This region has a long history of quality craftsmen who have a keen sense of style and expert approach to construction. From traditional to transitional, classic favorites to custom built, you can find for every room of your home in the region’s stores.

Check out some of the area’s favorite antique stores for more on these offerings. Also, some pieces feature colonial-style fluted columns and raised panel sides. Its fluted columns, crown molding and vast amount of work space and storage makes this desk ideal for larger work areas. From its majestic fluted columns to raised panels, and from its elegant crown molding to rich, genuine woodgrain.

So you won’t find particle board or other bargain substitutes anywhere. What’s more, our builders draw from cabinetmaking skills handed down from their ancestors. As a result, the items you buy will be very sturdy and durable. In fact, with proper care, they should become favorite family heirlooms. Or we can customize them to your needs and desires. Actually, you will find that many cutting boards use the same type of glue, which should definitely put your mind at ease.

So, do they use hand tools, or do they use power tools?

There was a time however when food safety laws demanded they start refrigerating milk that they were selling, and this led to hem using gas or diesel compressors. As they say, in for a penny, in for a pound, and eventually they begin using power tools with those compressors. The two large shelves surround a sofa and pictures. The heirloom quality of the bookshelves make them more than “just something for the kids,” it makes the kids’ books, and the kids’ work to build their futures, part of the family. The room is bright during the day and makes a great reading spot. The other sofa or loveseat is on the next wall on the right angle, so readers can look at each other. These shelves store books at the right heights for the right kids. There is also a small shelf in the corner (not ours) to keep early readers at eye level for small kids. Some books are standing up straight, and some are stacked on their sides to form bookends. And there is plenty of negative space showing the visual appeal of the wood. Ivelina’s tinsel cats stand in such expressive poses you can almost hear them meow. They add more color and more interesting curves to the room. Adding variety to your bookcases can draw more attention to them, and consequently, to the books. Great thanks to everyone who made these beautiful bookcases part of our home, we enjoy them every day. Watch to the end to see a close-up of the woodgrain’s lovely tiger striping. The seat and back are wormy maple, a special type of brown maple. What makes wormy maple distinct is that it is harvested from closer to the outside of the tree, so it has rustic and stylish worm holes. Call us if you’re ever looking for a custom finish or combination of woods in your furniture. Sometimes you’re looking for a little kitchen-sized table. We’re showing the smallest model with no leaves. With two leaves, this table seats six, but they’re stored inside the table for now. We’re showing the 48” round table with two leaves for a 48” by 60” table. This table’s two-tone custom finish starts with an unusual maple top and clear coat.

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This special kind of brown maple, called wormy maple, is harvested from close to the outside of the tree where the forest ecosystem has blessed it with a rustic look. Since we work directly with craftsmen, you can call and ask us about arranging for an unusual wood or custom finish. We’ve pictured the side chair, but an arm chair is available, as well as bar stools at 24” or 30” seat heights. Taking the first steps towards learning a new skill can be demanding, but the payoff is usually worth the effort. Learning woodworking is a true-life skill. Unlike many other things you can learn woodworking comes with practical real-world benefits. Knowing how to use tools to create something interesting and useful out of wood is a skill that can pay dividends throughout life. Much like learning a foreign language, a skill like woodworking will benefit you in many different ways. Learning woodworking gives you an opportunity to show off your creative side and is also a fun way to reduce stress and unwind, while at the same time creating something beautiful and interesting. When you say that you do woodworking, you’ll find it really is a serious conversation starter. People will be very curious to hear about the types of creations you’re working on. The projects you create through woodworking will become a part of your life and, with practice, you can achieve a level of proficiency that could make your woodworking creations of heirloom quality so that future generations can use and enjoy them. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key gear that you’ll need in order to begin woodworking. Some of the items that you need for woodworking are obvious but others are less so. Safe and effective woodworking is about much more than simple tool selection. Just as painting is about much more than paint, the same holds true for the world of woodworking. Woodworking, due to the nature of the work, involves setting aside a dedicated space. If you have a basement or garage that you can dedicate just for your workshop, that is ideal.

You don’t want to necessarily share the space with your kid’s playroom or family exercise area.

