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We have styles from contemporary to shaker to traditional to country that will enable you to have many great mealtimes or entertain your guests for years to come!

Amish Furniture Dining Chair Furniture

We will work with you to customize your order with a variety of woods, colors, finishes and sizes. The furniture on display in our is available in many styles, heights, and finishes that can be easily adjusted to fit your family’s needs. Traditional four chair sets of dining tables, pub tables, and smaller drop leaf tables are available for immediate purchase.

You can take the entire set as it is, or special order more chairs to meet your needs.

You may even mix and match different chairs and tables to create the best set for your home. Below are some of the current styles available for immediate purchase. The four steam bent slats are vertical with half-moon cutouts. This option can be removed, along with the half-moon shapes upon request. Mission style dining chairs have been around for over 100 years. Quality workmanship and attention to detail are evident in this chair.

Amish showroom only uses conversion varnish. Others are still trying to use lacquer, and over time it wears off. The craftsmanship is evident throughout a piece that appears both petite and boldly courageous. The seat is made of paper rope, a new twine that is eco-friendly, soft, anti-static and durable. They are well-crafted and came in very good condition.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of buying them. These distinctive features contribute to our necessitous masterpieces’ integrity and durability. Moreover it enhances enjoyable dining and kitchen environment and atmosphere – which are of the utmost importance. Please specify the nail head style when ordering. The solid construction and impeccable detail will be second to no other piece of heirloom furniture on the market. Custom finishes need to be ordered by phone.

You will be proud to keep this in your family for generations. All of our cherry or oak dining room chairs are 100% hardwood and handcrafted to heirloom quality standards. The joints are mortise and tenon joinery—one piece fits inside another in a shape that holds the maximum possible amount of glue. Our chair bases are reinforced under the seats with hidden corbels. Some chair bases have trestles between the legs for style and strength. The variety of styles available will satisfy the needs of any kitchen, dining room or bar. Choose between arm chairs with arm rests or side chairs without. Choose from a variety of seat contours and fabric or leather upholstery. Chair bases can be modified to turn almost any dining chair into a desk chair or bar stool: add a gas lift, swivel seat, or extra height. To add that finishing touch to your dining room, chairs can be custom-finished with a two-tone finish or burnished edges. Selecting wood and stain at the same time is a beautiful experience of textures and colors. Combine cherry, oak, or any texture of woodgrain with dozens of stains and paints for these dining room chairs. You, your guests and your family can rely on these chairs for a comfortable dining experience.

Dining Chair Room Chairs

Each piece is hand-crafted and made to order based on your exact needs and specifications. Our hardwood dining chairs are built to order from solid wood – choose from oak, quarter sawn white oak, cherry and maple. Be sure to have a look at our solid wood dining category for a vast selection of tables in any style to match your chairs. All of our furniture is finished with a catalyzed conversion varnish which is even more durable than polyurethane and is waterproof; you can set a cold drink on our tables overnight, let it draw a ring of water; just wipe it off in the morning, this will not harm the furniture. Available with the option of a wood seat or a cushion seat that can have either fabric or leather upholstery. Ask your local dealer about all the options available to you. Therefore we craft our tables using traditions that have been passed down for generations, so you can pass yours on for years to come. Some leaves may not have aprons, depending on your table configuration. Available on both leg and single pedestal tables. Sure, you can always add an extra leaf later. But you can save a whole lot of time and money by ordering all your leaves up front, when it’s easier to shape, fit and sand them to match the rest of your table. And just like your waistline, your family is bound to expand. Therefore, feel free to select a different hardware from our available list. People often ask what is the standard hardware. The default hardware for each piece is shown in the photo. Exceptional drawers require exceptional hardware. That’s why our drawers feature heavy-duty slides that allow the drawer to fully extend, are fully enclosed and mounted from below — creating an unobstructed view of the solid dovetail construction. These top of the line slides come with our lifetime warranty, affording you, the original owner, protection against defects of materials or craftsmanship. Smaller studio tables will also feature wooden slides, instead of ball-bearing slides.

Dining Room Chairs

Because we know that there is nothing worse than a table that rocks back and forth, we put leg levelers on all bases/legs of our tables, including the center support leg. Installed to protect the finish on the area of the barstool that takes the most abuse, the cross bar. Can be installed on any barstool that has a rectangular cross bar. Therefore, if you have a fabric in mind and we don’t offer it — send us your fabric and we’ve got you covered. For chairs with an upholstered seat we will require ½ yard per chair. For chairs with an upholstered seat and back we will require 1½ yards per chair. Looking to add a little character to an already unique piece of furniture?

