. Combine crushed velvets, rich patterns and deep crimson colors to create a timeless look that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Start with a base of pinecone garland to add texture and a bit of earthiness then sprinkle in some shiny red ornaments.

A monochromatic color scheme helps emphasize the glitz but still keeps the look sophisticated and stylish. A banner with a positive message is sure to invoke a smile to all that enter the room. At the same time, they are vintage, charming and of course romantic. Wall color of the room reflects its mood. To contrast this, you can have your walls painted in lighter colors like beige which will give the entire room a sunnier and a brighter look in spite of the dark colored furniture. By now, you might have realized that carpeting floors is not exactly rustic instead of which you can use natural wooden floors.

Decor Styles For Fall Glam, Rustic, Traditional, Chic

Hey loves!

What’s your decor style?

I’m sharing four of the most popular styles for Fall this year. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for.

Hardwood floors that are prefinished add certain character to the entire decor of the room because they are more woodsy in nature and water resistant and smooth at the same time.

You can also use different rugs to cover the flooring. For the whole room to evoke a natural feeling, it is very important for you to choose the right kind of furniture.

You can avoid furniture with sharp edges as they give a modern look to the room. They can have rounded edges that seem like more work is required for finishing.

You can select neutral colors for the couches and chairs. Also you can choose fabric that is utilitarian in nature like leather to provide that rustic look and feel. Nowadays people are using accent pieces to enhance the rustic appeal.

You can use pieces like lamps that are made from tree logs or candles of different colors. To give a new dimension to your living room, you can also use drape blankets and pillows of contrasting colors over your furniture. Accents are from where all the contrasting colors of your rustic decor will come from.

You can achieve a modern decor and yet keep all the basics of a rustic interior intact by incorporating all the ideas that are trending currently.

I especially like the rooms that have a lot of cream colors paired with the rustic wood.

I love incorporating organic or earthy elements to everything. Its the season of entertaining, spending time with friends and family and plenty of gift giving. Whether you reside in a lovely log cabin in the woods, a mountain retreat or even an urban abode, adding a touch of rusticity into your holiday decor can infuse warmth and relaxation. The idea is to create an inviting holiday scheme to greet your guests and make them feel right at home.

You can easily introduce rustic accents into your home by infusing natural elements throughout. Have a look through the collection below for some fantastic inspiration. Then begin introducing natural materials such as burlap, linens and antlers for your rustic-country style.

You can build on this to give a fresh look by adding plush velvets in your pillows and throws. Add some creams and whites or a little metallic and sparkle. Introduce some flea market finds and reclaimed materials to add to the rustic holiday aesthetic. There’s something especially human about the peasant woman’s dowry box.

Rustic Decorating Ideas You’ll Love

Various exquisitely crafted handmade textiles and celebration costumes were stored in the dowry box (lada de zestre). These antiques provide storage, visual weight and interest. The traditional towel is one of the most important textiles in a peasant household. It meets both utilitarian and decorative needs. Embroidered or woven traditional towels are intended to be draped around ceramic plates or icons. It is a way of displaying a wife’s dowry and a family’s prosperity. Woven textiles are the major decorative elements, adding texture and color to the room. They say people buy with their eyes, so who would resist a traditional pantry stuffed with homemade goodies?

This place was considered of high importance in a traditional house. A mud stove makes a surprising focal point. This lodge-inspired theme features soothing earth tones, nature-inspired textures, and organic details that bring the essence of the outdoors inside. Soft leather furniture, woodsy decor, and layers of cozy throw blankets evoke the feeling of a quiet mountain cabin. This laidback style is a retreat from convention, defined by natural wood interiors, roughhewn finishes, and homey decor. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and settle into the warmth of an inviting rustic home. Deep brown and taupe are present in decor and furniture, but the rest of the space is light and simple. Keep in mind that rustic decor doesn’t mean your walls must be beige — experiment with your favorite earthy neutrals, keeping window treatments light if things begin to feel weighed down. Evoke the spirit of a woodland cabin with subtle wildlife or nature prints in graphic throw pillows and wall decor. Going natural seems like a broad concept, but we love the look of woodland details like a tree branch side table. This natural fiber is both hardy and simple, and it offers rustic texture without being as rough as burlap.

