Crafty The Tidy Townhome We didn’t want it to be a free-for-all for the cats to jump ship into a nearby tree or something so I suggested (or forced) my boyfriend build an L-shaped bench to fit our small balcony so it could double as seating and an enclosed litter box holder! It’s genius.

Right when you open the door off of the kitchen to the balcony, you’re greeted with an air-conditioning unit that has a lattice cover over it (Thank you previous homeowners!). Turn right and that’s where the bench had to go. If you see the tape on the wall, that’s where the cat door connects the kitties from inside to their ventilated, private outhouse.: )

Crafty Tidy Townho

Diy Dual Purpose Balcony Bench And Litter Box Enclosure

My boyfriend got creative with the interior details hence the gorgeous (not!) linoleum floors for their little delicate paws and padding around the wood that has nails and screws. The way we had to build this was two separate benches – The long one for the cats and the short one for storing . The far opening towards the wall was installed with chicken wire so there’s some air flow in there.

Diy Dual Purpose Balcony Bench And Litter Box Enclosure
After all the framing was laid out, the wide white planks were installed and I was stoked. That was until it rained. Don’t make the same mistake we did, make the top lid one solid piece of wood so there aren’t any cracks and waterproof that sucker. We had one period of crazy rain and little did I know the enclosure was filled with water and it took me several hours to figure out why little Charlie was crying but I very quickly connected the dots when I found a pile of fresh cat crap on my boyfriend’s clothes in our . He must have known it was his fault for the !;)