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This translates into knowledgeable dealers and greater customer satisfaction. Both species are superior choices for because of their beauty, practicality, and durability. Classic styling and sturdy doweled construction make our a lasting investment that you will treasure for many years. All of our hand-crafted furniture is built with pride by our skilled craftsmen.

Each tenon cutter will adjust in seconds to cut any tenon dia. Depending on the model, with cutting time of 1 to 3 tenons per minute. But don’t go overboard when you’re first starting out. To remove old finishes, you don’t need quite so much staying power. After stripping, you’ll need to smooth the surface by sanding it. For big jobs, a power sander can cut down considerably on the tedium.

You can sand by hand at about 100 to 200 strokes per minute, but a power tool can whip out 6000 to 8000 strokes in the same time frame. Keep sandpaper discs on hand in a range of grit sizes from 80 to 220. In addition to power sanding discs, get some 320- and 400-grit sheets plus a couple of blocks for hand sanding. There are lots of blocks on the market, but to keep it simple, use a felt block or a wood block with some cork glued to it (wood alone can wear through sandpaper too easily). Wipe-on products avoid those headaches altogether. But make sure they’re lint-free so they don’t leave any unwelcome surprises in your finish. Look for “0000” (four-ought) grade steel wool, which is the finest texture available. The best choices, she says, are blends of beeswax, carnauba or candelilla and sometimes paraffin; any of those alone is too hard or too soft to work properly. And paste wax is a great choice because it goes where you put it, does no harm to wood, protects against spills and can be easily removed if necessary with mineral spirits. It’s a good idea to have a few things close by before you start a refinishing project. Use these tips to care for your wood furniture and keep it looking its best. These terms for a finish or top coat are often used interchangeably, but there is a big difference. Learn when and where to use the correct one. Locating the part number for your item ahead of time will help ensure you quickly receive the correct items. He was also able to hook us up with mattresses, which sleep great.

We also purchased two twin logs beds and a bench to put out by the fire pit. Each piece is unique and of master craftsmanship. Now it's time for some rocking chairs for the porch. All of the pieces are beautiful mountain decor and of the highest quality. James and his family have been so easy to work with. No only great story's but talented in creating. We placed an order for a out door bench with a wormy maple seat, black locus legs and back frame with mountain laurel woven in the back. Full-length tackable map rail and slim profile frame. Add bridges to join desks for a collaborative workspace.

Lumberjack Tools Log Furniture Tool Kit — Pro Series 2

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Tables have tempered glass tops with coordinating legs. Perfect for impromptu meetings or collaborative projects. Top has flip-open charging panel; markerboard or walnut laminate finish. Just give us a call for a free consultation. Visit our collection of guides for useful information about features, materials, quality, ergonomics and much more. The anodized body has been balanced to eliminate vibration and an integral level vial makes in-line cutting more accurate. The body has a built-in honing guide for easy sharpening of blades on a drill-press mounted drum sander. Sizes 5/8" to 1" cut 2-3/4" long tenons and are typically used for most rustic furniture. Sizes 1-1/4" to 2" will cut 4-1/4" long tenons and are used for larger structural connections, such as bed frame to post, or fence rail to post. All sizes have hex shanks; sizes 5/8" to 1" are for use in an electric drill with a 3/8" (or larger) chuck. Sizes 1-1/4" to 2", which require more torque to drive, are for use in larger electric drills with a 1/2" (or larger) chuck. Additionally, thousands of tenons can be produced between blade sharpenings. Kit includes furniture plan booklet with plans for 20 projects. Forstner bits to bore holes for easy furniture assembly. Dual blade tenon cutters deliver the highest level of performance and technology. Replacement blades, sharpening jigs and easy plans for building furniture available (sold separately). Was nervous about ordering it because it was. Was nervous about ordering it because it was one of the less expensive ones but surprised how nice it is. Easy to put together and came 2 weeks earlier than expected.

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These handy implements work to trim the end of your log rails, allowing them to be inserted into other logs to create the base structure of your furniture project. If you're making or repairing a log home, you need a quality tenon cutter to ensure a strong, resilient fit on your log rails, one that won't come loose over the years of weathering and whatever nature might have to throw at you. Whether for use in a home, commercial or industrial project, these tenon cutters will get the job done. For the most demanding craftsmen and artisans, we also carry from their pro series.