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As someone new to woodworking, the last thing that you want is to be interrupted while cutting or sawing. If you have children and/or pets you’ll want to be sure that your tools and workspace are locked away and secure. While you are woodworking you’ll want to keep your children and pets out of the area. Again, woodworking while both an artistic and practical endeavor, isn’t like painting, which also has some hazards involved such as chemical exposure. Woodworking can be very dangerous and the process must be respected. This may seem like an obvious point, but far too many woodworking beginners fail to take the importance of proper lighting into consideration. Saw, cutting, power tools and poor lighting simply don’t mix. Don’t assume that the level of light you use for reading, for example, is appropriate for woodworking. In woodworking, it is imperative that you are able to clearly see what you are doing at all times. The greatest tool in woodworking is knowledge, not a specific saw or bench. Finding proper instruction is always a savvy place to begin when learning any complicated skill, like woodworking.

If you have access to a woodworking class for beginners then this is a smart place to begin your journey. The simple fact is that information is the most important tool you have in the process of learning woodworking. A seasoned and experienced instructor can be invaluable and help greatly accelerate the learning process. The time and money you invest in a class, and to a lesser extent woodworking books and videos, is time and money very well spent. Safety gear such as googles are a must, but the most critical safety feature is to be well aware of your surroundings and carefully think about what you are doing at all times when woodworking. This means that the tools you select and the projects you

attempt to tackle should be simple.

A handsaw may take longer, but it is certainly safer than a power saw, especially when used correctly. Other key tools in addition to a handsaw are reliable clamps. Proper cutting technique is dependent upon using quality clamps to hold wood in place. A quality work table, preferably one with built in clamps and a high weight capacity is another prudent idea. All too often woodworking beginners opt for an inexpensive work table. Inexpensive work tables usually have lower weight capacities. Select at least a mid-range quality work table and look for one that has excellent reviews. Combine these factors together and you will have a safe and production woodworking experience. Remember that woodworking experts all began as beginners like you. Don’t rush the process and start with small projects of minimal complexity and your efforts will most definitely be rewarded!

While woodworking can have many health benefits, it is also true that the fine particles created during woodworking can be harmful to your lungs if you do it a lot and take no precautions. Air quality and woodworking is more important than it might initially seem. In part, this is due to the fact that our lungs are constantly being placed under stress in a variety of ways.

Every day pollution particles ranging from nearby and distant factories, to power plants and cars and diesel vehicles all combine to negative impact air quality. Air quality varies by country, state, region and even from one part of a city to another, but few airs have what air quality experts would deem “good” or “excellent” air quality. In short, escaping air pollution is virtually impossible. Considering that your lungs are already being put under stress on a daily basis just to filter out air pollution particles, it only makes sense for woodworkers to take extra steps to protect their lungs while woodworking. First, wear a mask when cutting or sanding wood to prevent particles from entering your lungs in the first place. Second, keep all potentially hazardous materials in their proper containers. Third, when working with old painted wood exercise caution as old paint is often lead paint, which is highly toxic to children but is also toxic to adults. Sanded lead paint can turn into particulates and fill the air. Fifth, be sure to wash your clothing after you’re done with your woodworking. A good ventilation system is more complicated and robust than a simple bathroom fan. A ventilation system can pull polluted indoor air out of space and bring in fresh air. Simply remember to clean the systems filters, and you will improve your indoor air quality. Indoor air is several times more polluted than outdoor air even in normal spaces. A woodworking workshop’s indoor air quality can benefit a great deal from ventilation system. While the systems are not cheap and the air filter replacements can be expensive, there is no doubt that they will dramatically reduce the volume of small particles created in the woodworking process. There are several different systems and price points available. Using a good workshop vacuum cleaner is, however, essential for increasing the longevity of the systems filters. Additionally, an air purifier and frequent vacuuming will serve to prolong the lifespan of your ventilation system filters. Combine this technique with wearing a mask and you will dramatically reduce your lung’s exposure to wood particles.

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Breathing in any form of air pollution, especially over an extended period of time, can have serious health consequences. Opting for multiple layers of protection, such as a using a ventilation system, an air purifier and wearing a mask while cutting, sawing or sanding will dramatically reduce the number of particles you inhaul. No system will limit your exposure to zero, but you can greatly reduce your total exposure. If you want proof of just how well this approach can work, invest in a laser particle scanner.

