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We decided to homeschool all 3 of our boys and truly embrace a simpler life which has equated to a lot slower pace of life and a lot more time outside. And we also do our lessons outside on gorgeous days. But you know what completes our lessons and picnics?

And whether you want a picnic table as a place to enjoy an outdoor lunch, host a family gathering, or even to have school on a pretty day these plans are sure to put you one step closer to creating that ideal space. It has two benches and a farm style table. Though it is a basic style, it is still very gorgeous in appearance. And it would also easily fit into any style of outdoor home décor. It reminds me of the kinds of picnic tables that you see at the local park. And basically, the difference between this style of table and the last is that the benches are attached and stationary. So if you don’t want to worry about your benches being moved around then this might be a nice option for that. But what makes this table so amazing is that the benches can’t be moved around on you. Yet, they give you a wider opening so you don’t trip over yourself trying to get in and out of this picnic table.

I see it being easier on small children and senior citizens alike. As well as, so you don’t have to worry about your benches being moved around. So if you are needing a smaller table for a child’s space this would be a great solution. It is made out of reclaimed wood and has a space in the middle that will hold either ice or flowers. So if the idea of having this charming little picnic table in your backyard isn’t enough, then imagine it also being a spot for some beautiful flowers. Those flowers could certainly add a splash of color while this table boasts rustic charm. As mentioned, picnic tables are great spaces for your yard.

Kids Folding Picnic Table

Decoration Picnic Table Sign 10in 1

They provide a space to eat and even chat with coffee on occasion. But what if you didn’t need that bulky table all of the time?

When my middle son was younger he loved this one little café in town simply because it has stools that were ‘just his size’, as he put it. Well, that is the same reason why small children would love this picnic table as well. It is beautiful but also the perfect size for small children to gather, play, and eat. So try to imagine what a perfect table this would be during an outdoor barbecue or even for small children to host a tea party. It would be extra special with this neat table because it is made especially for them. Basically, you can have a simple bench meant to hold 2-3 people. Or you can flip it down and have a table with only one bench for a sitting area. It might be a little smaller but is very functional. And it is so beautiful to look at because it is built from cedar. But is definitely a nice addition to the backyard. So this table is larger and has two benches meant to hold 4-6 people. But the color of the cedar wood just adds a classic rustic touch that would make any backyard pop with character. It looks like the wooden version of one of the plastic picnic tables that you can purchase at the store for toddlers. So if you are someone that is new to the world of carpentry, this task doesn’t look to be overwhelming. But because it’s simple, it also appears that it would easily fit into any backyard setting. So regardless of your taste, this little beauty should fit right in. This table can either be a normal sized picnic table.

BBQ Picnic Table Sign 10in x 13 1 2in

Or it can be closed and converted to two separate benches. So if you are short on space and don’t have room for a picnic area and a sitting area then opt for this table. They actually used composite decking boards to build this little table. So if you have a small child that would love to have a picnic table then take this one into consideration. It definitely has a lot of charm in a tiny package. And would be something that most small children would love. Yet, they still would like to have their own table in the picnic area. Well, if this is your situation then pay close attention to these plans. And it isn’t two benches that are placed together to make one whole picnic table. Instead, this is actually one bench that folds out into a full-size picnic table with two benches on either side. It may be compact but it definitely holds two great needs in one little package.

But this table is meant for a preschool-aged child. But it is also simple enough that most could figure out how to build it. If you think back to your childhood you’ll probably remember how exciting it was when all the kids got to sit by themselves and have their own space. And the conversations and memories made during that time are so special, especially as you grew older. So why not create a little table and give your kids a chance to create similar memories?

It is what most will see when they go visit local parks.

