Both were pregnant with their first child, and they shared a similar vision for what the house might become. The striped rug adds a graphic pop that orients everything squarely in the 21st century.

The graphic colorway puts a fresh, modern twist on the old-fashioned arabesque motif. Large-scale concrete floor tiles echo the curvy shape of the backsplash tile for a cohesive feel. The butcher-block countertops were a warm, low-cost alternative to marble or granite. Shana’s personal pottery and art collections.

A pair of oil-rubbed bronze double sconces casts a warm, but not too bright, glow—just the right amount of light for a bedtime story. Thanks to their striking patterns and vibrant shades, they offer a lot of decorative mileage while upping a room’s cozy factor. Swaths of solid blue linen (on the glider and the curtains) envelop the space in soothing, masculine shades. The strand of alpaca wool bunting finishes off the serene space with a playful note. Faded reds and pinks in the kilim-covered pouf and pastoral oil painting warm up the all-white space. A vine-wrapped pergola illuminated by cafe lights enhances the romance, while boxy gray wicker seating offers contrasting shape, color, and texture.

5 Mini Makeovers For Your Coziest Fall Ever With Emily Henderson!

Our favorite celebrity design blogger, Emily Henderson, invited GH into her amazing space for a home tour!

We stopped by to get.

Glazed pots filled with low-maintenance succulents create a layered look that mimics the home’s interior. But just as the latest trends shift with the seasons, so too do our favorite websites. To give you a healthy dose of inspiration, we’ve gone through our bookmark bar to share with you the best décor blogs we constantly turn to. Her overarching aesthetic is clean and modern with a softly romantic touch. Its aesthetic and tone are reliably soft, peaceful, and pretty. But even when we’re not shopping for furniture, we constantly go back for its expertly curated blog , which never fails to inspire us. This story was originally published in 2015 and has since been updated. A simple, eclectic guest bedroom emily henderson. Chic metal nightstand in bedroom eclectic with guest room. Guest bedroom eclectic bedroom other metro by jeni lee, guest bedroom eclectic bedroom birmingham by. Twin bed guest room ideas bedroom eclectic with bedroom. Guest room eclectic bedroom boston by baker house. The mountain house she’s renovating with her husband needs wood that is both ‘rustic’ and ‘refined’. It’s kind of the difference between her old house and her new one and she definitely seemed to hit a better stride in her old house than her new one. It’s the stuff you have nightmares about. The problem is that (traditional) investors don’t really want the new potential homeowners to really slow down the process of their flip by having opinions. There were many things that weren’t purchased yet but what we wanted went way beyond their budget so we went out-of-pocket. It got tricky at times, for sure, but we all wanted the same thing – a beautiful house and fast. She wasn’t returning until the film was over, only weeks before her due date. So her house needed to be move-in ready by then. There is so much character in this old house but now its all modernized with 2015 amenities. So that’s the general background of the project. The flooring was old, scratched and hadn’t been taken care of, but the wood was good. The living room was easy – just updates on the walls/flooring, add some lighting and we were done.

An Intro to the Modern Traditional Style

Emily Henderson Feste Rustic California Home

That beautiful window with the stained glass crest was insane, and the beams, not to mention the doorway that you can see in the above grid of photos. First things first: picking a paint color. But in here it just looked so pretty and light, maybe because we refinished and stained the floors really dark. After painting and refinishing the flooring we got to work on, oh, just everything else. This room was to be the more formal living room.

We didn’t have any tv’s to deal with this time, thank god. And because of the way it was laid out, we had a great opportunity to do two facing sofas, and we rarely have that opportunity to do that because how often are rooms that big?

Shana was an antiques dealer before she got into filmmaking (which makes her sound old but she isn’t – she’s almost my age) so she knew exactly what she wanted and where to get it and didn’t mind splurging on a few things. So, the living room was live-able but not fully styled out. A lot of the accessories were hers, but we supplemented with antiques from the flea market and vintage stores. So we kinda just staged this rug for now, knowing it wasn’t exactly right.

We certainly hadn’t worked out the pillow situation yet. Shana didn’t want to splurge on any pillows because she was afraid that her animals would just ruin them, so in these shots (the progress shots) it’s definitely not ready.

We chose to do nothing on that beautiful main window because there just didn’t seem like any real solution. Just lighter, less heavy, more modern, etc. But we still weren’t done with the project, it was just good enough for them to move into. Shana had her baby, we took a break to let her live in her house, spend time with her newborn and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Months later, we came in and finished all the loose ends and styled it.

I know that sounds confusing and you are probably asking ‘why didn’t you style it’?

Gift Guide

I didn’t want to make it better or worse than the book and it couldn’t be exactly the same as the book, obviously. It would be like finally being finished writing a novel and then being asked to write the last two chapters again and make it different without changing it too much. These chesterfields are tricky when it comes to pillows. Part of me things they don’t want pillows or just 2 huge ones and a throw. The rug behind the sofa must have been something that they brought in for the shoot, but i like it!

