I understand the importance of good customer service.

We are passionate about woodworking; it's our livelihood.

We put our hearts into every piece, and pour over each detail.

You will find unique gifts, beautiful and lighting, and much more. The single best store in town.

I love the way everything has been arranged and displayed.

This is a great place to get decorating ideas. Leo will build your furniture to your specs. One-offs are welcome too, but may we suggest exploring the custom furniture section?

Your enquiry will be dealt with as soon as possible. The artist was wonderful and very friendly to work with and shipped my piece in a very timely manner. Stain or paint our chairs, tables, toy boxes, or bookcases and get a lower price to boot.

Options vary by product, but we offer both carved and vinyl personalization. She faced the typical entrepreneurial challenges as well as difficult personal realizations that rocked her world. It's an amazing life story, and we applaud her entrepreneurial spirit and fearless advocacy.

We offer beetle kill kitchen tables, beetle-kill pine dressers, wooden chests, and plank beds for you home. There are several types of wood that were utilized in the construction of old barns; all of which were selected for their durability and power to resist the force of the elements. While the process eventually results in a dead tree the wood is as strong as ever and can be harvested as gorgeous timber for several applications.

We work to collect this blue pine wood in order to provide our clients with high-quality furniture pieces that have helped positively impact the environment.

We choose to use barn wood timber as a source of our materials because although the barn may have served its purpose the sturdy wood that was selected to erect these buildings can be reused rather than unnecessarily disposed of. An eclectic lookbook created entirely from past clients’ custom orders encourages the mind to soar with ideas. Add this incredible mission to a beautiful collection of locally handmade furniture, and you’ve got yourself quite a place to shop for your modern luxury furniture. The mountain pine beetle is a species of bark beetle that in cohesion with its microbial affiliates absorb the nutrients from the trees that they inhabit. Our handmade rustic furniture is created with an environmentally conscious approach and expert craftsmanship in mind. Free local pickup is available, but restrictions apply. Looking for beautifully crafted custom hardwood furniture?

That's why we only sell high-quality handmade furniture. Our fine furniture makers guarantee that from the first cut to the finishing touches, each piece will be created using exceptional materials and craftsmanship — you won't find the same quality and customer service anywhere else. Custom furniture gives your luxury home a unique and a deeply personal look, as well as brings your personality and your community into any space. For these issues, we provide repair services at no additional cost; however, we will not cover shipping expenses. Teason sees it as a no-fail business model. Fans of her three-year-old company were less surprised. The graphic patterns and brilliant colors feel right at home in all but the fussiest living rooms. Then she cuts and sews the products in her basement workshop.

I know the whole story behind where each of my products comes from,” she says. Our woodworking professionals create beautiful dressers, cabinets, hutches, and other furniture that you won't find anywhere else.

Rustic Barcelona

We will secure the specific hardwood for you piece and craft it to your specifications. They are even there to repair pieces that they didn't make!

Their handmade products—ranging from handsome wood furniture to all-natural soaps—are proof the “small-batch” label isn’t just relegated to the kitchen anymore. Essentials line—which will appeal to men with a more minimalist personal style—is made from cotton fabrics in muted solids, ginghams, and polka-dot prints. Hartigan says—at everyman prices, to boot. Loath to cook in someone else’s kitchen, he turned to his hobby—furniture-making. If only more furniture makers would ask the same question. Quint also specializes in business and residential installations.

We are a company that revolves around nature, and the results are equal parts solid and simple. Everything looks almost new other than gaining some patina. The chairs have also continued to be rock solid. The has a modern style, but is beautifully custom made with a warm cherry wood. Every time we move, purchase a house, or rethink a house we live in, they are my go to team.

I have cherry and walnut, both with oil finishes that are a breeze to keep looking great.

We handcraft our pieces to sustain daily use and to maintain integrity over generations. As their company grows, they are looking forward to mentoring those who want to learn wood-working and the artistry that goes into custom furniture. The goal: to ensure that handmade never goes out of style. Gathering around the table is an act of generosity and hospitality. It can lead us to humility and vulnerability.

Handmade Community

All of these experiences turn a table into a masterpiece. The mission is creating handmade furniture that celebrates the beauty of natural materials, by using simplistic forms and clean lines. People were responding with the same welcoming arms that they would eventually open to invite future guests. They were accepting an heirloom into their home that their children would grow up around. Sawdust and raw wood, saws and workbenches fill their garage, ready to be a part of creating a beautiful heirloom piece for a family. Or sometimes, they have to have tough conversations around the table. A safe place to sit and grow together is something the family won’t quickly forget, either.

I think people are really wanting to feel more connected to their communities—all the way down to their food and the products they are buying. The family quickly realized that they were delivering more than beautiful furniture. In a fast-paced world where there is often too much to do in too little time, the precious moments of sitting together to eat, drink, and talk can be the most meaningful. A few stolen minutes to refocus on what matters—the people in our lives and their stories—are what make life about more than just striving forward.

A simple table can be filled with the magic of connection and community and carry the deep meaning of time. Ross’ brother-in-law promised his sister he would build her a table for their new home. As newlyweds, they wanted a beautiful, meaningful piece of furniture that would last their entire lives. Recipes passed down through the generations and generous helpings of all-time favorite dishes fill a table as the air is filled with laughter, conversation, and stories from years gone by.

We celebrate together and we mourn together around the table. Around the table is where we create the bonds of family and friendship and build connections with our neighbors and community.

Modern Furniture Made In Italy Brought To Denver By Idc Colorado

Over coffee, while breaking bread is where we find out about each other’s hopes and dreams, struggles, and successes.