One Fireplace Mantel Decorated 3 Ways

Choose distressed leather for a broken-in look. A rustic home lets lumber speak for itself, especially in hardwood floors, furniture, and accents. The coffee table is “board game central” on family night, the couch is large and ready with cozy blankets for rainy day movies, and the fireplace is where everyone gathers to enjoy coffee and hot chocolate on chilly mornings. Your rustic living room is the place where no one is afraid to put their feet on the coffee table. Look for animal-skin pillows, rugs, and upholstery for your rustic living room. Sliding barn doors lend an equestrian touch to your living room, and they have an upscale, utilitarian look. Whether your ceiling is pitched or flat, these structural beauties also work to create a roomy look and feel. Buffalo plaid offers a simple way to bring pattern into your rustic living room without the softness of farmhouse gingham and calico. Here, dinner is always a success and the coffee is fresh every morning. There’s plenty of counter space and seating for everyone to gather around and enjoy breakfast or making dinner together. Use a wide trestle table, marquee letters, and creamy-colored place settings to turn your rustic kitchen into an updated farmhouse.

Use a bench on both sides or add chairs on one side if you like a mismatched look. Use these glowing graphics as part of a gallery wall, as a stand-alone monogram, or to spell out your favorite foodie words. If you have a copper cooking set, put it on display with a pot rack; otherwise, add copper details with silverware and appliances. A trestle table complements bench seating perfectly because its centered, pedestal-style support allows plenty of legroom at a crowded table when you tuck into your favorite meal. It’s the space you fall into at night and the bed you don’t want to leave on rainy mornings — or any morning for that matter. Windows open in the summer or quilts piled on the bed in the winter, a rustic bedroom is cozy, charming, and has everything you need to sleep like a log.

Fall Decorating || Bringing The Outdoors In || Fall Decor Ideas || Rustic, Traditional Fall Decor

In this video I share with you three examples of how you can you bring the outdoors in to really make your fall decor very rustic,.

Opt for mountainous and woodland elements, which present simple luxuries in a freeing space. With quiet decor that keeps with rustic’s naturally beautiful theme, this bedroom is your retreat within a retreat. Use them as statement wall decor, prop them on your bookshelf for a bohemian look, or add them to a gallery wall for an eclectic twist. A tree stump table plays up the natural element of rustic decor and makes for a punctuating piece. Use it in decor accents like lamps, storage bins, and other decorative pieces. Galvanized metal brings the heritage look of old-time wash bins, pails, and farm tools into a new light. It’d be like giving an already beautiful girl a ton of plastic surgery past the point of recognition.

I knew when we bought this house that not a stick of shiplap would be nailed into these walls. It’s not that there won’t be anymore farmhouse decor at all (since of course there’s still hints of it our living room , breakfast nook , and master bedroom so far), just less of it. In our last house , we did the farmhouse thing because it was a total blank slate.

I guess, that’s the beauty of builder grade. In all of this, maybe there’s a lesson, the kind that we were always told as kids.

I also have a colonial home and there is so much to be explored outside of farmhouse.

To only dive into farmhouse decor is not doing these regal homes justice. Every home has a way to let you know their style.

You and miss mustard seed are my favorite bloggers, you both have such a beautiful spirit.

I appreciate how you both are so thrifty and talented!

I like about your blogs is you both show us how we can have a beautiful home by recycling what we already have or finish second hand furniture we can buy without spending a lot of money. Unique application of your own style vision is evidence of talent- and ensuring your own home doesn’t look like every other single one out there is a good thing. Embrace the dark wood, marble, and pretty gold accents!

I actually just bought my dream home, a 90’s colonial fixer upper with gorgeous traditional architectural details. Farmhouse totally doesn’t go in here either!

