Just treat it to a fresh coat of , then wear at the edges a bit to create a timeworn appearance. If so, feel free to indulge yourself: after all, the only real law in interior decorating is that you should love your space. With no need of room to swing, a sliding door takes up less foot space in the room, making it a great solution for tiny bedrooms. Well, it is actually challenging to pull off this look but the designer was able to give it a beautiful appeal with the color of the duvet as well as the print on the area rug.

Wood is used for the flooring of this bedroom while an area rug is also added on the working area.

Bedroom farmhouse decorate

Farmhouse Style Bedroom Ideas

Using found objects, antiques, or old-timey memorabilia as is a popular way to decorate the farmhouse bedroom. Often white, but sometimes colored in soft hues, like the pale grayish-green shown here, these wood-clad walls add a warm touch that almost feels nostalgic. The look has caught on in the interior decorating world over the past few years, and why not?

Layering a quilt over a bedspread, as in the room shown here, is another hallmark of the farmhouse .

They also provide the professionalism and knowledge to get the job done right the fist time.

At first glance, this bedroom looks busy with the patterns and prints on the carpet, bedding and chairs.

You can also notice the use of patterns for the fabrics and the different textures too that we can see from hard wood to soft wool.

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