We also stock a wide variety of accessories for tenon cutter use. For example, our selection of tenon cutter countersinks can help you to cut the funnel-shaped impression into the log post after drilling with a self-feed bit, allowing it to accept the taper of the log rail. This provides a tighter fit on log furniture and gives a stronger shoulder fit on log rails. Browse our selection of tenon cutters and accessories today, and order now for convenient delivery to wherever you need them most. The polished body has been balanced to eliminate vibration and makes in-line cutting more accurate. To increase safety, the back end of the blade is contoured to avoid anything extending beyond the revolving aluminum body. The blade is adjustable to cut the exact size of tenon required in both dry and green wood.

All sizes have hex shanks; and are for use in larger electric drills with a 1/2" (or larger) chuck.

We also have books and expert advice to help make your log furniture projects come to life. But we often wonder if people really understand how easy it is to get started with this time-honored craft. Relying almost solely on a single, straightforward joinery method, making log furniture is something that just about anyone can pick up with a few hours practice. And with modern tools and equipment (stuff that our pioneer forbearers would have done just about anything to get their hands on) the process is fast and not in the least physically taxing. Along with being an easy thing to get the swing of, making rustic furniture offers the opportunity to cover a lot of aesthetic territory, without having to learn how to make complicated shapes out of wood yourself.

Nature has been busy for centuries stockpiling a huge selection of interestingly shaped and colored raw materials – all you have to do is fit them together. And to top it off, depending on your access to forestland, the cost of all of the nature-crafted materials that go into your projects will range from very little to nothing at all. So, all you have to do is fit the parts together?

You have to cut the parts to size; you may need to peel off the bark and dry them ; and you’ll have to make the joints that hold the pieces together. The latter – the joint making stage – is where a couple of specialized pieces of equipment make all the difference. The key to making durable and attractive furniture of any kind lies, of course, in the ability to make solid joints. Traditional log furniture construction relies almost entirely on a simple, round mortise and tenon joint. As an example, the ends of a chair legs are cut into a round shape (that’s the tenon) and fit into a round hole (the mortise) in the bottom of the chair’s seat. In days of yore, a chair leg tenon would have been made by whittling down the end of a log by hand until it was roughly the same shape and size of a mortise hand augured into a seat bottom. Fortunately, these days there’s an easier way. In fact when it comes to the more demanding tenon-making part of the process, there are a couple of easier ways. The most common type of log tenon maker in use today is often affectionately referred to as the “giant pencil sharpener” variety. To use one, you simply chuck it up in a good-sized handheld drill and apply it the end of the log.

The cutter has blades position to shave off all parts of the end of the log except for the desired tenon. You’ll find a few choices of manufacturers, if this is the type of tenon maker you decide to buy. A measuring scale on the side of the tool and two slots in the body let you simply watch how long the tenon is getting while you’re cutting it, and stop when it’s the right length. The two resharpenable cutters cut twice as fast as a single cutter, and help to reduce heat buildup. When the cutters eventually wear down, they can be changed in just a few minutes with affordable replacement blades. They also offer the option of making “invisible” joints. Rockler’s unique version has been extremely well received as well. Keep in mind that with pencil sharpener type of cutter, one cutter will give you exactly one size of tenon. And once the parts are cut and fitted, all that’s left to do is glue ‘em together. It’s a simple set of tools and for many projects, a simple procedure that you can finish in a couple of hours. And that’s exactly what draws people who have a desire to create, but not an excess of free time, an abundance of patience to learn a difficult new skill, or an unlimited bankroll to the craft. And once initiated, many discover that this pastoral pastime also offers a lifetime’s worth of creative challenges and satisfactions. There are several possibilities depending upon how quickly you want to build and how much effort you want to invest. This article will focus on log railings although much of what is discussed can be applied to log beds tables etc. Your bottom rail is not to be more than 4″ from the porch decking and the top rail must not be less than 36″ high. The spaces between vertical spindles are not to be any wider than 4″.

We only have space here to discuss the mortise and tenon type of construction. The mortise is a hole created by a drill and the tenon is the whittled down end that fits in the hole. After you have done the layout for your project you’ll need to cut the material to length drill holes create tenons and assemble. For log railings you’ll want to connect the top and bottom rails with the spindles first and then attach that unit to the vertical posts. The spindles can be made extra secure with finishing nails before the unit is attached to the posts if desired. It will be hard to be precise and your project will take longer but if you only have a small project then this may be the tool to try first. A quicker and easier approach is to use a tenon maker. To use this setup you need to clamp the material to be “tenoned” and ideally brace the drill against/in some unit rather than hand hold while tenoning. Take a look at the drill carriage and log clamping device for photos of this. Many log furniture and log railing manufacturers use this for all their work. Use with any 1/2 inch chuck drill…even a battery pack cordless drill.

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