I live with others that do not care for the farmhouse décor, so you have to be mindful of others opinion as well. Besides, it does not fit the style of our home.

I find total absorption in “farmhouse” style is becoming tiresome. Each room, each space, can speak to us in a unique way and the rustic touch of farmhouse, the soft touch of country and the elegance of formal can play beautifully together.

I don’t feel the need to paint a rustic pine china cabinet gray or white but enjoy the warmth of the wood against the white plates and transfer wear. Farmhouse is nice buts it’s everywhere and overdone. Awesome decision to “listen” to the house rather than the current fads.

I like yo use black, white, cream and a touch of red and turquoise.

I just re-did our laundry room and it turned out really nice. Your ability to take ideas step-by-step to fruition really make this blog educational and inspirational.

40 Awesome Rustic Living Room Decorating Ideas

We live in a southern traditional with porches, so a little works.

I think the farmhouse look is having a moment, for sure.

I also live in a colonial and the farmhouse look would definitely look weird. Your traditional pieces are pretty and will stand the test of time. Everyone is different and it’s nice to see other ideas out there. Robert are decorating your home in a style that fits your new house. It will still be exciting to see what you do in each room. Keep us guessing and wanting to come back for more. It photographs so well but the truth of the matter is it all starts looking the same to me. Isn’t that what home is all about, feeling comfortable.

I enjoy your blog and look forward to many more years of enjoyment!!!

Yes, we should celebrate having a roof over our heads and making those roofs/houses a welcoming respite for our families; to me, that is the real worthwhile journey.

I tried moving toward farmhouse and its just not me.

You are talented and sweet…do not second guess yourself. Just looking at your pictures again at what you both have accomplished is so inspiring. Your home is breathtaking and you’re so right about rejoicing because we have a roof over our heads!

It is important that we respect the history and heritage of our homes and that we also make them comfortable, livable and a safe haven. It is important that we respect our own tastes and ideas as well as giving others the same consideration. Nothing detracts from my original decorating style but adds a current look it.

I enjoyed reading how you came to terms with change in your life.

I love everything about what you’re doing….and agree the structure and age of a house sometimes dictates what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. and at the end of day you and your family have to live in it (and pay the mortgage!) so, none those busy-bodies got no claim to telling you how to decorate your home!

If you live in a farmhouse, farmhouse decor seems natural, but you don’t want to force it!

You are our hero and your home will always look amazing!

My home sits on 3 acres that is surrounded by farm fields (not ours), so the farmhouse style fits perfectly. Each are different as they reflect the foods she is eating at the time.

Its a decorating trend and we have seen them come and go.

I think your home is lovely and your decorating in a timeless classic way which will work for many years with only a few tweaks. Having fun with it is the key………so beachie people dont’ get upset with me.

I blogged about how houses have personalities and my new one is more refined than our last easygoing farmhouse home was. My favorite thing about your blog is seeing how you make your home beautiful on a budget.

I think our styles should always be evolving.

I learned this when we moved into our home, my very rustic style from our previous home didn’t really work in our new build.

You get to experiment and have fun with it and try new things. So much so, we changed the exterior of our house to reflect that love. This comes with it’s own set of challenges as my husband feels like we still need to carry some of the beach theme throughout.

I have spent the last 2 weeks weeding through all my decisions to come up with “my style”.

I have read your ebook and received help and encouragement from that.


Fabulous Rustic Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

Thanks again for all your posts and for sharing it with us.

I also can’t agree more with your statement about how trivial decorating really is…that’s so true, but we all need hobbies, right?

Finding what the next phase looks like might be though… traditional can be boring if you don’t add your own flavor which is what you are doing very well!

We all go through trends and stages in decor as we go through life, it’s what keeps it fun and interesting, don’t you think?

I never could buy into all those cows and windmills.

I love all of the beautiful touches and renovations you have shared.

I also love the look of farmhouse, but it doesn’t suit our home. Looking forward to seeing more of your “new to you” home.