And probably what some people still have in their backyards for family gatherings. So if you love the idea of having a table that is big enough for the family to gather around. And also has benches that no one can carry off then you’ll probably love this table. And basically what it is, is two benches that the backside of the bench will actually prop up to form a half table. Then the sitting part of the bench is still the area where you sit at the picnic table as well. But it could hold a ton of people around it. So we need large picnic tables when we have our family gatherings. And they contain great pictures to help along the way as well. So if you’d feel better taking on a project with very thorough directions then this project appears to have them for you. The benches are not connected which is a nice feature if you’d like to have the flexibility to move them around a little bit. It would certainly be eye-catching on any patio. This picnic table features two benches that easily accommodates 6 to 8 people. This portable picnic table has an umbrella hole pop-out, so you can fix an umbrella with ease and ensure protection from sunlight.

This picnic table and bench is a must-have. It is an essential part of the whole outdoor experience and will bring you years of reliable use. It can be quickly converted from a table to a bench as need be. The wooden picnic table and bench is the perfect choice for a rustic setting. It is light in weight and can be carried around without much hassle. The textured surfaces are stain and water resistant to enjoy year round. The exquisite wood grain finish makes this table look high-end. The table adjusts to the seated bench heights. Anti-skid floor glides help stabilize the set. Crafted from woven wicker, this rectangular table is fire resistant. It also features an umbrella hole at the center of the table, to attach your choice of umbrella. It folds down compactly to fit perfectly in the trunk of your vehicle. The carry handle makes the trek through the sand, grass or dirt a breeze. This picnic table features two benches that can easily accommodate four children. The picnic table folds flat and has a lightweight construction that makes it easy to store and transport. This rectangle picnic table is a reliable piece of outdoor furniture. It is ideal for backyard, gardens patios, and indoor game rooms. Made using cedar wood, this picnic table is strong and long-lasting. Each bench has a weight capacity of 800 lbs.

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This product is easy to clean, durable, maintenance free, and constructed with a steel powder coated weather resistant frame. At the end of the season, the picnic table easily folds to store during the winter months. It is lightweight and foldable, so you can even take it with you. Lend your little one a place to perch with this stylish and versatile picnic table made from manufactured wood awash in a solid color. Plus, it features rounded edges for increased safety. This model comes in lime green with a bronze folding frame. Drop-shipped with a 2-year limited warranty. Use a mild soap and a soft-bristled brush. Use rubbing alcohol on wax, and a de-greaser for automotive grease. It has a sturdy and durable structure made from cedar. This picnic table has a stunning amber finish that adds charm to its aesthetic look. Its appearance is retained even after being outdoor as it is resistant to both water and weather. The table is constructed using fir wood with oil-based stain, ensuring lasting efficiency. It is burnished with a rich beige finish and will complement most settings. It is crafted with two benches on either side, offering ample seating space. This bench has a lightweight structure that allows you to conveniently carry it. It is ideal for both, indoor and outdoor use. Its white finish gives it a stylish appearance. This picnic bench has an industrial style look. It has a comfortable seat made of high-density polyethylene. This square-shaped table includes built-in benches. The table top has a beige finish, and the base is blue. It is ideal for kids in the age group of two to five years. Top, legs and all bracing is made with western red cedar 2 x 4’s and the seats are western red cedar 2 x 6’s. Table comes with all hardware for assembly and instructions. Picture is a representation of the table and no 2 tables are ever alike.

It features a compact, fold-out table and two bench seats. The durable, high-impact table top and sturdy frame can be quickly set up or taken down. Additionally, benches are equipped with backrest for a better seating experience. Add a perfect focal point to your outdoor activity with this classic folding picnic table set with benches. This rectangle-shaped picnic table includes a built-in bench with wide legs that provide extra stability on the floor. The high-density polyethylene construction ensures years of utility. This picnic table is available in a variety of finishes to choose from. The weather resistant nature of this table makes it an ideal fit for outdoors. This colorful table offers terrific play value at a hugely affordable price. This picnic table provides space for kids to do their homework or for having meals. This rectangular-shaped table has two built-in benches with extra wide legs that provide great support on the floor. Made using solid pine wood, this picnic table is strong and long-lasting.