I think we got the horse lamp there as well. She already had the collection of globes, vintage bowling pins and juggling pins, so we just supplemented here and there. Its black iron and just so simple and pretty. Its one of those objects that you can just lean anywhere, throw some vintage textiles on it and you are good to go. The natural light in that room is amazing.

I would move into this room in a heartbeat — especially for those couches!

I can’t wait to see the rest of the house.

I usually go for a more toned down look as it is. The ones we shot for the book were more lived in, too. A gorgeous room, and looks like a great place to hang out.

I am wondering about the little gold table that the horse lamp sits on.

I also love love love that you did 2 different get the look options.

Emily Henderson Discovers Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber

Designer Emily Henderson has a problem with her current remodel. The mountain house she’s renovating with her husband.

Not only are they great for different budgets, but people with middle budgets can mix and match. This is probably my favorite room of your’s!

I love the kilim layered over the bigger area rug, and that coffee table is killer. Its great to hear a little bit of real-life “before the styling” stuff. Or are people just choosing colors now to reflect their personality?

I actually prefer the rug and shelving from the “less” side!

I had that many beautiful vintage paintings in my house. This isn’t normally my style but it’s so so good!

I missed it somewhere but is this in the current issue of country living magazine?

Brady worked really hard on the look for less. There might be some that we don’t do that for because if its already not high end then it doesn’t make sense, but since this one was high end we wanted to give that option.

You have a thing for blue and that is my least favorite color in decor but you do make blue couches look amazing. Currently you are my favorite blogger becasue of your personality and your pretty styling.

Thats hilarious about blue being your least favorite color.

I have always been able to clean wool when there are accidents but all my jute and sisal [fortunately small ones] had to be tossed. Love the room and got really happy when the warmed up colors were added.

I just love seeing your work in other styles!

Always pays to look around in all price ranges for sure!!

I keep seeing ones like these everywhere—where did you get them??

By watching what you do while the job is in progress, we learn from you…tips, techniques, new ideas. The background story sounds soooo incredibly stressful.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

The “look for less” needs to become a regular feature.

I keep them unless they are somehow jarringly popping in the room. But if you want a really low contrast room with softer tones then take them off for a bit and see how you feel.

I really wanted to comment on is how awesome it is to have the “look for less” sources!

It is really important to let us regular folks that mistakes happen and its okay to repaint or change things on the fly.

I was reading some of your back postings on your kitchen reno and loved how, you talked about subcontractors not doing perfect work, or feeling like you paid too much for their work. Too many other bloggers give off this, everything is perfect vibe and we are all failures if we aren’t.

You did such a beautiful job keeping with the integrity of this vintage home.

I know writes posts, wholly and truly for the readers’ benefit.

I just put a denim colored slipcover on my couch.

A Rustic Mid Century Family Room

My grandma bought it years ago for a high price, but it has lasted 30 years and still is comfy. It goes to show investing in a quality couch is not wasted money. It’s cushy, a great shade, and doesn’t have the “itchy factor”. Love to see you do this fun mix of styles. You’ve given me so many ideas for my house. Let me know if you have any questions, at all.

I could stare at that scalloped floor all day.

I love all of the detailed character, especially that archway!

Do you think white will continue for several more years?

And the vintage rugs, its my dream to find such beauitful vintage rugs. And just stop it with the rugs and art work, stop it. Love how you finished off all the rooms and kept them mostly white with a few accent walls. It must have been such a rewarding project.

I love that blue sideboard and the vintage floral artwork above it in the dining room. Each room had its own beautiful traits but seeing it all together you can see how consistent and true to the style each room is. How those deep grey-blues, neutrals and dark greys flow through but then so do those random pops of earthy colour too.

I didn’t realise it in the room by room write up but there is such a lovely theme running through all the rooms. And since you’re so talented, it’s fun to see your take on different styles!

It can instantly transform the look of your bland walls into something special and unique. When it comes to vertical paneling this can be done fairly affordably with some options that your local hardware store will stock or you can really go for it with honed and beautiful wood like you see above and below. These houses are all stunning and filled with unique character due to that pretty wood on the walls that creates such a warm and subtle texture. By leaving the center wall white and without wood it gives the eye a visual break which allows the space to still feel modern and clean and not lean too “cabin”, “rustic” or “woodsy”. Without this addition of the wood the room would have felt cold, sterile and too modern, but by wrapping the wood on three of the walls it helps balance out the concrete wall and floor that are also in the room. Warm with cool – always a good combo and one that every room needs. The treatment helps to tone down the warmer undertones of the wood without completely taking away the texture and grain. Although we don’t have a tummy or some love handles to hide beneath a striped shirt we do have some not so appealing blank walls to hide so horizontal wood stripes to the rescue on this one.

And below the more rustic version (dare we call it shiplap) adds some major character to this vintage looking kitchen. The tonal variation of wood is just about as soothing as that cozy bed looks. So while some people think wainscoting only involves beadboard or v-groove, this “a portion of the way up the wall method” can be used for any wall treatment and these rooms are really selling it. They kept this one more modern and simple as well by keeping the top cap and the baseboard at the same depth as the wainscotting so that it all is one flush panel and doesn’t recess at all. However, when you add wood to your ceilings it is innately going to make the room feel more rustic and woodsy unless you go for a really smooth finish with not a lot of variation. Wood beams in any room if not done right can look very much like an awkward afterthought and will end up hurting your space more than helping it. Does the style of the house dictate a wood-paneled ceiling and beams?

