Amish is a welcome departure from today’s mass-produced, foreign-made . Our own service and delivery is superior as we actually bring your purchases with our own store family of employees.

That means choosing the perfect hutch for your family is about more than just choosing a piece that works well with your current décor. It’s also about choosing a timeless piece that will transition well from your house to the house of your children one day. It should be a reflection of yourself, from your furniture to your décor and everything in between. Whether you want your room to be rustic themed, a traditional space or a mixture of modern and classical pieces, these hutches are the perfect addition to make your dream home come to life.

Pair it with subdued natural colors and other wooden or stone pieces to create a rustic escape. Decorate with gold, copper or wrought iron pieces to give your room a more traditional and classic look. With different sizes and functionalities available, you are sure to find something that fits both your style and your home. Don’t let small spaces stand in the way of you adorning your house with a few of the best quality handcrafted solid wood heirloom hutches available. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking your hutch can only be used for holding fine china. Use your new hutch in any room of the house for any number of things.

Use it to display your collection of porcelain figurines, sports memorabilia or even as extra kitchen storage for everyday items.

You will love doing business with us, as we are a small-town company that still adheres to old-fashioned values of honesty, courtesy and respect. Our friendly customer service representatives are always eager to lend a helping hand whenever you need it. Endeavoring to make your nights more peaceful. They are now dedicated business owners, employing a team of craftsmen, and producing a full line of more than 70 different chair styles. Many different styles from modern to contemporary.

We offer more than 34 different styles of tables. Creating the most beautiful bedroom sets and furniture. The warm look and feel of wood, but better!

Each piece crafted from solid hardwood in a variety of wood species. Amish furniture is hand-made by expert artisans who draw from skills handed down from their ancestors, along with modern-day innovations. After you have finished your visit with our website today, we'd like you to complete a brief survey giving us your thoughts on how the site filled your needs. Include some vintage grain feed throw pillows to your sofa, a ticking stripe runner to your dining room table, or check curtains at your kitchen window. A word of caution: use patterns sparingly. Too many patterns can overwhelm a room instead of accent it. Pinterest page for inspiration) and flooring to exposed beams, natural hardwood brings a wonderful warmth to any room. Use one of our custom pie safes for storage in the kitchen or dining area. These charming and nostalgic touches create a warm and family-oriented atmosphere. This is where your family and friends gather and make memories. In many of today’s homes, the kitchen and dining areas blend into one to create a larger space. We’d love for you to stop by and let us help you pick out the perfect pieces for your home!

Our entire family shops exclusively at his store when we want quality furniture. Some items you already have on hand while others need to be purchased. Some items are sentimentally passed down from the previous generation while others are bought new.

Generations Home Furnishings

Finding your decorative style to fill your baby’s nursery can begin with beautiful wooden furniture. When it comes to the crib and matching furniture for your child’s nursery, you want to choose something that will last for many years to come. There are a lot of companies that offer furniture at great prices, but the quality of said furniture won’t last you a year, much less a decade.

You will want to use this furniture for your next little one and maybe for another after that. This is not an area where you want to choose price over quality.

We know that you’ll quickly fall in love with that perfect piece for your home!

Star furniture looking for dining and . Because it is a wholesale store, the prices are usually the best around per unit. The bedroom is the one room in the house that allows you to explore and express your creativities and passions to the fullest. This is the room where you should feel most like your true self. The soft curves of the wood express a subtle feminine touch that is unmistakable. And yet, the natural grain patterns of each piece keep this bedroom set from becoming over-saturated with feminine appeal. The sturdy construction and natural hardwood build make this the set ideal for a bedroom dripping with rustic charm. Pair the set with a camouflage bed spread or a set of deer antlers, and accent your space with natural colors to create the illusion of a cabin getaway right in your home. Keep in mind that your hardwood furniture has already been polished and, by adding additional polish, you may be creating more harmful buildup rather than protecting it from the elements. It’s also important to note that feather dusters can scratch the finish of your hardwood, which means cotton cloths, microfiber towels and lamb’s wool are all better cleaning options. Direct sunlight, extreme heat sources and humidity can all cause wood warping and damages to the finishes that are avoidable. These enduring furniture sets can withstand the rigors of many years of heavy use, while still retaining their natural beauty.

We view our customers as part of our extended family. Whether you need help with customization or placing your order, or you have a specific question about one of our pieces, you’ll always be treated with courtesy and respect.

We don’t believe in selling mass-produced furniture that includes inferior materials, which is what you find in many of those big-box stores. That’s why we offer a variety of ways for our customers to save money.