Thanks to this original product, your bottles and glasses are kept safe above the water level.

You don’t have to go large to get a hardworking breakfast bar.

Not only is this mini peninsula big enough for two bar stools, it also has a cabinet and shelves for extra storage. This end-of-counter surface even helps separate the kitchen from the adjacent living space. The owners of this bright, open-plan space have cleverly tucked their kitchen into the area next to the stairs. Opting for white and pale gray features, including the countertops and stools, helps this substantially sized seating area blend in.

If your kitchen is located in an open-plan room with a partition wall, get your place to perch by making use of the space as these homeowners have done. One run of cabinets continues beyond the wall, and the countertop turns the corner to form a ledge for bar stools to sit neatly under. This idea can be adapted for a room with structural pillars too. Instead of opting for an island-breakfast bar, why not try a wall-fixed table?

If you can’t install a wall-fixed model, hunt around for a tall free-standing table you can fit into a spare corner of the room. In this kitchen-dining area the owners have managed to fit in quite a roomy island.

This overhanging countertop is super clever. Not only does it create a seating space, but it contains three nifty drawers too. But it gets better — a simple partition creates storage for glasses above the built-in wine cooler. To create the illusion of space, it’s a good idea to keep furniture off the floor. The countertop here is extended from the kitchen cabinets to form a floating peninsula breakfast bar. The lack of base cabinets gives the room a feeling of flow. The compact kitchen here has plenty of storage along two walls, so the other wall has been utilized for a streamlined breakfast bar. Two swivel stools are tucked under and can be turned around to face each other or the chef. The narrow surface is large enough to enjoy breakfast and a glass of wine and some nibbles in the evening. Sometimes even a small extra work surface is enough to make a difference in a busy kitchen. The compact island here provides a useful spot for preparation and even includes a handy cabinet. Anything larger wouldn’t have been able to fit in the space, so the size of this one is ideal. For items like bar stools and dining chairs, we offer free 2-way shipping. See our full shipping policy and return policy for complete details.

We have a lot of different types, so you can tidy everyday things away in drawers and cupboards or proudly show off your treasures on open shelves or in glass-door display cabinets. What’s inside is beautifully displayed through sliding glass doors – safely guarded from everyday dust. Drill together 2x4s to create two cleats for bar (we made two because our bar wrapped around a corner). Using the stud finder, locate the studs on the wall. Determine the height you would like the bar to be. Using 4” screws, mount assembled pieces as cleats into the studs at the appropriate height. Cut two pieces of birch to the length/width of each cleat, creating the top and bottom pieces of the bar. Attach the top and bottom bar surface to the 2×4 cleats. Our bar wrapped around a corner, so we rounded the corner of the bar in order not to have a sharp edge. Face the front of the bar with a thin strip of bendable plywood attaching it with wood glue and nails.

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Floating Bar TRONA

If you have a rounded corner, you may have to use clamps to hold the plywood in place until you can nail it on. Fasten molding to the wall to cover the gap where the bar meets the wall. This is optional, but may be necessary if your walls are less the plumb. Use wood filler to fill in gaps and nail holes, sand the bar then paint with white semi-gloss paint. Painted mahogany finish with a clear protective lacquer. Includes mounting hardware; anchors and screws. Because it’s modular, it can be configured to suit various spaces. Within our photo gallery you’ll find residential and commercial applications that use round stools, metal chairs, wood chairs, and chairs with upholstered seats. And if you have a question, we are here to help. If you like to unwind with a drink but don’t always like the stress or expense of going out on the town to get one, try setting up your own minibar. While there are plenty of options available to purchase, concocting your own bar lets you bring out your personal style. A coat of cheerful yellow paint makes it bright and welcoming. Adding a mirrored backsplash and downlights can quickly turn a dark closet from drab to fab and provide a secret and secure oasis for mom and dad. Clustering wine racks and shelves on a wall creates the feeling of a bar without taking up any floor space. Painting the cart a funky color strikes a lighthearted mood that invites a party atmosphere. Simply bolt the tool to the wall, but first make sure your chosen rake has prongs that are long enough to securely hold the stems of your glassware. This vintage look is great for indoors or outdoors fun; the wagon could even be filled with ice to serve as a temporary cooler for parties. Simply alternate stacking cinderblocks and wood boards to create a basic bar and shelves. The juxtaposition of concrete and wood will bring a modern flair to any interior.