You will see a dramatic different in the number of particles detected by the scanner when your air filtration system and air purifiers are on versus when they are off. The risks of this exposure are ailments ranging from minor ones, like dermatitis and respiratory effects, to extremely serious ones like cancer. Many woodworkers have ended up with issues like chronic bronchitis, pneumonitis and asthma. Others find they just end up with colds and flues that are extremely persistent. Achieving a superior level of air quality in your workshop does require an investment, but for as little as a few hundred dollars, it is possible to greatly improve your shop’s air quality. The simple fact is that most of us need to give holiday gifts and if you’re like most people, you want to give gifts that will be well-received. One of the single best ways to give a gift that people will love is to opt for a gift that is both innovative and useful. Wood is a smart choice for a variety of reasons. A top reason to select a real wood gift is that real wood is very durable. A gift such as a bookcase, just to cite one example, is usually a winner because everyone can always use another bookcase. It’s a gift that will be used for years or even decades. In this digital era where planned obsolescence is taken as a given, wood is likely to stand out even more. Maybe it will even be handed down to future generations. Building someone a wood gift with your own hands is a very special option. Such a gift can truly be considered a “double winner” as not only is your gift infused with the beauty and durability of wood, but also, your gift comes with the considerable added bonus of being 100% handmade by you!

Wood is all about variety and that means regardless of the personality type of your gift’s recipient, there is likely a wood gift that will be the perfect match. A mouse is something that people use almost every day, and that means that they will constantly be thinking about you and your awesome gift. The number of wooden mice options available are truly staging. There are wooden optical bamboo mice, wireless wooden mice and more. That feeling is exactly how your gift recipients will feel if you give them a very unique, handmade lamp. This lamp features elegant curves and looks like a million bucks!

This gift is cost-effective and again, it’s something that your recipient will use constantly.

Mind blowing gifts come in all shapes and sizes. This clever lounger looks like it should cost thousands. No way around it, you’ll need a good deal of experience to complete this project. But if you want to truly impressive a parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband then this table will do it. Combine this fact with the durability and beauty of wood and you have a true winner. Best of all, your wood gift will be one that serves to remind your gift recipient of you every time they use it or see it. The base has a skirt and stretcher bar curved around it, and the seat has comfortable saddle scoop contouring. Rider furniture carries several lines of beautifully finished handmade bedroom, dining, entertainment and occasional pieces. Choose from many different finishes, sizes, wood species and hardware. Come visit us at the shop to see our collection of available pieces or to get a quote on a custom piece. For more information, any time within business hours. They’d bonded while working at a company together, but when that company closed, they itched to see where their entrepreneurial spirits could take them. Think your friends might be familiar with this business?

You probably know they only use real wood carefully selected for each piece. When you choose one of these quality pieces, you know you’ve selected furniture that will last a lifetime. As you make your selection, it’s also important to choose the right upholstery fabric to accompany your solid wood furniture.

You probably already have old solid wood pieces in your home that can become a new piece of furniture with a bit of sanding, sawing and patience. Some prefer a classic, traditional look while others have more modern, minimalist tastes. Some prefer a vintage charm while others would rather of a combination of unique pieces that are full of personality and character. You’re going to change everything, from the carpet to the windows, and everything in between. The wood is hand-selected for beauty and character, and finishes are hand-applied with precision. Stay true to your style with custom wood and finish options. Choose from a variety of drawer and door knob hardware styles and pick the perfect complementing finish for a look that matches your vision. This includes published photos, e-books, magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well as tickets to any of the many shows our regions host. Please take a look at our facebook page. Estimated completion time 4-6 weeks after order is placed. Furniture for each room of the home as well as children’s furniture and outdoor furniture. Woods include oak, quartersawn white oak, cherry, brown maple. Bedroom, living room, and other furniture pieces. Mennonites also permit use of public electricity. Canada’s oldest as well, at nearly 2 centuries in existence.

We are able to have our craftsmen build to your specifications using only the finest solid hardwoods.