Watching the video, you will see that the design itself is ridiculously simple—and thus ridiculously easy as well. If we had known the sealed would have that effect on the stain color, we would have either found another sealer to use that wouldn’t alter the gray color, or would have stuck with a more neutral brown wood color.

I wanted the option to pull the futon mattress onto the floor for extra sleeping space for guests. Attach the five remaining 72-inch seat boards flat and evenly spaced about 1 ½ inches apart on top of frame using one screw into each cross piece beneath.

Screw board attach

DIY Outdoor Sofas To Build For Your Deck Or Patio

Then using one screw on each side, pre-drill holes and attach the 75-inch bottom back board 1 ½ inches below the top board. There are a lot of interesting ideas who will inspire you to make some yourself.

There is also a sectional configuration of the same sofa, or get my plans for the loveseat version. The slats on the arms would also help keep pillows from falling out during impromptu outdoor naps!

It definitely was a 2-man task, mostly because you need the extra hands to hold things in place while the other persons screws them together. Also, make sure that the wood you buy is straight and not warped by laying each piece on the ground to make sure they lay flat. The problem with turning one set 90 degrees from the other is that you would end up with half of each side piece having end grain on the ground, which wicks water quite readily.

Secure the two 24-inch armrests to the top of the legs, flush with the inside of the legs, by pre-drilling and attaching one screw in each end. Use a stainable/paintable wood putty to fill in screw heads and touch up with or stain used.