This tufted bench offer elegant and versatile design, this bench offers extra seating to your dining, living and entryway. Easy to tuck under your when not in use, a bench doesn’t need to take up space throughout the day. Kitchen and dining benches can be a lifesaver if you need multiple seating options for your family or for larger get-togethers. It feels like you’re in your relaxing, but you could still be having a traditional family dinner.

I spend most of my sitting hours there, chatting with friends, working on my laptop, repairing electronics etc. And since many of our dining benches are part of a set, if you find something you love, make sure you check if there are matching tables or chairs. Our selection of benches lets you spruce up your dining space and break up the monotony of chairs. I had an oops with a tv stand/entertainment center after purchasing a 60 inch tv and the only thing in the house that would hold the tv was the bench.

While a bench doesn’t have a back and is often very simple, banquettes are like mini — they include a back and are oftentimes upholstered with nice decorative details. If you’re looking to squeeze in more people around a table, or maybe stay on top of decorating trends, dining benches and banquettes are a popular alternative to the traditional chair.

Bench dining seat

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Choose from classic shades like white and black, or go for a pop of color with red or green. Ideal for large and small spaces, our benches easily slide under the table or up against the wall when not in use.

Opting for benches with cushions can make benches cozy and a suitable seat for kids or adults.

Benches with backs can help enclose a space in your kitchen if you are hoping to section off a dining nook. Easy to tuck under your table when not in use, a bench doesn’t need to take up space throughout the day.

This is great as the bench slides under nicely when the table is extended as it will not when leaf is out. While chairs can seat just one person, a bench can seat several, letting you have as many people over for dinner as you want. Perfect for adults and children alike, benches make great additions to any dining table no matter the style or size.

With carved details and distressed finishes, our affordable assortment offers a range of colors and styles to fit your existing design and decor. And because they’re oftentimes made of wood, they are usually more affordable than purchasing individual chairs.

On the other hand, they often take up more space and might be harder to match with tables because of armrests and height differentiation.