I figured you wouldn’t have the “control” on the amount of stain and it seems that’s why you don’t like this project so much!

I like the idea of one of the posters above – remove the dark area rug and see how it looks. I actually have been thinking about painting the base of my round table a creamy white color, maybe doing the chairs too and lightening up on the upholstery. However, mine has a vanneer top and it’s got a little warping to it where the leaf would go. So what if you make a mistake when you first start, it’s water based paint, you can wipe it off. I have done over two dozen dining room sets, buffets, kitchen cabinets and all types of furniture. You can use chalk-based paints on metal, if it’s really shiny, you may want to lightly sand first (be sure to wear safety gear when sanding) and clean well. You’ve given me reason to entertain the notion of dragging that set out and giving it a go. If you want to get really creative, consider using chalkboard paint on the top of your table. We’ve got tons of ideas for styles and colors, and a few how-to tips to lead you to the painted kitchen table of your dreams. On the table, include all surfaces except the underside part of the table top concealed from view by the molding around the edge. Apply a smooth even second top coat, using long even strokes to create the smoothest possible surface. I was wondering if the grain still shows through or if paint and clear coat created a smooth table top?

Correction, you can if you put on 8 million coats which is what we’ll be doing on the frames. I have been thinking of painting out my kitchen table and with two very active (and artistic) little girls the table gets a lot of wear and tear.

Paint chairs sand

Dining Table Makeover, Take One

I always read at least a few tutorials online just to see if people have any big tips or fails.

I was thinking too, there is something missing — maybe a black and white print fabric on the chairs to tie in the rest of your room. I have changed the fabric on several chairs but never been brave enough to attempt that lovely finishing touch. I purchased drop cloth for the cushions but am now thinking of looking for some curtain panels.

I do think you need something in your dining room to tie-in to the darker wood pieces in your living room since the areas are open to each other. Also coincidentally, our office is also in the living room because it was a waste of space and now it’s regularly used. If you want to try a couple without taping to see how it goes, just keep a wet washrag nearby to wipe up any paint that ends up where it isn’t suppose to. I have been wanting to repaint out table and chairs but just haven’t got up the nerve to tackle the job. Is the piece that you are wet sanding also chalk painted or will that technique work with any paint?

I have been to many a boutique and seen chairs not even close to this beautiful going for big bucks.

Decide on the vibe you’re going for in your kitchen and then select a color that helps you achieve that look. When it’s time to paint, make sure to select a high-quality water-based enamel paint, which will give you a hard finish that’s similar to an oil paint. One economical way to revitalize your dining room is to paint tired or badly worn furniture.

Use long, even strokes and avoid going back over painted areas to produce the smoothest job. Ventilate your work space and wear eye and breathing protection whenever sanding or refinishing wood. Be sure you choose a time for this project when you can let your paint dry between coats and cure for at least a couple days before you start using your furniture again. I also loved that getting an unpainted wood one meant that we could easily change it up 3 years from now. I recently scored a big farm style table from a thrift store and am searching for chairs to offset it.

Source: www.pinterest.com/jeanninewilmot/diy-tables-repurposed/