Although contemporary and modern terms have overlapping characteristics these days, the two style genres have different histories and different methods. It is dynamic, meaning it’s constantly changing.

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It can be quite eclectic for this reason – contemporary style isn’t tied down to one specific style – it’s of the moment and borrows bits and pieces from a variety of styles and eras. Flat roofs and distinct right angles are inherent in modern architecture as well. Similar to modern architecture, this contemporary home has a flat roof and a boxy feel. Traditional spaces tend to be full, both visually and physically.

Modern spaces, on the other hand, embrace simplicity in adornment. Modern interiors are clean and fresh, perhaps with a hint or two of color added. Kitchen merges with dining merges with living. The effect is simultaneously airy and comfortably livable. Thus, unique forms often take center stage in a contemporary space. The result is a clutter-free space where attention is placed in the details, whether they be architectural, artistic, or furniture-related.

How To Mix Modern With Rustic In Your Home

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Basic forms, clean lines, beautiful yet simple shapes, and a focus on comfort all blend together in today’s contemporary furniture styles. These natural finishes are often mixed with steel, concrete, and other industrial-inspired materials to provide an aesthetic balance of yin and yang. White walls can sometimes get a bad rap as being a non-color, or a boring default wall choice. They enhance the details of the room itself without drawing attention to themselves. They brighten and lighten a space even with visually heavy details, such as this wood beamed ceiling. Some easily recognizable examples include iconic chairs of molded plastic, wood credenzas, and furniture legs of polished metal, to name just a few. Browse our collection of 1, 016 mid-century modern rustic to get inspired and kick your project off. Enjoy our large space to the fullest and in full abundance but through minimalist measures. Sure, the glow is gorgeous and diffused; however, that one burst of a perfect circle really helps break up the otherwise uber-linear look of a modern space.

I can’t add that to my decor cause it doesn’t go with my current style. Lots of little accessories are the perfect way to fill a space. It doesn’t leave you questioning why or how something ended up in the space. But how do you mix decorating styles without going too far in any one style direction or without playing it too safe?

If that sounds like you, you can check out a few details of the course right here and get on the waiting list. Matching is not essential to beautiful home decor, in fact it is down right boring. So stop stressing about having things match and let’s come up with some clever ways to make the things you love work well together to create a beautiful layered and interesting home that reflects who you (guys) are and tells your story!

If you love florals and the hubs loves texture, you have to find a way to weave the two together in a way that makes sense and doesn’t make one person feel like they are living in someone else’s home. Especially when your style is far superior to your spouse’s -kidding, maybe not. How to blend more than one decorating style. First let’s talk about a few go to “rules” that will help you along. But keep in mind, any decorating rule, can be broken. If you are anything like me, you want to play it safe to some extent. Since in the real world there are things like budgets and livability to consider -we are not preparing for a magazine photo shoot here. But since we care a lot about our home and the decor that essentially tells our story, we want it to be unique to us and our families.

Redefining Rustic

Floor Vs. Modern Style: What’s Difference

In other words, we are looking for ways to bring it all together in an interesting way, or take it up a notch to make it feel perfectly us. These rules will help you get there because they embrace the idea that not everything has to match. It pretty much means that you need to choose a main character and a supporting character. And in this case those characters are the styles you are after. Remember last week when we took the style we had discovered and turned it into a definition?

The main style will be represented in 80% of the space, and the other 20% will be the other style.

I suggest that you start by looking at the big ticket or larger items in the room (the ones that would be hard to replace) and let those be your 80%. In my family room my sofa and the occasional chair have square arms (clean lines,) the rug has a lot of geometric pattern, and the coffee is even a mid-century modern remake. The colors are mostly grey and a muted blue with just a few pops of color here and there. The traditional elements come in with the floor to ceiling curtain panels, a lot of white painted furniture and cabinetry with just a little bit of detail on the doors.

I also have a good amount of accessories (which super modern homes don’t have) but most of them have an element of geometric and clean lines. On any given day my hair scrunchie matched my colored jean shorts, which matched my keds. My mom (who has amazing taste) had a floral couch and love seat in our front room and a valance over the windows in the exact same print. The 80’s made us think that everything had to match. A great way to tie unlike items together is by finding something they do have in common and grouping them together.

You can group things by color, size, and texture and by displaying them together you create a collection -which has more impact and makes more sense than if each item was displayed on its own. This works especially well with small items. Items on a dresser can often be a bit random, but keeping them all the same color makes it look like everything goes together. Even the smaller items relate because they are placed on top of the stacked books.

Contemporary vs. Modern Style

Each shelf on the back wall is styled individually. The top shelf has larger items, on the middle shelf everything is about the same size and clear glass, and on the bottom shelf items are grouped together too. If you have a collection , instead of spreading the collection throughout the room, group them together for bigger impact. First your space needs to have equally distributed visual weight. For example, in the image below this open concept room is separated by the sofa. The visual weight of the book shelf in the dining area is balanced by the wall art in the living room area.

