This picture shows the jig being used on the table saw. After the mortise slots were cut remaining wood was removed with a chisel.

Diy Log Furniture Furniture

This type of mortise joint is particularly sturdy.

I make drawer pulls from real antler sheds. However, in some rare occasions you might just find yourself with a whole log that needs to be milled after you cut it down… so now what?

First off, you can try to find a local sawmill to take it to and have them cut it.

The second option is to bring the sawmill to your log. There are lots of sawyers out there with portable mills that will literally come to your front door. There are a few ways that you could get this accomplished on your own, each with varying degrees of difficulty and final outcome.

You can try to use a chainsaw to hack it up, but it would be pretty difficult to freehand that, and chainsaws have a pretty big kerf and waste quite a bit of material. However, here are a couple things to keep in mind. First off, you will have to wait for the wood to dry before you start using it for projects.

The general rule of thumb is one year per inch of thickness, but rules of thumb are only general guidelines. Each case will be different, but the takeaway is there will be a drying time before use. Also, you need to realize that there will be quite a bit of waste that comes off the log. So, if you think you will be getting 10″ wide boards out of a log that is 10″ in diameter, think again. You’ve got bark and a lot of sapwood on the edges, so the usable yield will be smaller than the log.

I hope this article opens up new ideas and avenues for sourcing wood and getting it milled.

I was lucky enough to purchase some wood that was privately milled from felled logs, and it’s amazing what doors that opens up for you. Have you milled your own logs before, or would you give it a try?

I set up infeed and outfeed tables (to take most of the weight off the table) and a sled with clamps/screws to hold everything planer using the miter sled in the bandsaw table. It worked ok, but really not possible for large logs unless you lift weights professionally. Most of our source wood comes to us as a free log which we can use with minimal processing by a chainsaw and then the band saw before putting on the lathe. It gives you a feeling of being involved from the very beginning and it’s an amazing feeling.

I would like to try to salvage the trunk, have it made into lumber and then eventually a table for our breakfast room.

I have 2 of them that need to be cut and hopefully used for crafting/woodworking. Some of them will come to your location and saw lumber out of your logs. Your own state dept of agriculture may have a similar magazine or be able to send you in the right direction. We’ve still been able to borrow it a few times. Its a real pleasure cutting your own lumber and seeing the grain pop out from under the bark. It’s a very cost effective method if you only mill occasionally and it’s very portable so you don’t have to worry about moving the log. The downside is it’s slower and creates more waste but if you’re doing this for fun and the log was free, the disadvantages are negligible. The tree was unsafe and had to be removed. One of our members is an wood turning club and the club came out with a team of guys to harvest what they could. Some of the wood was turned to turning blanks and some into boards. A number of us woodworkers got pieces and are making a bunch of little projects to sell to help raise money to cover the costs of removing the tree and planting a new one (city codes require us to plant a tree in a 48″ inch box, very expensive).

11 Rustic DIY Log Decorations and Furniture Pieces

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I am making some cutting boards and a fancy cross while other guys are turning bowls and pens. If we hadn’t done this, most of the wood on the tree wood have become mulch.

I want to harvest some boards for a kitchen counter but my husband says we can’t use it for anything but firewood. He’s knew to forestry and doesn’t like me to have opinions!

There is no substitute to sawing your own wood.

I built a 36×12 barn with a 8′ over hang all from wood from my property. Wish it was a wood shop but the horse beat me to it lol. Walking out to the stack is much easier than going to the store. If your in a rural area don’t be afraid to talk to your local loggers also they often come across trees that they will put aside for you if your looking for something special or that just stands out.

I cut it up on my bandsaw and am drying it now. Just the experience of opening up the insides and seeing what you get is totally worth the effort, and it adds a little something to the resulting projects you make out of it. One of the coolest parts of the job is opening up the logs and seeing what’s inside, because you truly never know what’s in store. The land owners seemed to think it was from the minerals in the ground. But even red oak will very often surprise you, because the way grain behaves, sometimes along with knots in the tree…you can see some really amazing patterns. Patterns you’re never going to see on a plywood, because the manufacturers are going to remove all that character. It is a lot of fun to see what each log holds. It’s even more special when they are your own trees!

They are quite helpful to the woodworking community and have a network of woodworkers that they donate stumps to, including myself.

I don’t want them cut down just for firewood.

DIY Log End Table

I would love to see someone enjoy making something with them.

We transform them into custom cabinets and custom . Time is just one part of the drying process. Never assume that stock will be stable because it has been drying for x length of time.

I would love to get a mantle for my fireplace out of it for sentimental reasons.

I build log out of the lumber and scraps.

