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Customers can order the type wood they want, not just oak, the color and the size along with the type of hardware. These are not just dressers and sofas, they are works of art. Finishing is done by hand, with both the sanding and the varnish. Drawers will usually come with dovetail corners and fully extending drawer slides.

The wood is usually either quarter-sawn or plain sawn, which enhances the appearance of the grain. Retailers with genuine relationships with the craftsman will often know such details. There is great care taken in the selection of wood, the joining of the pieces, and the appearance of the grain. If you’re looking at something with visible glue seepage or shoddy screw work, the piece is not authentic. There is always a middleman between them and their customers. This is because the work is all done by hand and there is a high demand for such beautiful, durable pieces.

If any site is claiming to be a direct source (craftsman to customer), this should give you pause. Amish made furniture is stunning and durable for generations. Authentic pieces are worth the investment because of the artistry, skill, and quality involved in their creation. Amish are known for our knowledge and ability to build quality products. Additionally, these playsets are perfectly aligned with our family values. There is no greater priority in everyday life than family and we look for ways to spend as much time with our children as possible.

We enjoy staying home and spending time with friends and family in our own backyards, so the playset is an important center of family fun. For the modern family, spending time together is an increasingly difficult challenge. They provide an endless selection of sizes, shapes and finishes. One company offers up to 14 leaves for their tables. They offer many styles, from country to contemporary. Let us help you create a beautiful atmosphere within your home, and make your house a home. Using two different types of woods can dramatically change the entire feel of a regular table. An example of that would be the table pictured at the right.

You will not find pressboard or plywoods in any of the tables or chairs that we carry. Our furniture is built with true solid wood. Our pedestal tables feature gears that open easily, and our leg tables have their own slide system. Most of our tables have self storing leaves, but if you choose, there are leaf storing credenzas available. Every table and chair has a satin finish, which will help reduce scratch visibility.

You can’t find a better table on the market with as much flexibility in choices. A true rarity in this day and age, especially when you look at the vast majority of furniture out there. It’s built to last a lifetime and then some. It’s made of wood, real locally grown hardwoods, a renewable resource. For every tree harvested at least 2 trees are planted to replace it.

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Harvesting and using the trees locally decreases the carbon foot print as well. There is some limited use of cabinet grade plywood and all of the glues and adhesives used are compliant with california environmental laws. Our coatings range from the standard catalyzed varnish to waxes and oils. All your choice making it even more green.

We recently just came under new ownership and with that, a brand new website. This means it will last a lifetime, and can be handed down over generations. The process was very good, with the company keeping us informed throughout and working with us. The real test of any company is when something goes wrong.

I just bought a dining table and chairs from here and couldn’t be happier. Because every order is custom, it does take a little while for the furniture to be made. Duane and his staff was great to work with.

We spent a year getting the right set picked out, the right finish and fabric for the chairs and it turned out beautifully in our new house. They were very patient with us and spent lot of time with us to pick out the right table size and chair style that would be most comfortable. It was delivered in perfect shape and looks phenomenal. The quality and craftsmanship is really there.

We are extremely happy with this high end furniture. David was very helpful to us throughout the process, from the initial order through shipping. When we placed a second order, the carrier was much more careful.

I had a hard maple table top with brown maple legs. They have a bunch of different stain selections. It isn’t exactly the cheapest but you’re paying for the quality and custom options.

We just took delivery of our new dining room table, chairs and china cabinet.

We planned to place a future order with whichever store we liked best. Also, you need a salesperson who responds quickly because making the pieces takes time so why add to that unnecessarily?

Duane has been the owner of a auto parts store and is a talented salesmen. He always makes sure the customer’s needs are taken care of first before anything else happens.

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