You can customize your dining chair to match your space. Thus, making it easy to pair it with a modern or classic decor. It has thin spindles a saddle seat and we make it entirely out of solid wood. The unique slat back makes it a beautiful addition to any dining space.

The quality of this dining furniture will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a kitchen or dining chair that your friends are sure to comment on then this is the chair for you. Nothing is better than sitting back in a comfortable chair while you enjoy long dinner conversations with family and friends. The clean mission style lines include narrow slats and cross bar on the back as well as a carved wood seat. Choose two arm chairs for the heads of the household. Then, pair it with the right number of side chairs for your family and guests.

Amish craftsmen craft this chair out of solid wood. It is sturdy and makes a great kitchen chair. Choose from both side and arm chair styles. Its back is slightly arched with a contoured seat. This provides better back support and comfort. It also has a slightly arched back and deep scoop seat for added comfort. It can be customized in your selection of hardwood and stain color to match any decor. Imagine sitting on this solid wood chair, drinking morning coffee and enjoying family dinners with your family and friends. Its leather or fabric back and seat with decorative tack detail will add style and color to your room. It comes as a side or armchair that is quite unique. The armchair has covered arms that connect to the back and seat. The clean crisp black color brings a modern edge to the traditional farmhouse style. It features large slats that curve to form a supportive back and a comfortable molded hardwood seat.

The modern lines of the back are accented with your selection of fabric or leather on the seat. However, you can add an optional deep scoop seat for even more comfort. It has unique slats that set it apart from other dining chairs. They are slightly wider at the top and taper down to a typical slat size at the bottom. It features gently curving slats on the back and a comfortable molded seat. The hardwood legs can also be crafted in your choice of stain. Its mission style with a twist adds true beauty to your dining space. Put it at your kitchen or dining room table. These details create a comfortable and stylish choice for your kitchen or dining room. It looks great in a kitchen or dining room. Imagine the memories you will make while sitting in these solid wood chairs. These dining chairs are great if you have kids. It has three fairly wide slats with a beautiful inlay at the top of the seat back. Your guests are sure to comment on the beauty of this stunning chair. The rich wood seat is carved to offer your dining guests a comfortable spot to enjoy a meal. It has beautiful ebony inlays on the top of the chair back as well as on the base that gives it a unique style. Even the chair legs are different from most. It looks great around a casual kitchen table or formal dining room table. It has a slightly contoured seat for added comfort.

Kalamazoo Dining Room Furniture

The back and seat are padded to offer comfort in your dining space. The fabric can be customized to match any decor in your choice of pattern or solid fabric or leather. Its two wide slats, dipped seat back and arched sides of this chair are just some of the intricate details. The spindles look like a bundle of grain and are a great reminder of how grateful we are for a bountiful harvest. Featuring padded seats and backs combined with a convenient swivel feature, it could be great in a game room or dining space. The base rolls so it would make a great desk chair as well. It has simple half circle cutouts in the solid wood slats. In fact, when you put them next to each other they make three open circles. Its curved legs and contoured seat make it a classic chair. It looks great with almost any dining table. It has thin slats in the back and on the sides of the chair. If comfort is important to you then you will love this chair. The slats have a slight curve for better lumbar support. It gives it a bit of a modern flair making it a great choice for either your kitchen or dining room. The modern planed wood back is paired with a comfortable padded seat. It is has a slightly arched back and contoured seat to add comfort to its beauty. Choose side chairs, armchairs or a combination of both for your dining room or kitchen. Also, it makes a great chair for baby and wedding showers and monthly card games with friends. It features a unique cut out on the top of the chair back. Opt for side chairs, arm chairs or a combination of both. Then, you have a stylish dining set ready for family dinners and entertaining friends. Its slightly contoured seat comes in solid wood, fabric or leather. The classic details of a slat back are accented with modern walnut inlays in the chair back and carved wood seat. Like all of our dining furniture it can be crafted in your selection of hardwood and stain color. The clean lines of the back slats are accented with a rich wood finish. Its tall back with slightly curved slats and contoured seat combines comfort and style.