Buy the Sparrow Innovations Miniatures Picnic Table at Michaels

It is burnished with a natural oak finish. This table can withstand all the outdoor elements. It is constructed using plastic that ensures years of functional use. The table includes two charming benches that are enameled with a green finish. It has a built-in bench which provides a seating capacity of eight kids at home and it sports an elegant light brown finish. This makes it perfect for any indoor or outdoor activities from potlucks and barbeques to the park. The unique style lets you take it anywhere you want without any hassle or added bulk. It provides ample space for your kids to do their homework or enjoy a meal. This rectangle-shaped table has a built-in bench with wide legs that prevents tipping. This picnic table provides seating space for four kids. This backyard picnic table also includes a durable, removable umbrella that helps provide protection against the sun. The large tabletop area allows plenty of room for eating, playing or arts and crafts. The extra-wide benches seat up to two children comfortably on each side. Enhance your site with highly-durable, comfortable picnic tables that look great season after season. Can be used for additional seating at a table or a stand alone bench. Great for keeping sports gear, cleaning supplies or groceries organized (use it in your shopping cart instead of bags). It’s padded base and reinforced handles add additional support, ease, and security when transporting heavy loads. There is a large sleeve pocket at each end as well. It can hold up to 220 pounds and provides enough space for any outdoor activity. An excellent sturdy picnic table for your kids to have their own space for meals, play, crafts and games with friends!

There is a removable umbrella that will provide shade to the children as they enjoy their snacks or activities. This folding table is ideal for outdoor picnic or garden use and is great for whenever you need an extra table and seats. The table features a compact fold-out table with bench seats for four that you can take anywhere. The folding table resists spills and weather and sturdy easy to clean. Because it can be carried like a suitcase, it can save space and time as well as convenient to transport and store. This table includes two cup-holders and a multi-purpose tray. The center of this table has a circular slot that can be used to hold an umbrella while kept outdoors.

The plastic construction ensures years of utility. This table is ideal for kids in the age group of two to eight years. This portable table is a must have for any outdoor event!

The table top folds in half and opens up flat. Simply connect the metal frame of the table top to the plastic tubular clasps on the metal table base. The table top has 4 mesh cup holders to securely hold your drinks while in use.

50 Free DIY Picnic Table Plans for Kids and Adults

Underneath the table top the base frame has another tier for extra space. When folded, it packs into a carrying case with handles. A middle hole on the table enables you to easily add an umbrella, which helps protect your children from the sun. Draw inspiration from the season’s flowers, plants and foliage to create a casual table setting perfect for dining alfresco. Cockscombs and sunflowers purchased at a local farmers’ market fill in the arrangement. Learn how to create your own squash vases in just a few easy steps. Get the full instructions for this project now. Get step-by-step instructions for this project. Upgrade from paper plates and plastic silverware to clean-lined silverware and plain white plates. An antiqued metal charger adds vintage charm.

We dressed ours up for the party with a leaf-shaped stamp and gold ink. Running the paper cross-wise eliminates the need for placemats. Mix red, yellow and purple dyes with a bit of water, then brush on strips of color and blend until you achieve the desired effect. Get step-by-step instructions to create these planters now.

Rustic Fall Table Setting Ideas for Outdoor Celebrations

Decoration Picnic Table Sign 10in 1

Faux-fur throws draped over seating areas keep guests warm throughout dinner. Delicate pink flowers in tiny tinted vases add to the sweet appeal. Line the tea lights in a moss-covered tray for elegance. Silver accessories glimmer in the candlelight. Fill a large galvanized bucket with water and arrange flowers with moss as the filler. Garnish your table with clutches of fresh herbs in vintage mustard tins. Pour some water in the bottom so the cuttings won’t wilt. Serve bruschetta, pasta or salad and encourage guests to liven entrees with snips from the herbs. Make several and send them home with guests as tasty party favors. Highlight each place setting with a summer bloom and a colorful napkin. Distilled water in a clean glass vase shows off scrubbed carrots and kohlrabi with leaves attached, along with large branches of green cherry tomatoes. A vintage silver-plated tray under the vase reflects light into the arrangement.