And thankfully, you don’t have to be a master creator to make any of them happen. Use it to complete the bonus or living room – display the good – or organize your media!

Finish off your rustic vision with this stunning piece in the dining room. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and texture to the area as well. It looks like a piece you would be able to buy right off of a showroom floor, don’t you think?

You can even add a bit of color to it as well if you want to go with an even more personalized style.

This too is easy to recreate with a bit of skill and direction.

We love how it’s both chic and rustically-inclined. Maybe you’re looking to give your backyard scheme a facelift. If so, check out how to add this beautiful piece to the scene. Add a surprising touch to your farmhouse home and recreate this piece by the weekend. Just imagine all of the fun ways you’ll be able to style it!

The additions of the wheels truly make it a standout piece. It’s got a distressed, antique finish that’s been hand done so well. So, not only is this functional but it’s become a piece of art for the home. If you want a chic finish to your neutral living room, go with this surprising piece. It’s simple and has perfect farmhouse quality. Because of its chic lines, it can be styled in so many ways making it a really versatile addition to the home. What tool did you use to make the round cuts?

Because everyone’s style is individual, customized pieces with a high-end look are what we’re always after. Building a coffee table is an easy project and with these free detailed plans, you'll have one built in just a weekend. Be sure to browse through all the free coffee table plans so you can choose a style that's right for your home and requires a skill level that matches your talents. You'll find diagrams, building directions, photos, and more all included in this free coffee table plan. And even more so when they find out that you built it. Color photos and building directions will take you through creating this coffee table for your home.

You can download complete blueprints for this project that includes everything you need to build it. The coffee table plan comes complete with project diagrams, a cutting list, instructions, and photos. If you love this free coffee table plan, you're in luck because there are also plans here for a matching end table and console. You'll save hundreds of dollars and have a great time building this stunning coffee table from easy to use plans. Finishing instructions are included as well. Hairpin legs hold the table up, making it a quick project to complete. The step-by-step instructions along with color pictures will help you build this coffee table in a day or two. Photos, diagrams, and instructions will help you build this coffee table. The free coffee table plan comes complete with instructions, a tools and materials list, blueprints, and user comments. The free coffee table plan includes photos, diagrams, and step-by-step building instructions. The finished result will get you this coffee table that has tons of room for baskets or ottomans below.

5 DIY Rustic Furniture Ideas

You'll find blueprints, cutting list, tools list, and all the instructions you need in this free coffee table plan. Tons of people finally go through their old , old decor, and other extras lying around their house and choose to sell them for next to nothing!

With projects like these, you have to paint each piece separately, letting them dry completely before replacing them. Once you have the piece empty, you will need to sand the piece down. Use a pretty rough sandpaper, going with the grain of the wood. This step is the most important part of refinishing the piece, because this creates a better surface for the new paint or finish to stick to the wood. This is not chalkboard paint, where you can draw on it with chalk, it is just a dull finished paint that looks better with the vintage, rustic look. To get the old, vintage look on this wood dresser, we roughly covered the surface with black paint first, before brushing the top color on. Once you give the black paint time to fully dry, we dry brushed the dresser with a light turquoise, sky blue paint. The key to getting the streaked look is barely touching the dry brush to the paint, a couple bristles at a time, and brushing the blue paint on lightly, then brushing over the same section over and over again with the grain to dull the color. Repeat this technique all over the piece, making it look however you want.

We chose to paint the top of the dresser and the sides of the drawers black, to match some other in the room. That way you can paint them whatever color you want and have a pop of color!

The longer you let it dry, the better it will look and the less chance there is that it will be dented or smudged. If something seems too expensive for its worth, it probably is.

You can always change it again if it doesn’t come out the way you wanted!

A day at the beach or walk in the woods can mean a whole new ensemble for your abode, and at last you can implement all your beloved odds and ends into timelessly workable domestic accents.

You can create this piece on your own using your favorite project wood and simply staining it as light or as dark as you like. Simply pick up a cheap full-length mirror to use as a base, choose your favorite wood and stain, and then get to crafting.

These 15 Rustic Furniture DIYs Play Right Into the Farmhouse

This mirror adds a rustic touch to any bathroom or bedroom. This beautiful bench captures the very best of upcycling and shabby chic. Using traditional bench legs for support, you need only find a sturdy discarded set of wooden shutters and stain it all to match. Each square holds a single piece, which allows you to create as many as you like to fill a whole wall or simply use a few to make each displayed item really stand out. Super simple yet effective, this planter can be used to directly add soil and seeds, or to store multiple cute vases or votive candles. Use this to accent any free kitchen space, or add to the center of a long table for a warm and rustic centerpiece.

You want to make sure you don’t do too much, but you still have to do enough to give it the perfect rustic farmhouse appeal. Your best bet is to start with something simple like these cute and sturdy shelves. These large pieces are the epitome of upcycling and can be used to make everything from staircases to beautiful side tables like this. This table is so great because you need only saw it down, give it a good cleaning, and put it to use displaying fresh flowers or a family photo.

You can personalize these to match your home décor style and color and, using the techniques in the tutorial, give them the perfect vintage feel.

