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The choice of real log cabin furniture is yours!

Give that rustic touch to every room in the house!

This organization has been operating for approximately 16 years.

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We are a locally owned and operated retail furniture store. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists.

We began in 2002 in about 5000 square feet of retail space and today we offer over 14, 000 square feet of choice of rustic furniture for every room in your house.

We are truly a one stop location – offering delivery up to 200 miles(sometimes farther). Pam called me this morning and had a very sincere apology and promised today she was gonna fix it all and make it right. She says she didn’t want my first experience to go so bad!

The delivery guys were very nice they removed damaged items and replaced them with new items and even put the bed and my desk together for me!!

The delivery day came and there was no problems. My little brother was with me and got an almost complete bedroom set. Since we live in the same household all the furniture was to be delivered to the same address. The delivery day came and there was no problems so far. So we arranged to have it delivered today!!

Completely warped and bent and there is no way to get the bed put together. Well as for my desk it is damaged as well!

We are from out of town and didn’t have our trailer with us, so we decided to go home and come back 3 days later to pick it up as it was in stock. She called a few days prior to set up a day and gave a time frame.

We went into the store about two weeks ago to look at buying recliners.

We looked at two very nice chairs that were discontinued and on sale in clearance.

We got a great price and very happy with chairs. When the truck rolled up to my house, the guys were very disrespectful and did not handle the chairs safely. Removing one of them from the truck, the guy twisted the frame.

I have not received a call as yet with an apology. Just a little crew of related gals that act like they don’t need a customer.

I purchased some items and among them a rug that wouldn’t lay flat.

I liked the pattern and bought it anyway. The young girl asked me well when did you buy it?

She said sorry we don’t allow returns after that long, we usually allow a couple of days and if you don’t bring it back within that time you can’t return it. She got back on and said you can bring it in and we will look at it.

I explained the scenario and the little sweet chunky lady says to me “we didn’t sell u the rug like that”!

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

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I purchased another rug of different quality and left. On his complaint about the help – here is our policy.

We do our best to greet you as soon as we can after you enter the door and tell you that when you are ready for any help we will be glad to help you but that we invite you to shop at your leisure. The vast majority of our customers appreciate this approach. Josh ordered some in stock items as well as some special order items. All special order items take 2 1/2 – 3 weeks to come in. Our sales staff has had no turnover in over 5 years) and we say these words over and over. Our sales have been up an average of 15-20% for the last 10 years, so there is no reason to cause ourselves problems by not telling the customer this information. Why he feels the need to represent it wrongly is probably because we refused him to give him a a huge refund for our drivers being late due to traffic problems.

You will notice that he never said that his furniture was still defective – because we replaced the defective piece.

We have spent alot of money at this store for furniture and accessories. Yes, we did have issues initially with delivery and damaged furniture.

We just went back (3-1-13) to buy bedspread and curtains.

We were then told if the bedspread didnt fit our bed or was damaged, we could not bring it back. However, the young lady was indignant that we did so.

We wont be spending anymore of our money there. Our friends bought 3 rooms of furniture here and were impressed.

We weren’t really looking for the rustic style, but we liked what our friends had bought.

We bought a recliner there and when they delivered.

I called them and they delivered a brand new one, no questions asked. Tons of traditional looking rustic furniture.

I especially liked all the furniture made with cow horns!!!

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