Ideally, you would want to install your shelf directly into a stud for stability, or use plaster specific anchors. Please note that the natural color of walnut varies in tone and grain and may not match perfectly. Our ash with sand stain features a hand-applied stain that’s inspired by soothing coastal shores. Opting for white and pale gray features, including the countertops and stools, helps this substantially sized seating area blend in. If you can’t install a wall-fixed model, hunt around for a tall free-standing table you can fit into a spare corner of the room. The narrow surface is large enough to enjoy breakfast and a glass of wine and some nibbles in the evening.

Anything larger wouldn’t have been able to fit in the space, so the size of this one is ideal. Lighting is recessed and kept to a minimum to maintain the crisp clean look the client was striving for.

He created a design for our front yard which we then adjusted to really suit our preferences and we just love the results. This diffuser absorbs the lighting from the back of the shelf to provide a perfectly even glow across the front.

We’ll see if we ever use it again, but the first time was full of laughs, so it was worth it.

Kitchen brown shelf

Float Modern Wall Shelves

Bar is not really stable enough unless it’s beer in a can (after a few sips) or in something akin to a “sippy” cup!

New cherry ranges in color from light brown with pink undertones to reddish brown and will beautifully darken to a deep, reddish brown over time. These instructions showed that the shelves involved a wood veneer outer shell that slides onto an enclosed inner frame.

You may want to consult with your local hardware store for the hardware best suited for your wall material. Our bark stain beautifully mixes with other woods and materials and still maintains the integrity of the wood, allowing the grain patterns to show through. The owners of this bright, open-plan space have cleverly tucked their kitchen into the area next to the stairs.

If your kitchen is located in an open-plan room with a partition wall, get your place to perch by making use of the space as these homeowners have done.

But it gets better — a simple partition creates storage for glasses above the built-in wine cooler. Sometimes even a small extra work surface is enough to make a difference in a busy kitchen. My favorite idea here is using a secretary desk, because it has a built in shelf to spread out on as needed!

Shaker style is another good choice, and it blends with any kitchen style, from traditional to contemporary.

His expertise and knowledge of materials and design was most impressive as well as helpful in the way the deck and surrounding foundation of the house appears.

The trick is you just need to lean back and relax and there’s no way to fall off, we even tried to flip backwards, you can’t (even after many drinks – it was a hot day after all). The seats are difficult to balance in and as you belly up to the bar more ofter they get more difficult .