I look at all the beautiful farmhouse decor and want to incorporate it in our home. This reminds me to take it slow and enjoy the process, and add it in a subtle way. Your home is beautiful and your wise words are thought provoking.

I also love seasonally decorating our home and that fun never ends!

I think it’s best to work within that framework. Not be a slave to it, of course; adding your own taste and flavor to a home is one of life’s greatest joys!

I have notice that as long as folks are well fed and the music is good, no one cares too much about my dowdy decor.

I myself grew up on a dairy farm in a true farmhouse and it was nothing like the trend today lol.

I was driving by a mid century house with all the cool angles. Just because something’s trendy doesn’t mean it looks good in your style of home. Every home has a “style” kind of built in, and going with it, has its own rewards. Its fun and therefore always exciting and new!

I totally agree with recognizing what works and taking a little bit from trends here and there along with mixing in the classics ensures us that 6 months to a year from now, your home will not feel dated. So basically, ditto what everyone else has said!

Your home’s decor should reflect who you are and your soul…not the next marketing trend.

I do not care what colors someone has picked to be this season’s colors.

You are inspiring many to make a home whereever they are.

I look forward to whatever you do cause you do it so well…thank you!

I love your honesty and staying true to you (and your home, by extension) is such a wonderful example.

We sometimes forget that it is our home and what makes us happy and that’s what makes it beautiful!!

I love my home because it’s me throughout.

I still like some of those farmhouse touches, but am going with a more coastal/relaxed style.

I just started my own blog and am so excited about this new creative adventure. Having the courage to be yourself or decorate your house in its true style rather than what’s trending is what makes each of us and our houses unique and interesting.

I guess, even as kids, some of us had a sense that it was better to be yourself and come up with your own ideas.

Rustic Restaurant Decor Ideas Traditional Romanian Style Interiors

Like that’s an innate knowing that we sometimes forget as we get older. and also the way in which you and Robert do projects together, as myself and my husband also loves diy and tackling projects together.

I completely understanding decorating with the style and architecture of your home.

I like warm colors and different metals and eclectic furnishings. This blog made me feel good about my choices. It, too, has a colonial exterior and the cabinetry is more colonial. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reminding us to look at the big picture when it comes to popular trends.

I still don’t decorate in the “modern rustic farmhouse “ style that everyone seems to be in love with right now. Shiplap walls: it reminds me of everyone paneling their homes in the 70’s!

People want to be different, but yet everyone is the same.

I grew up with traditional/antique mixed with some mid century modern and bits of gold scattered throughout.

I have beautiful custom cypress wood from fallen trees that we milled up that accents my home. In the not too distant future people are going to be ripping off their shiplap walls like the paneling of the 70’s. It’s become quite boring to see the same thing over and over again.

Rustic Wall Accents You’ll Love

Decorating Traditional Fireplace Mantel Decorated Ways: Rustic

I bought a 200 year old solid brick colonial home that was shockingly in almost pristine condition due to the fact that the very few owners it had respected it in its entirety. The kitchen and dining room are completely open with a big fireplace, high ceilings, original pumpkin pine floors and lots of natural light. It’s so good to hear from others like you who step outside the box and embrace their homes originality!

We just moved into a customized home with lots of fancy pants tilework and suddenly all those farmhouse things look so… silly. Slowly remodeling the interior from country the original owners used. Down with awful wallpaper and on to better things!

You are creating a beautiful home and thank you for sharing your thoughts as you go.

I see that your stair rail is very like the one we installed last year after taking down a huge fat handrail with chunky spindles, a wobbly thing painted white (which always had dirty hand prints with 4 kids) that just hit you in the face when you walked in.

I love coming into our home as it is so light and elegant now. Our house looks like it is proud to have you enter as we are finally honoring its style.

I just stay away from the super primitive stuff like livestock art (cows on my walls would be odd in a colonial home), chicken wire, rusted galvanized windmills, that sort of thing. It’s completely overdone and doesn’t mesh with every style of home.