You also need to have the style balanced throughout your space. If hubby is into rustic and you have him put all of his nods to rustic decor in one area of the room, it is not going to blend into the room well. Instead if you have those rustic items placed throughout the room (or in at least 2 places,) the space will feel balanced and the decor will come across as intentional. Notice how your eye bounces around the room so easily. Nothing matches per se, but it all goes together so well and feels cozy and like it has evolved.

The color of the side chair goes with the pillow and the lamp shade. The frames don’t match, but they each have a buddy that shares their color. The darker blue is on the throw, the dining chairs, and in the painting. The shape and size of the sofa and the side chair are the same. You’ve cleared out anything in your current work in progress room that isn’t going to stay and are ready to get to work planning how you are going to put it back together in a new way. Think of the large pieces in your space as the canvas that is going to showcase the story you are about to tell.

Interior Design Tour A Rustic & Refined Farmhouse In The City

Inspired by her childhood home in Nova Scotia, designer Miranda Ogilvie fell in love with this Toronto farmhouse's East.

Painting your walls a nice neutral and keeping the large pieces of furniture a neutral color (even if they have an element of style to them) will allow the other styles in your room to be showcased. These large pieces will also most likely dictate your main style. For example if your largest furniture piece has elements of modern decor (like square arms) you will want to carry that style throughout by adding other modern elements. Start with the largest pieces and like we discussed earlier, keep in mind the rules of visual weight and scale. For example if you are decorating your bedroom and don’t have matching nightstands, use different pieces on each side, but be sure they are of similar size. The same rule applies to non matching end tables. In the example below they not only kept the scale the same, but also matched the shape. In fact this room repeats the idea of visual balance with the lamps and the coffee table decor. The lamps are different, but they are about the same height and have similar shaped shades. The coffee table has the rounded flower arrangement which is balanced out by the gold decorative object. Keep in mind as you play with balance though that traditional decor calls for a lot of symmetry, while modern decor often is asymmetrical. Mix the styles evenly throughout the room. The best way to draw too much attention to one style is to group too many things of that style together.

Insetad split up your items and distribute them evenly throughtout the space. To make sense of an item that may stand out like a sore thumb, repeat an element of that item in at least one other place in the room. For example, if you have a painting that has way more color than anything else in the space, try adding just a few minor touches of one of the main colors in other areas of the room to tie it all together and make it blend into the room. A perfect example would be a light fixture that is a different color or finish than anything else in the room, or maybe it is really big and much bigger in scale than the other elements you have going on in the room. Hang it up and let it be the show stopper!

The don’t match, but they are similar in color and size. The raw wood is repeated on the coffee table and above the fireplace. In this more formal living room there are elements of modern and traditional. Traditional decor is usually very symmetrical, which this room is. Same cabinets on either side of the fireplace, matching sofas that face each other, and even the same branches in a vase flanking the fire place. The clean lines of the sofas and the coffee table are a modern element. The shots of high contrast black and white are modern, but pulling in the muted neutrals of greige make it more traditional. The chandelier is a definite focal point and marries the 2 styles perfectly.

I absolutely love this modern traditional kitchen!

The traditional elements like the crown molding on the cabinets, and the tufting on the sofa and the bench seat are so beautiful and play perfectly with the modern elements like the clear stools, the table, and the poppy colors.

I will keep that in mind to make our dining room pleasant. This will help me get creative when buying pieces of furniture. Instead subtly mix in a style or two and have one of those styles evident in the other space so that there’s something that ties them together. It really helped when you said that it is possible to have more than one style present in a home, awesome!

10 ways to mix modern details rustic style

I really appreciated how this talked about repeat an element of that item in at least one other place in the room.

I find myself liking alittle bit of everything. Any tips or further advice is appreciated!

You don’t want a style that fits a trope; you want your own brand.

I just bought a new house and me and the wife are looking at possible directions for decor now.

I guess, we’ll both agree on tip number 3, we will understand the balance!

I love how that rug instantly changed the look of our family room!

I love and this, honestly, looks like the best thing.

I appreciate your help and all of your wonderful tips.

I had never thought to organize things just by size or texture!

These tips will help any individual to decorate home decor. Thanks for the helpful tips on how to mix decor styles with confidence!

I hope our future house will be both stylish and original!

I wonder if your suggestion could make a big difference for me. Be sure you let us know how it works for you!

I would have loved this article in year one!!!

I eventually went with a pared down version of rustic farmhouse with lots less clutter, while bringing in mid century modern vintage elements. Because we sell a lot of these kinds of items in our store, it just became an extension of who we are personally. Thanks for such a wonderful indepth article. Thank you so much for these informations and tips!

This is very helpful tips for my living room. But we will definitely consult your guide before we start planning. It makes my day to hear that you are finding it useful and inspiring.

I did not realize myself what is wrong with my living room. Classic architecture with traditional elements pairs perfectly with raw, native, or vintage materials. Make it modern with modular furniture and a striking wood accent wall.

