If your friends have been texting you about plans for your next lunch date , text them back and tell them you have a better idea. And while you’re at it, why not make it a good-looking event?

Pick a fruit, any fruit, and use it as inspiration to make your own. This rustic decor approach can be used for a formal picnic or as wedding inspo. Don’t forget the candles for the perfect summer night. Why not switch the scene up and go to the beach?

Invite your friends over for a tropical picnic in the backyard. Floating hearts, pink cake and flowers call for a one-on-one with your honey. Remember how relaxing it was to take a nap outside when you were a youngin’?

Make a tiny shade using lace and you’re all set. Take note from some picnic-style weddings to make this year’s the best yet. She’s a mix between small town and big city.

In her mind, she lives in all places she’s ever loved. Vibrant colors — in the flowers, the tableware, even the food — enhance the lush lakeside setting. A simple cotton tablecloth and summer flowers dress up the food-laden picnic table with a minimum of effort. Mix citronella candles with other colorful tea lights to keep away pests, and offer diners light cotton shawls to ward off a chill in the evening. Nothing is disposable, so trash is minimized — a picnic necessity!

Floral-print napkins, silver teaspoons, tiered serving pieces, and a dash of pastel-colored sugar all add a touch of romantic grandeur. And a chandelier hanging from a tree branch lends the affair sophisticated charm. A blueberry pie, set in a larger dish and adorned with a wreath of fresh berry branches, serves as the centerpiece. Blueberry shortcake layered in parfait dishes and local goat cheese served with blueberry chutney are just as tempting. If a fork drops to the ground, guests can easily reach for another. When it’s time to clean up, load the containers with silverware from the table and carry inside to the dishwasher. This saves room in the refrigerator and makes it easy for guests to help themselves whenever they’re thirsty. During a break from dancing, guests chat with neighbors over a plate of buttermilk fried chicken and herbed biscuits. Lanterns suspended from tree branches light the way after sundown. And if you don’t have a whole lot of inspiration, you can just borrow some of these ideas. These ones are perfect for an outdoor setting. They’re dainty and charming, featuring light colors that are reiterated into the table centerpiece. For example, mix and match different types of chairs and arrange them all around a simple table which you can decorate with fresh flowers or fruits and vegetables. The secret is to keep the whole décor simple. For example, invite everyone to pick flowers and to then create arrangements using them. At the end, they can each take their arrangement home. It has a royal charm but it’s also very versatile. A simple wooden table, some miss-matched chairs and a table runner are enough. Let them hover over the table to create a magical atmosphere.

50 Outdoor Party Ideas You Should Try Out This Summer

So forget about all the heavy furniture, fancy accessories and enjoy a simple picnic. Use succulents, vegetables and some cute wild flowers. Put them in simple mason jars and just display them there. Everything else should be as simple as possible. Use white as the main color and let it complement the rustic wooden furniture. For example, take some empty glass bottles and jars and spray paint them or dip them in paint to give them a chic look. They’re simple and lack the forced sophistication of those held in restaurants. It’s a really great party favor, both healthy and delicious. Put them in small vases and use yellow accents in the form of napkins for example. If it’s a casual setting, this actually works out better. Keep the rest of the décor casual as well. Actually, you can let the guests sprinkle the fresh herbs onto their plates as dinner is served. It never seems to go out of style so, if you like the look, use it here as well. This includes everything from the right centerpieces to the way in which the tables are organized to the way the guests are seated and everything else. So add your own twist and use cute little wild flowers, decorated jar vases, colored straws, etc. One option is to turn them into candle holders.

You can paint them or fill them with colored liquid to make them stand out a bit. Black and white is also a winning combination. To this combo you can add a third color such as green.

15 Ways to Throw the Best Decorated Picnic EVER

It can be the fresh accent your outdoor party needs to look perfect. This white and blue striped tablecloth is the focal point of the whole décor.

You can use this trick when you’re combining several small tables to make a big one. Try using a vibrant and fresh tone such as orange or combine several similar shades. The table runner offers a great opportunity in this sense. It can be the element that adds pizzazz to your party and you can add some nice centerpieces as well to complete the look. Perhaps it’s because of the blue trim on the white tablecloth or the striped area rug featuring a similar color combination. The tall fence is the key component in this case. It keeps the setting intimate and private and the wood adds warmth to the whole décor. The advantage would be that you’d offer a more sophisticated and homely environment to your guests. This is actually one of the best settings you can create for an outdoor party.

Its simplicity can be complemented by a few chic accessories. This pink and orange table setting is something you can use as inspiration for an outdoor wedding. They’re simple, elegant, versatile and comfortable plus they come in a variety of colors. Fill them with water, put them in the freezer, then make some holes with a nail and a hammer and a handle using wire.

You can hang them in trees and light them with candles. Try to make the whole area feel inviting.

The colors are nicely balanced, the accessories match each other there’s a glamorous look to this whole arrangement.

You can fill a bucket with ice and serve cool drinks to your guests or organize a bar and let everyone mix their own cocktails.