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Located in a red brick building behind the lovely line of oak tree. The antique store is made up of individual cottages each with a different theme. Hosts over 100 dealers selling antiques, collectibles and crafts. Waterford, cake knives, sterling silver and other great giftrs.

We have complete sets of sterling silver flatware available by request. Lots of pretties, and some fantastic deals. This local shop is in a convenient location and has plenty of parking behind the building even.

You were able to get around to shop at all of the boutiques. Antique restoration is difficult and can be a risky endeavor, and deciding whether or not to restore an antique piece of furniture can be equally difficult. If aesthetic appearance of your piece is your primary objective, the decision to restore is often an easy one, and we can produce jaw dropping results in these cases.

We hope as you explore your antique restoration project further, you will consider us as your ally along the way.

We are happy to advise you on ways to restore versus ways to preserve, and we are happy to help you learn why these are very different things. For better or worse, true restoration of antique furniture means permanent change to the piece, which can have both desirable and undesirable effects. Perhaps the most valuable characteristic of an antique restoration specialist is the ability to understand the possible effects of various processes and communicate those possibilities with the customer.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your needs and help you make an informed decision regarding the restoration project you are considering. Our antique restoration service is completely mobile with pickup and delivery service available!

Most of the time we are able to safely move furniture with only a single person using the right moving equipment.

You can also opt to pick up your own furniture and also please feel free to stop by our refinishing shop to meet our master craftsmen and check out our work.

We are frequently out on estimates and pickups/deliveries, so please just give us a call to let us know you are coming so we can be sure to be there to meet with you.

We 100% guarantee our antique restoration service for one year (excluding normal wear and forceful damage).

I really didn’t think it could be saved and they made it beautiful.

We also build custom headboards and cornice boards for your windows or sliding glass doors. The staff was understanding and knowledgeable. Avonlea has a great choice of decorating ideas, wreaths and gifts. There is also so much for people like me to buy who is just making a home for myself. Lots of painted furniture and decorating accessories some really cool mid century modern - took some home with me!

I think if you are thinking of buying something for your home or just a gift for yourself you need to go and see this place. A new country store has been but and is just being filled with some great seasonal stuff - cannot wait to go back next month!

Do you have antiques or collectibles for sale?

You can shop online or visit our store to see all of our unique finds. When it comes to most things, the items needs to be over a 100 years old to be considered an antique. A car is considered antique after 25 years. While antique furniture is not classified as a true antique until it is over 100 years old, many people still enjoy finding vintage furniture from previous era’s.

We have come across some incredible items over the last few years.

Vintage Arts Inc

Yes, we started out with the vision of salvaging as much building materials as possible from old homes and constructions sites.

You will be surprised at the number of unique and cool relics we have stocked our with. Our inventory is all used and comes from the community around us. Sometimes, we get a call from other areas and states that want us to come and pick up their load of treasures. It has been a real journey getting the word out that we are in the business of salvaging as much as we can.

We regularly go out to estate sales, older homes slated for destruction, and newer construction sites to get usable items. Not only do we go out and find salvage building materials, cool relics, and antiques, we have people stop by to drop off their used items.

We make it possible for people to sell their unwanted building supplies and trinkets. The word is really spreading about our efforts. Vintage and antique furniture needs to be cared for specifically. If you want your furniture to last a bit, here are some things you can do to keep it in good condition. If you do put your furniture near a window, keep the shades drawn or blinds closed. Direct sunlight will dry out material and wood, causing the already aged furniture to lose life. When heat blows directly on the furniture, it can cause the wood to crack and material to dry rot.

You will also want to avoid putting it close to fireplaces as well. Take care to not rub the material hard, or you can cause damage to the upholstery. A bit of vinegar water can clean up most spills. Since then, plenty of posts have come and gone down the blog roll.

We raised enough money to collect and distribute over 9, 000 lbs.

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With a few modifications, a porch, deck, or even a room indoors can take on the look and feel of a in your own home. Spring still inspires the creator in all of us. Azaleas are blooming, bees are buzzing, and everywhere you look, nature’s busy builders are collecting raw materials and fashioning them into something they can use. A life cycle assessment of the average piece of big box store furniture is a scary sight. Termite” has moved in and is now constructing custom builds on-site rather than at his home shop. The sawdust is flying, but many details are still sorting themselves out. Sporting typical “big bank” architecture, it hosted a succession of failed banks through the boom and bust cycles of the early 20th century.

We have been able to acquire quite a bit of vintage items and salvage materials over the last year. When we first started out with this business, we had no idea how big it could grow.

You can trust us with your valuables and trust that our shop sells quality pieces at a reasonable price.

We always provide top prices to sellers and great values to buyers.

We look forward to helping you with your buying and selling needs. Finding new uses for old things is a great way to make a personalized decorating statement. Lake, before conducting estate sales by himself, in 1984. He is currently a licensed appraiser and a trusted liquidator.

We provide folding tables and linen cloths to assure an attractive display of silver, glassware, and china.

We pay for the print ads in the newspaper and prepare an internet video presentation of the sale items.

Bowden Furniture Jacksonville Fl

Tom and his associates cashier, assist buyers, and provide security.

We take bids and do our utmost to realize a fair market price for everything sold. Upon completion of the sale we sweep-clean the home and provide the family with an inventory of everything sold and a check for the proceeds.

We make every effort to address the particular needs or concerns the family might have and to conduct a stress-free and successful sale.

We feature 80 dealers in our 13, 000 square foot showroom.

You will find many treasures you can't live without!!!