However, we decided to go with it since we have young children, and the seats are super easy to clean and wipe down, which is definitely a plus!

I also love the simple, classic beauty of the design and the rich dark wood which make the table agreeable for both men and women. The seats actually have this small piece of padding in the center of your back, that way you don’t feel the hard wood against you, but a soft piece of cushion which was a nice touch.

Dining chair sets

Dining Room Sets To Fit Your Home Decor

I will sit at the table after a meal and talk instead of migrate to the couch to watch tv. If you add in the value of the lost time we will never recover, this table was probably 50% more expensive than we paid. I was looking for a table that was not only attractive but also functional for a family of 6 to eat at and not take up space. The versatility of being able to use it with our without the leaf is also very conveniemt for smaller areas . I love that the seating is padded with sturdy black faux leather that is easy to clean and can take a beating.

Our kitchen and dining room sets are beautifully coordinated for any dining room, with dining room tables and chairs, bistro sets and more.

We bought two benches since we have a toddler, and it is the perfect way to have a nice looking modern table, but kid friendly too. The table feels rugged and stable, but not so heavy that you can not move it around a little.

This is a great everyday dining room table set and goes perfectly with just about any decor. I purchased the chairs in the dining set plus two additional chairs that are all fabric for the heads of the table when the leaf is in. The set looks great in the house and definitely looks like it cost a lot more than it did. It held up very well and there doesn’t seem to be any damage or wear of the chair that he sat in. I was looking for a dining room table to make a statement and this one definitely does that. I was looking for, liked the hardware detail on the corners, made it look more modern and rustic , yet still on the traditional side.

We like the way the table is expandable and the mechanism to expand is so seamless and can be easily tucked away.

Since these are sets and not a hodgepodge of mismatching chairs, your dining space will look and feel cohesive, sophisticated, and inviting.