Never worry about finding a complete set of candlesticks again. Knowing that you crafted this “love” art by hand makes it that much more powerful. Add a whitewashed board and you have a perfect, beachy, rustic-inspired piece. Fill with your favorite pebbles, sand, or shells, then light a votive candle to create a warm glow. The simple wall-mounted board serves as a clean and chic base for these beautiful home-made wall lights. This project creates a big impact and can be made using a repurposed barn door (or other pieces of wooden board) and a simple shelf.

This project is a bit more involved than some, but is still totally doable for beginners and has a beautiful end result. Just make sure you are extra careful when working with electrical wiring, especially for the first time. They also work very well on their own and can be situated as a centerpiece, hung up, or placed on an end table. Consisting of only four materials, this cute rustic chalkboard will be ready to go for a home display, a wedding, or a gift in as little as twenty minutes. Instead of ordering your next sideboard or buffet online, keep your eyes peeled for dumped or donated cabinets. From there you can work your magic and beautify the cabinets until they exude shabby chic perfection. All you need for this is a frame, a board, and some chalkboard paint. Display in your living room, or let the kids use it for fun and games in their rooms. Throw in some greenery and you really have an inviting piece that brightens up a room. This wire basket display can house live or artificial plants and works great for any bathroom, entryway, porch, or hall. The height of the ladder lends itself to creativity, as you have so many shelves to display all your favorite odds and ends. Head outside and pick out your favorite twigs, then bring them in, break them up, and simply hot glue them to one of the old frames you have sitting around that you aren’t super fond of anymore. Then just add a favorite family photo and you’re done!

This harvest-inspired wreath also adds a touch of rustic charm. The rustic wood of these rods against soft curtains makes for the perfect marriage in any living space. It will also help you decide how to hang up all your fantastic mismatched pieces. And of course, what is a bubble bath if you don’t have somewhere to set your glass of wine?

Take out the hassle while adding a delicate, rustic piece to your bedroom décor with this lovely ring holder. Even though the holder is pretty on its own, once you have your favorite rings adorning the delicate hooks, it will be the perfect blend of sparkly and country. A table runner is a piece that you won’t realize you are missing until you have one. It can make a huge impact on a dining room and will enhance and accent any centerpiece. Burlap is the perfect material to really tie together a farmhouse cottage décor. Flawlessly complementing any farmhouse décor, this bench is well suited for an entryway, the foot of the bed, or tucked into an unoccupied corner of any room. Simply add a few pillows for a cozy homey touch. The warm and rustic touch of the distressed wood along with the simple “family” really give this piece an authentic and loving feel. To maintain the vintage atmosphere, see if you can get your favorite prints done in sepia tones. Adding this fence-inspired piece to your home can give you those same warm feelings all year long. Match it to your current décor by selecting your own color, and make it sweet by clipping on some of your favorite family photos.

You can accomplish this beautiful stool without any welding; the only power tool you will need is a sander to add a natural look and shape to your wooded seat. Stain it to match other furniture or flooring. This beach-inspired driftwood-framed mirror will brighten your day both literally and figuratively. Hang or place this in a spot where it will reflect natural light and add life to your rustic or nautical themed décor.

DIY Furniture Projects

You can either juxtapose the shabby and rugged edges of the pallets with clean, bright stenciled lettering or amplify the rustic appeal by painting on your letters freehand. To solve this problem, take a worn and retired wooden ladder and make it into something warm and cozy by splashing on a fun color and storing your fuzzy blankets on each rung. The flowers you choose can either help brighten up a room on a day that’s too hot for the fire, or glow sweetly next to the dying embers of a warming mid-fall blaze. Personalize these pumpkins by adding chalkboard paint and your favorite sayings. Keep reading to check out ten of our favorites!

Make your own rustic framed mirror for the bathroom (or any room, really!) using this tutorial. This adorable tree trunk table would make a great plant stand or side table. Your furry friends can get in on the rustic trend too!

Add a drawer to a vintage crate using this clever little tutorial. This rustic wooden console table is easier to make than it looks!

Find out how to make this gorgeous rustic coffee table here. Well, now you can bring it into yours as well. The farmhouse look is so great because it is to very simple. Farmhouse furniture is the perfect way to add a welcoming touch to your home.

You won’t even need a lot of stuff to build most of these or a lot of time.

I just want to add all of them to my home. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest ways to bring welcoming farmhouse style into your home!

If you’re looking to really get that farmhouse look throughout your home, you have to start at the beginning and the entry is that beginning.

You just use strips of wood from an old pallet, paint as you wish, and then add the hooks. This is a beautiful way to display your coffee cups and keep them close at hand. Made from pallet wood and chicken wire, it’s sure to add a bit of farmhouse country chic to your home. This is a really cheap and easy project that you can finish in just a couple of hours.

I love this framed chalkboard look for the kitchen.

You can use it for messages or really dress it up with any number of things that add to your farmhouse charm. It’s a really easy project, too and one that won’t take much more than an hour to complete. Wooden brackets that you can pick up at any home improvement store can be painted and distressed to add to the look.