The ebony inlays stand out and draw your eye to the chair. Its simple mission style makes it quite versatile. As a result, it looks great with a sleek modern table or even a simple, more traditional style table. It gives a traditional mission chair a touch of modern. Opt for side chairs, armchairs or a combination of both for your kitchen or dining room. Also, it has a slightly contoured seat for added support and comfort. Opt for the standard carved leg as you see here or choose from one of the three optional legs. The back of the chair comes to a slight point for even more style. However, you can select the optional deep scoop seat for even more comfort. The traditional style includes beautiful posts and slat back combined with a carved wooden seat. Its back panel has horizontal cut outs that catch your eye’s attention. Clearly, this dining chair looks great in a modern or minimalist home.

It has wide spindles that taper at the ends, carved legs and a deep scoop seat for added comfort. It can be customized in your style by choosing from our wide variety of hardwood, stain colors and fabric choices. However, we can customize it to your choice of wood species and finish. It provides you with added back support and comfort. Its tall back and wide slats make this chair fit for royalty. The finish and hardwood shown is just one of the many combinations available. Look through all of the customization options available and pick out your favorites. This chair can be used for everyday use in the dining room or kitchen. However, you can also stack the chairs on top of one another when not in use. The three mission slats have a slight curve to provide back support and comfort. Decide if you want side chairs, armchairs or a combination of both. The armchairs have solid wood thin and slightly arched arms for a very sleek look. The two tone finish and carved rear legs offer a modern style to a traditional chair. The classic style makes it a great companion to many dining room tables, buffets and hutches. It has flared back legs and a tapered center slat that is wide enough to add extra comfort and support to the chair. Its simple style complements most home décors. Oh, the memories you will make during family dinners. So, invite your friends over, pull out a chair and let the conversation roll. All of our dining chairs can be customized in your choice of hardwood, stain color and either a side chair or arm chair. This mission dining chair looks great with any table especially our leg tables.

It is available also a side chair to round out your dining space. It definitely adds pizzazz to any dining space. It has a modern style with its circular, cushioned back and solid wood base. The quality craftsmanship you find in this dining chair is top-notch. This includes curved slats that extend past the seat for an unique sophisticated look. The inlay is optional so if you prefer this chair without it that is fine. These chairs are large with slightly curved slats in the back and exposed tenons for added detail.

All of our dining chairs can be custom ordered in your choice of hardwood, stain color and with or without arms. It has horizontal solid wood slats with a fabric seat and back. If you are looking to dress up your dining space then this is the chair for you. Both the seat and back are covered in fabric with the option to be covered in leather. It comes in either a side chair or armchair. It is a beautiful chair that adds style and functionality to your dining room.

The wood accents offer a modern style to the chair.

You can select an arm or side chair in your choice of hardwood and stain color. It is a chair that definitely leaves an impression with all of your guests. So, be ready to field their questions about where you got it. It has quite a unique hourglass shape that gives it a modern flair. The curved spindles on the back offer a comfortable seat. The selection of fabrics that you can choose from vary in style and texture to combine well with your dining room’s style. It has a wide solid wood back and a slightly contoured seat for added comfort and style. Decide if you want armchairs, side chairs or a combination of both. Everyone loves its arched top and two wooden slats that give it a modern flair. It looks great at either your dining room or kitchen table. It has three wider chair slats and a slightly contoured seat. It comes in a dining chair, bar chair, swivel barstool and even a caster-based desk chair. The slight curves of the back supports make a beautiful statement in any dining space.

Dining Chair Room Chairs

You have the choice of leather or fabric for the seat and back. It has a modern flair as you see it here in cherry with rich tobacco stain and turbo fabric. Even the base of the chair has matching rope moulding and added carved details at the bottom of the chair legs. These details set it apart from traditional mission dining chairs. If you are looking for comfort and style this is the dining chair for you. It is quite versatile and looks great with almost any home decor. Because you can customize your chairs by selecting the wood specie, fabric, finishing effects such as distressing, and more. Most of the chairs are available in barstools and they can swivel too.

We have a dining room chair that fits your tastes perfectly. A lot of the chairs have curved backs for added lumbar support and some have deep scoop seats for added comfort. All dining room chairs are available with wood, fabric or leather seats. Stop by the store to see for yourself how comfortable our chairs are!