Our inventory of servers includes both formal and casual pieces crafted in traditional and contemporary styles. Consider one of our traditional server designs to enhance your dining room with sophisticated luxury. Ideal for everyday use, some of our casual server styles feature inviting elements, such as rattan weaves and exotic two-tone finishes. Cellarets are cabinets in the buffet used for holding wine bottles and decanters and allow the buffet to double as a bar.

Today “sideboard” is probably the most widely used of all of the terms for a long, low storage piece. An antique variation of the sideboard is a huntboard, which is taller than a typical sideboard; it was designed for hungry folks to stand around and eat from after finishing a hunt.

I need the storage and thought of putting 2 pieces side-by-side (with space perhaps, it’s 147″ long x 36″ high x 26″ deep). Features a central bank of 3 drawers flanked by large double cupboard to the left and single cupboard to the right.

Lean into this piece’s versatile appeal by adding it to a crisp contemporary dining room alongside a glass-top surrounded by ladder-back side chairs. A tiered base grants it a touch of distinctive style, while 4 pedestal feet keep its traditional charm. Alluding a retro modern charm, this sideboard table features two large drawers and three smaller drawers with grooved cut out handles. This distinctive design will instantly be your best friend as soon as you put it to work at your next dining room gathering.

Further, the light color also brightens up the room and makes it feel very inviting for guests. The cabinets make for easy storage of extra plates, bowls, serving trays, and pitchers while the drawers can be a great place to keep formal silverware. This will make it easier to decide whether to get features such as ornate door pulls and intricate fretwork (for a more elegant, classical design) or dark wood with strong lines (for a more contemporary look). Sideboards can act as a focal point in any space that has enough room for them and needs extra storage and display surfaces. Friday, surrounded by young professionals and the beautiful polished wood of a grand and elegant bar.

Antiqued bronze accents on the pilasters cap off the classical sophistication of this refined design. All entries will receive expert advice, exclusive promotions and access to the top names in .

Our versatile servers prove equally adept at functioning as attractive showpieces and practical storage units. Whether you frequently host formal gatherings, need extra storage space, or simply want to upgrade your dining room, we have the server you seek. Each of our servers operates as a standalone entity and in collaboration with other matching pieces in one of our signature collections.

Storage server design

Dining Room Buffet Servers And Credenzas

The essence of modern refinement, our contemporary servers boast stylishly simplistic designs and striking brushed metal hardware.

A splash of bright paint on an antique will create a contemporary edge, or an all-white mid-century piece may add an interesting contrast to a modern table.

Pair one with an oversized mirror or dramatic piece of artwork to play up the drama in a hallway.

The single feature that most distinguishes a sideboard from another storage piece, like a credenza, is its short legs.

The fact is, shops and manufacturers name their furniture whatever they think sounds best. The fact is, shops and furniture makers use all sorts of names for this type of piece nearly interchangeably.

We also have to disclose that our photos are taken in studio lighting so may look slightly different in natural or different lighting conditions.

The glass panels make it easy for you to see and organize your belongings, while the clean-lined design and espresso finish imbue it with traditional style.

A secondary cabinet, 2 drawers on double metal glides, and three spacious open shelves provide ample room for dining storage and organization. Play up this piece’s transitional influence by adding it to dining room alongside a round pedestal-base table surrounded by open metal-back chairs for a timeless display.

Chinese cypress wood, this chic cabinet features a light gray surface finish on the frame that contrasts against the two equally sized cabinet doors with a light brown stain and metal handles and matching legs.

It’s a great area to set plates of food and drinks on when you have friends over at a dinner party.

Itu2019s a great area to set plates of food and drinks on when you have friends over at a dinner party.

Give some thought to what the sideboard will be most used for and select a type of storage solution accordingly.

Parisian confections are undeniably feminine, yet they also exude a sense of solid substantiality.

Parisians dress to the intellectual salons they gather in, the city and its inhabitants know how to make everything look effortless.

Antique bronze accents on the pilasters cap off the classical sophistication of this refined design.

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