Then you just add a strip of old wood to give it that great barn wood look.

You can use pieces of an old pallet and then you just draw the arrows in with a white paint marker. This is really such a great project that will take you probably half an hour to finish. The table itself can start out as any table you have on hand.

You can make this crate from leftover wood from your other projects. Just create the rectangular box and then add mason jars with flowers. Or, use this in the bathroom and fill those mason jars with cotton balls and cotton swabs.

You just attach the wood beam to the ceiling and hang your curtains from it. This may be easier with an alcove ceiling but it can be done anywhere. Make it really rustic with barn wood and old style curtains that you can pick up at any flea market.

You just build the frame around your mirror and instantly change the look!

If you happen to have some chicken wire, it will cost you much less.

Summer Rummaging

You’ll also need embroidery hoops and some wood stain to give it that great rustic look. It’s a relatively easy project overall and so very cheap!

This easy and quick project will give you the perfect farmhouse décor for any room. You’ll want to choose what crate lid you want to display and then just transfer to your wood, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Add some old looking hinges and you’ve got a great lid that looks like it came straight from the old general store.

I love the look of these for the porch, or even for the entryway if you really want to bring that farmhouse look home. This can be a repurposing project if you have some of the supplies on hand or if you need to buy them all, it’s honestly not an expensive sconce to make. You’ll also need some chicken wire, which gives it that great farmhouse look. This would be perfect in the kitchen or bathroom and it’s a relatively easy project. This is great for any time of the year or you could even add some seasonal touches to make it match up for any holiday. The backboard of the frame is a chalkboard, too, or just create the wreath and hang it on the door. It’s similar to the entryway display that we touched on before, but customized for your staircase. They add such a unique and interesting touch to the whole display. If you don’t have an authentic rustic looking board, you can make one yourself. This one is made from cutting out the board from an old wooden crate.

You could also use an antique style cutting board from an old flea market and just distress it to get the same great farmhouse kitchen look. Grateful” pallet wall art or you can use your own inspiration to create your own message. You’ll need the material which you can pick up at most hobby or craft and then you create your message with stencils.

You can never have too many pillows and this one is just perfect to give any space a relaxing and comfortable farmhouse feel. The great aqua color brings a warm ambiance and really makes you think of the beach, right?

Just use stencils to create whatever message you want.

I love these for dressing up the front porch, maybe with a distress white rocking chair or a porch swing?

Add pebble stones and some tealight or votive candles and you’re ready to go. These would make great gifts for any special occasion and they’re super easy to make. You’ll need to drill and cut to create the holes for your tealights, and you can make as few or as many as you need.

You can easily make it from things that you may have laying around the house.

I just adore the faucet on top and the twine.

It all looks so farmhouse-esque and it’s the perfect project if you want to really make a statement with your décor. Then just distress it and turn it into this amazing planter.

I love the look of rustic farm supplies turn home decor and this will definitely give you that farmhouse look. Add it to the porch or use it in the yard. It’s really easy to do and won’t cost much at all to make. This weathered looking mason jar centerpiece is really beautiful and has that great rustic country look.

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You’ll need wood pieces to build the box and then just paint it white and distress it with some sand paper. Add your mason jars for vases and you’re all set to dress up that new farmhouse table with a matching centerpiece.

I love how much space these give you for pictures or knick-knacks.

You could also put them in the dining room or kitchen for holding dishes. They’re relatively easy and not expensive at all, especially if you happen to have a few slabs of wood laying around somewhere. Instructions: themountainviewcottage 29.

You can use those enamel mugs to create this neat organizer that can hold towels, flowers, or anything you want, really. The old barn wood holder also adds to the whole rustic country look and the overall project is really easy.

You can easily attach the mugs with screws or if you don’t want to put a hole in them, use metal clamps to hold them in place.

You can paint the numbers on with stencils or if you really wanted, you could add a clock kit and making it a working piece of art. This is definitely going to be a conversation starter and absolutely one of my favorite projects in this collection. If you don’t have wood planks, you can pick them up at your local home improvement store. Then just use them to cover your chosen wall.

I love this look by the bathtub or you could add it to the kitchen or any room in the house, really.

39 Best DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas and Designs for

It’s a relatively quick and really easy way to bring in the farmhouse look. Just nail the sticks together until you have a basket and add your favorite flowers or candles. Just sand the can down a bit if you need to and hang it on a great rustic hanger. This is the perfect way to add some new décor and clear up some trash at the same time. It’s an easy project and completely changes the look of the entire space that it’s on. This has a nautical look to it if you prefer a beach approach to your décor, but the rope also gives it a great farmhouse appeal, especially if you want to redo your lampshade with burlap. This is a great lamp for the living room or the bedroom. The wood look is great for farmhouse decorating and it’s actually a lot easier to make than it looks. It takes a bit of cutting for this one but you’ll agree that it’s well worth the extra effort. This would be so great in a bedroom or den. You’ll need boards to cover the wall and if you want to distress them first, they’ll look even better. Just attach them in a striping pattern, leaving space between them for the actual wall color to come through.