Are the beams that you are adding, what would structurally make sense if they were, in fact, helping to hold up the structure?

We get that you want your beams to look original but don’t make them look like they came from the bottom of a river. Make it look natural and authentic to the house but no more and no less. They kept the additional beams to a minimum and also didn’t try to make it look like the house was a converted barn from the 1800’s. This home used it in this little sink niche area to add some character and it makes the ceiling line in that area feel so special.

Mountain Fixer

Which really would only work in a modern space like this that is filled with natural light, tall ceilings and plenty of open space. But what if you just want to go ahead and have no wood-grets and just throw that material all over every surface?

Instead, we are talking about a higher grade plywood like the ones you see in these pics. This type of plywood is going to have far less knots in it, have a more even tone and will also be smooth. Unlike the other options which lean both traditional and modern, this option skews more modern when it is installed due to the size of the plywood panels and the look that it provides. The room below used sheets of plywood and then at the vertical seams added a larger beam and at the horizontal seams added a small piece of moulding. A pretty clever way to install it that keeps the visual lines of the panels to a minimum. This room took it onto the wall and then all the way up onto the ceiling. If you’re using a contractor and would like that beautiful light high quality plywood look, that would be the product to specify!

They should change the title of this post because there is a huge difference between a clear finish and none at all. What they’re really referring to is unstained un- shellaced wood (wood that isn’t colored in any way) in a matte clear finish. If you tell a contractor or carpenter you want raw unfinished wood in your home they’ll prob look at you like you’re insane. A water based poly will be the most crystal clear… etc. Curious to hear your insights/ thoughts on this. But a beautiful toned wood done in the right color will always feel timeless.

I would steer clear of anything too yellow, orange, or cherry toned and go with something a bit more subtle for longevity. It’s so pretty and she did such a good job with it.

I love how on top of it you and your crew always are. All wood changes color as it ages, which can be good or not. My house was previously owned by someone who either loved the look of unfinished/raw wood or was too lazy to do anything about it once it was up.

All that pine and birch that looks so lovely when it’s new and pale, turns a horrible dark orange color when it ages. It was a long haul to finish painting all 30 windows, plus many doors and trim and window seats and cupboards and shelving etc. If you want that pale, raw, look, it has to be treated to stay that way. The storage is hidden but on hand and you have a wall of beautiful wood. It was almost as good as being there with a magic ticket to get in … but w/o the rain.

I can’t quite tell what’s going on with it. Second question, is this too much statement for a small space (say a 700 sq ft condo)?

I do wonder if it’s jusy trying to do too much in a small space and could quickly look like a cluttered mess. Otherwise, it could feel like the walls are closing in or too much visually. Use a clear finish that will not turn orange over time unless you like orange.

We see this in magazines so someone does it.

I also really like the almost white pickled wall from a later pic too. There’s something so soothing about being surrounded by wood in all its natural glory.

The Big I Design You Decide Mountain Fixer Kitchen Plan

I have never thought of doing wood as an accent wall!

Some of the homes used wood in some truly inspiring ways that still felt totally modern and purposeful. If you’re digging this post, you will likely also dig this show. Although it’s definitely more focused on architecture than styling. It is a perfect combination of casual meets collected, and every inch of their home is curated in such a simple and timeless way. In case you are wondering where that lovely copper mirror came from, he made it.

We profiled the kitchen a while back on the blog and walked you through how to bring some personality and color into an all white kitchen , but man this kitchen makes a very good case for an all white space. If you are into the look (because you are a human person) we have pulled together a “get the look” with some very similar pieces to get you started. Thanks again to these lovely homeowners for letting us into their home to shoot such a beautiful home.

I love these earthy, monochromatic spaces. Saving up to replace/reupholster them now.

I actually have some indigo pillow covers in storage that will fit the bill. Unfortunately the chair is tufted with some wood framing, so a slipcover would really change the look of the chair. This chair is definitely more of an accent/occasional chair so it doesn’t get the hard daily use our other pieces do.

‘I Design You Decide

Emily Henderson Feste Rustic California Home

Maybe that will work in my favor (fingers crossed).

I got a chair redone in cream a few years ago and it looked amazing at first but now it just looks terrible. Love hearing about the gold-bound child too… you really should be proud of it. Interesting mix between modern and rustic. Ford’s most impressive cars ever, but perhaps one of the most innovative cars to ever be released.

I need those bar stools in the kitchen, any idea where they came from?

I figured it was a tree stuck behind the rock, but in just the right place to look cool. This post actually made me pause and take some deep, cleansing breaths. They all have natural wood or wood coloring, black, and stunning artwork. The minimal home decor makes each piece stand out and make a larger impact to the space. Are those marble countertops/backsplash or quartz?

It’s one thing to be rustic and worn in but having the leather totally torn off the arms?