You can find one at the thrift store for cheapor you could easily build one out of pallet wood. Once you have the majority of the off, wipe the chair down with a wet rag and/or steel wool to remove any remaining stripper and paint, and to prevent the stripper from drying on the wood surface. If there are any slightly rough areas, use painter’s masking paper in the same manner as sandpaper, as it acts like a super-fine sandpaper and makes the surface slick. Consisting of antique-looking designs and upcycled methods, these pieces will certainly attract individuals with an eye for eclectic looks.

Paint design stripper

DIY Rustic Wood Furniture Ideas

Whatever you dream is, you are sure to find something in our collection below to brighten your own decoration which is inexpensive or cheap in some cases. Paint your old dresser in a rustic herringbone design for a dramatic focal point of any space or if you don’t have it, get them at flea markets or yard sale that is cheaper then add the paint design and stain if you want to get the specific color. While the stripper is still wet, use the brush to remove paint in areas the putty knife cannot reach and to give it an overall scrub. In this step, begin to add your creativity and start to outline the direction for the final look. This type of projects always takes 2 to 3 times longer than you may think, especially if the techniques are new to you.