Indeed, wedding registries take the role once filled by relatives, friends and hardworking folks focused on building a household. Given free reign in the kitchen in high school–sons and daughter alike–they became pretty good cooks. They don’t know how to hammer a nail, don’t understand how to do their taxes, would never think of buying a used car and certainly don’t know how to paint a room. I was little, but we were very poor and from a different culture, so it was not something she had thought of for me. It is a place to store keepsakes, preserve memories and make new ones for future generations. Begin to fill it with family treasures you want to make sure are passed down through the generations. The really old chest really looks kind of “dumpy” in the photos, but in person, it is really kind of neat.

Even if you simply store special keepsakes to be passed on through generations, that is a wonderful gift to yourself as well as whomever receives it.

The really old chest really looks kind of “dumpy” in the photos, but in person, it is really kind of neat.

I think your suggested list is a nice add and gives great ideas on how to use the chest for keepsakes. To announce to the whole world that you are collecting silverware for your future marriage. Are you going to lug your hope chest off to college, and then to the various apartments you live in with roommates throughout your early twenties?

Planning ahead is intelligent, and graduate school is a major life change with many associated expenses. A hell of a lot of money would also be useful — yet even those who love to imagine being pretty-pretty-princess brides rarely plan rationally for the event.

When presented with the options: either have a cheaper wedding, sit back and do nothing and go into debt, or start budgeting and saving, virtually everyone picks the last option — but no one’s actually saving anything.

And if something is good enough for you to want it, then it’s good enough to plan for, without fear of social stigma.

Most images of hope chests depict a glamorous box adorned with fancy detailing and metals, but not all hope chests are this elegant.

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Essential Ideas To Help You Fill A Hope Chest

When designed primarily for a future wedding, there was a good chance that a young woman’s hope chest would contain treasured goods such as hand-embroidered linens and delicate pieces of clothing.

The tradition dates back several decades, but the symbolism of the hope chest is timeless. However, just because there aren’t many varieties of hope chests doesn’t mean that you can’t find very unique wood chests on the market.

Traditional hope chests feature a classic and timeless design that holds up decade after decade.

Patterned sheets make a lovely statement in a simple room, whereas single-color sheets tend to work in a variety of settings. Well-made towels are also far less likely than cheap towels to wear out over time, making them a quintessential hope chest staple.

We also make copies of all their important papers, including their passport and birth certificate, and put them into a binder. On every used car they bought (they only bought used cars), my husband demonstrated how to tell if the engine was well taken care of or not. I crack open the candle and incense drawer and the living room/dining area smell of sandalwood and black cherry.

The duplication of articles, photos, or blog entries without the express permission of the owner are strictly prohibited. I love to hear that you are creating hope chests for your grand daughters and also your grandson. I am starting one now for my grand niece who is graduating from high school in a few months.

I thoroughly enjoyed your hub, and love the idea of starting a hope chest for young girls and boys.

I think your suggested list is a nice add and gives great ideas on how to use the chest for keepsakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed your hub, and love the idea of starting a hope chest for young girls and boys.

They’d sign up for a particular pattern and hope to receive forks, spoons, and knives for their various birthdays, until they had collected the whole set. In a social milieu in which you might expect to have babies early and often, it probably made sense to get the sheet-sewing done while you still had some time on your hands.

And if so, was your future spouse — just to be fair — glazing a gravy boat in the pottery studio?

In fact, you’d be quite foolish if you upended your entire lifestyle and didn’t plan a thing until you arrived on campus.

Of course no one saves that much for a wedding, especially without actually being engaged. Are there men out there who would enjoy meeting a woman who has saved money for her own wedding and, say, saved a box of baby clothes from her older sister’s kids, just in case?

Although they’re not widely used in today’s society, you can still fill a hope chest for a variety of occasions, from weddings to simply fulfilling your desire to hand down sentimental objects to a daughter, or even preparing for a future baby.

The hope chest is designed to relocate along with its owner, although most chests aren’t easily portable due to their large size and heavy wood construction. Egyptians were known to rely on these chests to protect their most coveted treasures and to maintain crucial documents.

Whether you have a specific recipient in mind, such as a daughter, or you simply enjoy the idea of starting a family heirloom with some of your most beloved possessions, a hope chest is a great place to begin safely storing prized family possessions and valuables for the future.

After all, the idea of a hope chest is to fill it with hope and love, and you can easily do the same for a similarly sized cedar or blanket chest. There are also chests with unique features, such as nostalgic genuine leather handles that replicate an old world appearance or ones with raised paneling.