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To re-create the aesthetic, paint a clear coat to seal off peeling paint, and add shelves to provide storage space for bottles and glasses. Round out the look by attaching a metal ice bucket at the base for storing larger bottles. This roll-top cabinet with a tilt-out bin is perfectly suited for holding glasses and bottles. A pop of green on the inside highlights the goodies within, and hooks added to the door provide a neat place to hang towels and bottle openers. Transforming a suitcase into a cute minibar cabinet takes great advantage of both form and function; when closed, the repurposed luggage looks like artwork on the wall. Or the two doors to the left bring you out to the roof top deck. The new raised roof and clerestory help to bring light into the heart of the house and provides views to the surrounding treetops. The floor is slate, the countertops are granite, and the raised ceiling is bamboo. The original kitchen, storage and utility spaces were outdated and very chopped up with a mechanical closet placed in the middle of the space located directly in front of the only large window in the room. The original large window is now revealed with a new lowered eating bar and a second island centered on it, featuring a dramatic linear light fixture above.

We enlarged the window over the main kitchen sink for more light and created a new window to the right of the sink with a view towards the pool.

The main cooking area of the kitchen features a large island with elevated walnut seating bar and 36” gas cooktop. Cabinets are set off with sleek stainless steel handles. Lighting is recessed and kept to a minimum to maintain the crisp clean look the client was striving for.

I added a pop of orange and turquoise (not seen in the photos) for pillows on a bench as well as on the accessories. The soft curves of the island and range hood allow the eye to move effortlessly throughout. Countertop materials and cabinetry tones were mixed eloquently giving the entire space a unified look.

A burst of color comes from the raised bar top which floats amidst the other floating elements. They are available in a variety of colors from black to silver. This floating, fashionable bar will make any pool fun for all. Sit in one of four comfortable, floating chairs as you enjoy the pool in the convenience of a floating bar.

I am considering not using the “noodle” for the chairs, which are air-filled plastic tubes, and replacing them with foam noodles. The chair fabric is very good as is teh vinyl of the bar. Shortly after it became clear my water bar would not hold air. The floating bar was very convenient and work great for our needs. Again, the chairs alone were worth the money. Each shelf comes with two chrome brackets that mount easily to the wall. These shelves are made of strong tempered glass, also known as safety glass, and finished with highly polished edges. Show off that cool vase from your trip abroad or an antique jewelry box you dug up at the flea market. This minimalist shelf is great for putting your favorite decor on display anywhere from the entryway to the bedroom.

Sleek and space-saving, this floating shelf serves as a stylish stage in any room. For easy installation, chrome-finished brackets are included. The glass shelf lends a stylish and decorative touch to your bathroom decor. The shelf is perfect to store small bathroom accessories or daily essentials such as soaps, shampoos, towels. Floating glass shelves will give your room a fresh clean look. The refined shelf not only brings class to the bathroom but also provides with multiple storage options. Use it to display your cherished collectibles like beautiful vases, sea shells, unique paper craft items, artificial flowers and much more. This decorative wall shelf can be hung with ease on any wall and without any visible hardware and it looks as if it is floating on the wall. Corner floating glass shelf kit made of the best quality tempered glass. With wall mounting brackets and hardware included, this piece is ready to hold up to 30 lbs. Each shelf comes with two free chrome brackets for easy installation. The glass shelf provides extra space and storage. The shelf is an excellent example of both practical and decorative utility. The glass shelf with its captivating looks enhances the class of most bathroom decors. The shelf is ideal for most modern styled bathroom decors. A quick and simple way to give your home a fresh look and a great makeover is to install a glass shelves. Each barn wood shelf is individually handcrafted and unique with its own individual saw markings, old black nail holes, and lots of antique rustic character from its years of use. Constructed using planks of solid pine wood, its light walnut stain shows off the wood’s unique characteristics and charm. Concealed wall mounting hardware and appears to be floating. Glass shelves are great with any decor simply because they are glass. The transparency of the glass shelves gives an open, airy look to any room. Glass shelving is perfect for storage of all kinds. In addition to the nice look it is a great way of having extra space and storage. It can also be used in adding a nice touch of decoration to your home. Made of clear glass, install by slicing out small grooves in your wall and the protruding tabs along the backside edge of this shelf add support. Suitable for your kitchen, shower or any corner in your home, this shelf is a simple solution to creating instant corner space that is sturdy, strong and stylishly decorative. Each shelf comes with 2 free chrome brackets for easy installation. If you’re running out of surface space, but still have blank walls, then shelves might make a great option for displaying decor items and freeing up useful tables. And if you’d like the flexibility of a floating shelf, rather than a large unit, a piece like this is a great option. Crafted from acrylic glass and metal frames, this piece has a glamorous modern silhouette sure to elevate whatever you choose to display. Simple yet elegant, this set is a great option to enlighten any dull wall in the room. The varying sizes of these shelves make it possible for you to keep objects of different weights and sizes.

Floating Bar TRONA