For a lighter, brighter interpretation go shabby chic with distressed walls or floors. Bring a touch of glam to a rustic space with metals and antique mirror. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The sisal ropes add a nautical mysterious look. This barn wood dining table looks a hundred years old, and have a lot of stories to share!

Install reclaimed wood pallets into one wall and maybe on the bed frame too. This solid wood console saves the room from being too bland, too generic. The natural wood grains of this bathroom door is a feature of its own. Sliding doors are ideal for space challenged homes. Keep it clean and smooth to complement the overall neat look. Clean lines and minimalism are modern elements, while the warm burnished wood grains are nothing but rustic. Add bare wood panelling and you have a good dose of rustic charm.

Mid Century Modern Rustic

This dining table has enough character to highlight your dining room. The sleek and bare wooden sink is complemented by the bare concrete walls and floors. These chevron arrow wall feature is easy to do and gives your hall or living room that instant rustic allure. Warm wood panels and wooden bar stools are all you need to lift up an ordinary kitchen.

You can have your own farmhouse bathroom with weathered wood floors and door, exposed beams, and stone walls. Very interesting piece that would add fascination to any room in the house. This bare wood ceiling is inspired and just as good in infusing the room with rustic appeal.

You are able to get the old rustic look, with the convenience and durability of ceramic. Walnut cabinets, wood countertops, and hardwood floors are all rustic. This repurposed wood feature offsets the bare walls and floors, and gives personality to the room. These log outdoor lights bring out the mysterious forest allure and the adorable rustic touch. The weave basket, braided hemp, and jute rug features give the room a lot of cosy feels. Turn junk into something beautiful, like this wall with wood scraps!

Wood pallet walls serve the décor to this industrial styled bathroom with bare concrete walls and floors, and rudimentary plumbing and shelves. Keep it warm and welcoming with a rustic fence, wood detail, and a fire pit!

It gives your kitchen the desired rustic touch without the maintenance ease of ceramic. This modern and very rustic house number is eye-catching, contemporary, and stylish. Rough and strong elements with a lot of character!

Just clean, burnish, and you have a gorgeous rustic mirror. Just line a wall with reclaimed wood pallets, you’re set!

The rough solid wood shelves remind you of smooth driftwoods, you can almost hear the crashing waves. Perfect for lazy afternoons and warm nights!

No need to add colours or furnishings, let the natural wood tones speak volumes. Exposed beams and a natural wood dining table lend the rustic charm. This handsome side table is made from repurposed pallets and can give your bedroom or living room an interesting point. Let the room glow with the natural rustic wood grains of polished floors and staircase. This bedroom only need a rustic bad frame to match the exposed beams.

This modern everyday deck is made remarkable by the attractive reed lamp shade and enchantingly patterned dining set. This humdrum room corner gets a lot of rustic styling gain from the charming burlap curtain and white wicker baskets. Adding few baskets to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or the library also gives the room a lovely rustic ambiance. Relieve the harsh concrete floors and the unadorned walls with the natural patterns of wood. A little rough in the edges, but still as good-looking as and much more alluring than most bars you can get. This porch is a beauty as it is welcoming.

4 Practical Tips That Will Have You Mixing Decor Styles

The matching handrail completes the look. The pavilion will keep you snug and warm when it rains, and cool during hot days. Perfect for your garden, deck, or as a rooftop retreat. Furnishings are simple and solid, with little ornamentation and natural finish. It is full with unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes that reflect natural warmth and that`s why it is one of the most popular and desirable styles. It`s beauty is represented by the simple and natural look that is connected to the past and it is hard to resist. Rustic style is boldly, blatantly real that is a very positive characteristic in this virtual world. It can combine very well with the modern style. If you want to put the accent in one modern room, enter one rustic piece of furniture. One of the best ways for creating cozy atmosphere with combination of modern and rustic, is to make your home flooring in rustic style. It caan be the perfect flooring in the whole house, whether it is in the kitchen, living room, or your hall.

We made for you one wonderful collection to inspire you for making extravagant look in your home. On that note, here are our top ten examples of rustic modern done right. Fortunately, the barn frame's horizontal beams perform a domestic function by creating the illusion of a lower ceiling.

Top 75

Rustic Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Floor Vs. Modern Style: What’s Difference

An abundance of furnishings in rich materials fills out the space. An additional small mezzanine over the kitchen serves as a play area for the grandchildren. The same company supplied the recycled wood that clads the walls, though the ceiling boards are new. The concrete floors were polished and waxed for a sleek finish. The combination of the woodwork and exposed beams with modern lines, hardware and accessories makes this kitchen a great example of rustic modern done right. A sliding barn door rolls sideways to reveal the bathroom. The organically curving lines were intended as a contrast to the rectilinear architecture of the houseboat. He inherited the lounge chair from his parents. All this combines into a perfect example of rustic modern. These pieces are crafted with a walnut veneer finish. The bed contains a grey fabric headboard and no box spring is required, slats are included. Each nightstand contains 2 drawers and the dresser has a total of 6 drawers.