We all know that reclaimed lumber and barn wood add warmth and history to any space it is decorated in. The thought of having reclaimed packing crates for the flooring is beyond words.

If you’re renovating an older home, look in the attic for beautiful old floorboards to use for countertops. The cabinets are nice, but a bit too warm. Honestly, we love tons of storage but we can’t seem to find what the homeowner keeps in all these cabinets. Even the corrugated metal as backsplash complements well with all the appliances in this space.

We can see a highlighted kitchen island with wood top. If only the drawers face the other side, we could actually add chairs for a nook, but of course, we can assume that they have a great dining space. A handcrafted rusted metal stove hood was suspended from iron bars and timber framework in this western homestead ranch kitchen. It seems like you are living in a log house of some sort. Steel appliances and countertops infuse the space with an urban rustic vibe. A combination of distressed cabinets, curly maple counters, a worn farmhouse , a metal candle chandelier and a soapstone sink completes the look of a rustic kitchen.

I get in nature, in the country, away from the pressures of “city life”.

You may think of rustic cabinets as only solid wood tones, but that’s not the case!

Adding a glaze on raised panel cabinets with detail is another great way to get this look. Here are a few examples below of some beautiful !

My top choice would be butcher block, as wood is definitly a popular material for a rustic look. Granite, quartz, or laminate countertops can also be used to achieve this look. Another option is to mix wood countertops with another material. Use it on your island for a nice rustic pop!

Brushed nickel, brass, and oil rubbed bronze are also very solid choices for cabinet hardware.

I also think that cup pulls or vintage style hardware is a great way to go, but get creative with it!

See the photos in the blog for examples we love!

You can also win with a neutral or stone look tile. Choose something with a hand-scraped or distressed finish to set off the look!

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For this first you should make a plan for this, then decide which flooring material you want to install, then the color of the material, kitchen cabinet. Also decide the kitchen counter-tops and appliances. But you can’t just choose any kind of to spend your winter holiday in, right?

The obvious thing that you can conclude just by looking the pictures is that the rustic style features a high usage of wood mostly, as well as other materials which give it an old, aged look as well as warmth in color. This grainy type of wood is known for its long pocketing and striations.

I often use images in order to kick-start the whole brain-storming process, and it’s a productive and enjoyable way to capture the essence of what the home owner hopes to achieve.

I love the subtle beauty and energy of this space. Rustic, and yet very elegant and tastefully executed. The windows are spectacular, and the materials used blend seamlessly together.

Rustic Kitchens

Golden light filters through the windows, and one can picture an entire home that reflects both peace and serenity. Copper lends itself well to rustic kitchens, and this copper island kitchen hood in medium brown patina is a gorgeous addition. The stove top may be made from a glossy white porcelain or have a cast iron topper. One popular choice among rustic enthusiasts is to find furniture made from reclaimed barn wood. Log furniture is great for cabins and country homes, but it may be too rustic for some people’s taste. Your dining table should be simple and sturdy, and a heavy pine farm table is a great choice. Farm tables often feature plain, square legs and intentional dents and dings to go along with the knotty wood. The key to choosing the ideal color for your kitchen is to make sure it gives off a nice, warm feeling. Use the colors of natural materials like stone, sand and clay as your inspiration. These large, deep sinks are efficient for handling a large load of dishes. Sink materials range from granite and soapstone to iron and copper, and they’ve become increasingly popular in other kitchen styles as well. Skylights can be an effective way to achieve this, but they can also detract from the rustic charm. Your best bet is to simply go with oversized windows, and lots of them. Fixtures can range from an upscale wrought iron candle chandelier to custom lighting made from materials like driftwood or even deer antlers. Many rustic kitchens already have support beams and buttresses exposed. But if not, you can add them for a minimal amount of money. Retrofitting the structure of your kitchen with the real thing isn’t cost-effective or even necessary. All you need are some prefabricated fake support beams. They look like the real thing, but aren’t created to be load-bearing.

15 Interesting Rustic Kitchen Designs

Most are three-sided and hollow and install much like prefab crown molding. Keep it green and look for faux beams made from reclaimed wood. This is why hardwood floors are a better fit than tile or linoleum. Stone is a great choice for your counter tops, and there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from. Heart of pine flooring, which is made from the heartwood of the tree, can range in color from dark brown to deep orange. Pine is also a great choice for the cabinetry, butcher block countertops and kitchen islands. When it comes to rustic charm, the knots in the pine are a plus, so when seeking out your materials, the knottier the better. In fact, just ask the manufacturer for knotty pine. Consider installing cabinets made from wood of the surrounding area. The same goes for your choice of hardwood flooring, if there’s a good match available. If your kitchen has nice views of the flora outside, try matching the interior paint color to the dominant flowers within eyesight.