I offer a lease of my plans so others can build their own. The deadline is short and the job challenging, each chair must have a bear sandblasted into it. The furniture is for a fourteen year old boy the owner has recently taken into his home and mentors. Gwen decides she's going on a mission to get her entire staff healthy. Loved the results thanks to your video instructions.

I purchased a set of leg supports for a 5 foot bench as well as two more sets for matching chairs.

I painted all of the legs with a hammered black paint. Again, looks great with the cedar benches and tables. Can't thank you enough for the inspiration and instructions along with great service. Let's discover 15 fresh ideas of what you can do with wood logs!

Do you call yourself as a crafty and artsy creative project person with ideas?

Each side is smooth and easily convenient for even painting or staining. The most sought after rustic yet modern addition to any craft accessory kit!

A place to relax, a place of personal creation. Create a harmonious and beautiful exotic garden; this is not only planting the flowers you like. On the contrary, we have to think how to arrange for all of your tropical garden or pretty to look at.

You can decorate it yourself by taking the time to develop it to your liking.

You can use exotic objects such as sculptures, or tree trunks unusual shapes.

You can also create a wooden bench and place in the garden, for maximum relaxation. Wood is an amazing and artistic material for everything. However, now is the era of natural beauty and rustic crafts.

We all love the purity of natural elements around us. So, why not prefer a rough rustic piece of log to be used in furniture and other items, instead of processing the wood, killing the natural beauty and character. Look at this beautiful wood log bench or you may use it as a lounger.

The beauty of the grains in a wooden log makes it attractive. However, it might not be possible to sit for long on this wooden log sofa. So, to make it comfortable you can use loose cushions or upholstery in any natural tone to complement the look. Your patio or garden is a place to cherish the beauty of nature in a comfortable and relaxing way. This beautiful dining place in the patio is artistically decorated with huge dining table and rustic wooden log benches, dominating the natural character and feel of the environment. Center tables are actually the center of attraction of your lounge or a guest room. Making it more prominent with inculcating rustic wooden sliced log center table will be a great idea. This artistic center table will surely draw the attention of the visitors for all the good reasons. The table has simple wooden legs with nice and dark polish on the table top. Wooden logs are great for any corner of your home and can bring a natural element to the interior. These wooden logs in a washroom, installed along with a few steel pipes and shelves are beautifully serving as bathroom accessory shelf, fulfilling your need in style and beauty.

You will simply love this study room wood log book shelf.

You just have to add in a nice and long wooden log of average thickness as a pillar to your normal average book shelf. But, you will witness the impact is far more greater.

You will feel an amazing impact in your study area or any where at home. If you a re person who love innovation, uniqueness and creativity to dominate everywhere in your life, then you must experiment to bring in the natural elements to your professional space too. This amazing wooden log office table idea with huge glass top is fusion of modern with rustic materials. The tree bark is dominating the whole aura. This awesome piece of natural art, that can be a purposeful hanger hook and can also just be an awesome wall hanging in your corridor is simply a head turner.

Tree Trunk Recliners

Each small branch or tree log has its unique identity and beauty. A simple scratch, or faded wooden tone, enhances its artisitc identity and value. So, instead of throwing them, fix them in a frame and flaunt that beauty at home. Just think about ho easy it would be to turn a tree log into a side table. If you’re not particularly demanding all you have to do is find a suitable place for it. Right now we’re going to focus on outdoor furniture and decorations and the ways in which you can use wood logs for these projects.

You should definitely consider log tables for an outdoor deck or terrace.

You can use two or three logs to make a set of side tables. They can have different heights and dimensions. So, for example, if you have an outdoor dining area, consider log stools instead of actual dining chairs. They’ll definitely add flavor to the space and you can make them just as comfortable as any chair by adding cushions. For example, you can use paint to make the seats look beautiful.

You can use this idea if you want to create an outdoor dining space on the deck, in the garden or if you’re planning an outdoor party or even a rustic wedding.

You can choose to highlight this fact by intentionally choosing logs that have different dimensions, shapes and looks. Turn them into charming stools and place them around a simple wood table. They can become side tables on which to display decorations.

You should also consider using flower vases made of repurposed mason jars. And if you want to take things further, how about some armchairs carved out of large tree stumps?

Place the pieces side by side to create a flat surface. This can be your new outdoor coffee table. Have some smaller logs placed around it and use them as seats. Use a thin stump for the base and a large one for the top.

You can make the table as high as you want.

You should consider sealing the pieces if you want them to resist for a long time. For example, you can turn one into a unique lamp for the garden.

You can purchase similar ones from certain stores or you can try to make such a feature yourself.

It would look like a beautiful sculpture.