Southwestern rustic might call for some cacti and deep reds, greens and browns. A country style rustic palette should feature lighter blues, oranges and yellows. The authoritative hue makes a bold statement and allows the colors in close proximity to pop in contrast. Black used correctly enhances the structure of a room, creating both drama and weight. Contractors are often able to source through lumber yards that specialize in reclaimed material. The ceiling was raised four feet, and the surfaces were treated with a rustic cement finish.

I was able to quit my day job over a decade ago and work from home. The rustic kitchen is equal parts farmhouse allure and modern sophistication. Here is where you can roll up your sleeves and make use of your space to create mouthwatering masterpieces and entertain with ease.

We may be past the days of cooking over fires and cruder amenities, but that doesn’t mean the modern man can’t savor a bit of the old world hearth. Times are fast and dizzyingly chaotic, and for many of us the kitchen is the last bastion of simple reassurance that a warm meal is always on the way, that friends and family are close by, and the door is always open. Country does not mean unsophisticated or crude or barren. It can translate to lots of white of differing shades. Even the ceiling is tongue-and-groove natural wood. The diagonal tile behind the stove, hanging a pot rack, and open shelves also contribute to the country/cottage look. But what knocks this one to the moon and back is that awesome plank wood flooring. To give this kitchen even more of a country look: a fancy valance; bent-wood chairs; glass-inset cabinets; and rustic 16" x 16" floor tile set diagonally. It's a clear-grained, creamy wood that takes paint well or looks super on its own. The diagonally-situated breakfast bar gives the kitchen a fresh, unique look.

Glass inserts in the cabinets give the kitchen an open, airy feel. The tall vent hood over the stove draws the eye upward. As a result, knots, streaks, and burls are kept to a bare minimum. No reason, though, you can't add a farmhouse style (apron) sink and plumb it. More likely, you'll use it off to the side as a decorative piece with a copper wash pan. On the top shelf is some room for cookbooks. Underneath, you can store kitchen implements that you use infrequently. But again, it's those clean, spare, white cabinets that do the trick. Note how even the refrigerator has a cabinet panel on front to disguise it. Add in a natural-wood mobile kitchen island/table and you've got a down-home comfy look. Add faux wood beams constructed of clean pine, topped with your hardwood veneer of choice. Creating a rustic kitchen is all about expressing your personality. Make sure you check exotic materials (from weathered wood cabinets to copper countertops) for durability and food safety. Remember that a great country kitchen is comfortable and useful as well as beautiful!

As you’ll see in the examples below, going rustic doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice the beauty and utility of premium materials. Here there are enough shades of white and enough pastels and neutrals to make the space look warm and welcoming. The pot rack above the rustic prep table becomes the perfect place to dry flowers and herbs, the glass-fronted wall cabinets show off pastel dinnerware in soft shades of blue and cream. Beneath them is an induction cooktop, vintage cutting boards and a jug of wooden cooking tools. A beadboard wall echoes the paneling, and the space beneath the white apron sink is hidden by a plain gray curtain.

15 Warm and Cozy Rustic Kitchen Designs For Cabin

The open shelves above the sink are robust enough to hold stacks of dinner plates, glass and metal canisters and a microwave. The counter and floor cabinets with their cup pulls and hinges are pleasingly beat up. A picture of a ship is placed near the shelves while an ancestor scowls from a framed painting on the other wall. The countertop is black and roomy enough for a collection of plants and artwork, the cantilevered apron sink has room for deep pots to be filled up and easily washed. Alabaster shades from pendant lights above the ceiling give a soft light and add to the light that comes in through the interesting, mullioned windows. Wreaths of herbs tied with red and white striped bows in the window add to the festiveness of the room, as do pops of brightness from golden knobs and cup pulls. A homeowner doesn’t even need to buy a wall-length chalkboard. All they need is a panel that they cover with a latex chalkboard paint, and voila!

It blends beautifully well with the rough-hewn stone countertops, equally rough-hewn floor cabinets and a simple chandelier made of black metal. The black of the oversized letters echoes the black of the hanging light shade, the deep gray of the countertop and even the black of the stand mixer. The layout of the subway tile backsplash finds echoes in the wood wall panels. Natural light comes in through the window above the sink and the multi-paned window in the door. The wall cabinets are doorless and allow the household’s best dinner service to be seen and appreciated. The beauty of the glassware and drinkware within make it even more so. Add to this a white beadboard wall, old-fashioned rubbed metal faucet and a copper apron sink that goes with the chandelier above it. This kitchen pairs its wedding cake of a tin ceiling with dark, rough, heavy wood in the kitchen table and the matching block in the ceiling from which depend lights with mason jar shades. The sky-high ceiling of this kitchen is kept from being a bit too lofty with rafters that seem made of pickled logs. Their weathered look is repeated in the cabinets, the kitchen island and its stools, the door and window frames and even the lamp bases. Don't forget to save these ways to decorate your kitchen. Plaid pillows, wooden chairs, and raw beams ensure this space feels cozy and homey, while polished metals throughout make it feel sophisticated. Green gingham wallpaper will be a color you'll never get tired of seeing. Butcher-block countertops add extra country charm. The weathered wood top and rusty green base give the kitchen more personality. Barnwood shelves pick up the warmth of the island's counter, while brass pendants (from an old ice-cream parlor) echo the towel bar's shine. A pine ceiling gives the kitchen a country vibe, while its inky black paint job ups the space's cool factor. An old soda crate corrals cleaning supplies under the sink.

They can also add decorative charm—and a welcome pop of color!—in a small space. Minimalist iron-and-glass pendant fixtures cast plenty of light on the work spaces without blocking sight lines, while wooden shelves, countertops, and stool seats add warmth. If you have a midcentury modern home , you'll probably lean toward sleek and modern. The wooden floors, countertops, cabinetry and other accents enhance the rustic feel, and the large windows allow kitchen users to enjoy the beautiful views. The detailing throughout the space, such as the embellished cabinets and mosaic tile stools, enhance the rustic feel and add an antique look. The breakfast bar with a stainless steel countertop and pot rack completes the sophisticated space. The window box lets in as much natural light as possible, and the light yellow walls give the space a little color. The open shelving and glass-face cabinetry allow dishware to be seen and easily accessed. Embossed tin makes an unusual yet creative backsplash for the stove. The use of red cabinetry warms up this kitchen, and the slate gray laminate adds a nice contrast. The beadboard matches the crown moldings, and the same colonial blue adorns all the windows and door trims. The playful ceramics give the space its own personality, while the elaborate chandelier adds a touch of elegance.

18 Farmhouse Style Kitchens

Vintage and new pieces were combined throughout the space to further enhance the look. Rustic decor is all about comfort and effortless appeal, blending the spirit of resilience with a more refined approach to town and country living. Punctuated by earthy tones and materials lifted directly from nature, these contemporary rustic cabinets and kitchen implements are both on-trend and elegant, and easily incorporated into metropolitan and rural homes alike. Below are 27 stunning rustic kitchen cabinets to inspire and delight. The colors of the wood stand out more, giving you an incredibly homely feeling. This rustic kitchen has an incredible use of color, while still keeping the kitchen relatively sober looking and not too overpowering. The rough finish on these cabinets gives the room the added texture that it needs. Marble that matches the rest of the room, like this one, is always the best choice when trying to put together a beautiful looking rustic kitchen. The white adds a certain amount of definition to the room, which is always good. The clean cupboards and shelves along with the darker tones present in the room give the entire kitchen the extra oomph that it needs. With solid off-white cupboards and wood that is not too dark, but not too light as well, this makes for one beautiful kitchen!

Changing up the wood that you use can break the monotony in your kitchen, giving you a beautiful and elegant feel when you step into the room. When blended with rustic wood panels and shelves, the kitchen looks like an extraordinarily simple but well put together piece of work. This one is a little less cluttered, and a little roomier, but it is still extremely appealing and good looking. The wood variation here also breaks the uniformity of the room, making it look more appealing. Using the same wood in all the places provides an excellent uniformity and makes the room seem well in theme. This kitchen shows that well and has a few break elements that stray away from the monotony of the room. When paired with rooms that are mainly monochromatic, it gives the kitchen a pop of color that it needs. Lighter and darker woods paired together provide a good contrast that can be very appealing. Th subtle brick wall tends to stand out more against the while, adding a bit of color to your room.

This kitchen has a beautiful blend of variations and uniformity, making for an incredibly beautiful kitchen. Soft lights are good to draw attention to the little things that you might want to place there for display. Plus, check out our favorite rustic dining rooms. The finish was either the chestnut or iron. He put a steel wool pad into a jar of vinegar and let it sit for a bit. In another jar, he mixed black tea with water. Then brush on the steel wool/vinegar (don't forget to strain the wool).

It’s also placed strategically — dappled around the perimeter — and there’s not too much of it.