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Buying antiques online means that collector’s and hobbyists can now go beyond their local antique store, and open themselves up to a global market and a far greater chance of finding the items they want. This gives us online retailers a fabulous opportunity to sell to a very targeted and enthusiastic market. Note these trends down and take them with you to the yard sales. Since then, buyers are looking for something more than a cheap replica garnish their homes. Thus, a fantastic new opportunity has arisen for sellers wanting to offer antique items!

The information published here is strictly for informational purposes.

All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. This site only lists items that have actual bids on them and everything is collectible in every category imaginable from lighters to postcards. This site is invaluable in teaching you the proper way to list, photograph, and describe your potential hidden gems.

You just have to list it "pick up only" "no shipping" unless you have inexpensive shipping services in your area. Of course, if someone really wants one of your pieces, they can arrange their own pick up and delivery. Craigslist is a really good place to start making sure you put it under your state. Describe the item, giving make and markings if any. Antique and collectible dealers are often cautious in selling online. In order to sell with confidence and get the prices your items are worth, there are seven websites you should consider as part of your online selling strategies. The first marketplace that sellers should know about is 1stdibs. They offer extensive marketing tools for online sellers accepted onto to their platform. They offer far-above-average curation and merchandising services to drive sales quicker. They offer buyer offers if you select this option. They coordinate all of the logistics on shipping large items. Chairish is probably going to move it for you. They offer an extensive tutorial on how to sell online with them, as well as a personalized online auction evaluation tool for sellers wishing to work with them on higher priced pieces and collections. Targeted marketing to very specific audiences that many sellers can’t get to. An online audience that is growing at 16-33% per year depending on which of the 46 countries that people are purchasing from. Transparent, customized selling agreements. What sets this company apart from others is its business model. They then write descriptions and professionally photograph your items. This website is definitely unique for what it can deliver on. They offer sellers the ability to curate their items into a “shop,” which is indicative of physical antique and vintage malls. All of their ultra unique auctions, whether single items or entire lots, are offered online for collectors around the world to take part of.

Online Antiques and Collectibles Sales in the US. Industry Market

From rare wine to rare books, niche sales are clearly their thing. What’s more, their online marketplace is as luxurious as the items available for sale on it. They let you reserve pricing and won’t sell the piece unless it meets your minimum sale price. Expert, white glove shipping is given the high value of items sold. Please do not ask me to appraise, buy, sell or help sell your item. So you think you’d like to sell vintage and/or antique items?

Selling vintage and antiques can be fun, rewarding, tiring, frustrating and profitable. There are so many different ways of selling, both online and off. Here, off the top of my head, are 19 21 different ways. In the beginning, you could sell any old thing for an amazing amount. People started to catch on and list their any old thing, and then there were 10 of the same any ol’ thing up at one time and then 20, until the market became saturated. Buyers started looking for the lowest price. Things can still be sold for an amazing amount, but it generally has to be extraordinary. Something truly hard to find, but not so hard to find that nobody’s looking for it!

Auction can be the quickest way to get some extra cash, but not necessarily the most profitable. Etsy is strictly for handmade items, but you can sell your vintage items there, too. There is actually a huge vintage market on there. The only requirement is that the item is older than 20 years. If it doesn’t sell, you can relist for another 20¢ or if you don’t want to relist it, then… don’t.

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Sellers, myself included, are a little miffed that they’ll be taking a percentage out of shipping costs.

You must have at least 10 items in your shop at all times and they have a minimum price. One of the most popular ways of selling where there are no rules or fees is to sell on your own site. These take some technical work on your part.

You won’t need a lot of coding, but you should be comfortable with the back end of your site. There’s no third party to promote for you. There are sites that specialize in certain items, ie. This is just the beginning of where to sell your items online. Now, let’s talk about selling out in the real world. Sometimes our items are bigger than we want to ship. Nothing’s impossible, but many of us just don’t want to try to ship a and 6 chairs.

I agree about the love hate relationship.

I am just too much of a perfectionist and so it takes me forever to finish a project for selling.

I agree about the styling and changing things around. The more you have in your store, the more you’ll sell. It’s hard work trying to make money reselling.

We have to keep reevaluating what’s working and what isn’t.

Replacements asking price — if we’re lucky.

You may have tried this already, but sad as it is, you’ll probably need to break the set up. Sell each serving piece separately, all the dinner plates together, all the soup bowls together, etc. Of course any thoughts or tips you can provide will also be very much appreciated!!

However, it is on my list of things to do. The more knowledge we have, the better off we are. This is a harder business than most realize. One that you feel you can find at cheap prices in your local haunts. You’ll be surprised at the things you (we) pass up all the time that have value. Remember, the money is made when we purchase the item. A good rule of thumb too, is to buy what you love and buy what you hate. So many times people walk in the door with crazy expectations of what we’ll buy an item for. If you want top dollar, then you must find a buyer that will pay it.

They’d also try to sell me things with top dollar, 1980s prices in their heads, thinking they’d be worth more now. If someone needs money, selling to a dealer should be one of the last resorts. It’s amazing, the more you collect and listen to other collectors, the more savvy you become in spotting a good find.

I made more money at a two day tag sale at our condo (the first one allowed), since we’ve lived here. They all say they have a waiting list and in most cases that’s the absolute truth. Thing is, most malls will offer a newly opened booth to the vendors already there. Another way is to get in with a mall just opening up. It would be a good idea to gather up a lot of the things you’d be selling and take a picture to show the mall owner or manager. That way they’ll be more comfortable renting to you. That always makes someone more memorable. Then when you approach the mall manager, you can point them to your online store. That way they know what you sell and that you’re serious.

I am always finding great treasures that people overlook.

I really want to know is a more actual value of the item.

I often find things that are very different prices. Do you have any resource ideas for me or advice?

What was once rare is now a dime a dozen and actual sold prices are all over the place. Bottom line is that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Our problem is with just a few taps on the keyboard, seeing where someone paid a lot and someone else got a deal.

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I like to start with a higher price — just in case.

You can always lower the price if it sits too long.

You have to be willing to sell the item at the listing price, because sometimes it sells with only one bid. That’s when the second guessing comes in. How many others are out there waiting to be sold?

Is there any one interested in buying it?

And certainly, thanks for your effort!

Offering shipping, delivery and in-store pick up. This week we have a wide selection of antiques coming onto our website. We’d like to buy something wonderful from you!< When you have something to sell, we want you to think of us every time. Experience has shown us that by paying fair prices, sellers come back to sell to us again and they recommend us to friends and family.

We have a good understanding of the current market; nonetheless, it’s in your best interest to have a price when you offer us an item.

We will negotiate if we feel your price does not match the marketplace. Worst case, if we can not find a mutually agreeable price, you will know a little more about the market demand for your item. You'll get our valuation guide and then some new ideas of we can buy from you. If we need additional detailed photos we'll ask for them later. Often sellers have a financial goal in mind when they decide to sell. If you have multiple items to sell it is very helpful to let us know so we can work with you towards your goal. The sold price is what establishes the market price. Asking prices vary wildly and are not very useful for negotiating. Once we come to an agreement we are responsible for the safety, storage, and marketing. By selling your antiques online, you can provide high quality imagery and extensive details about each piece helping your buyers forego lengthy road trips to faraway antique outlets. Analyze your order history to build better customer relations and target your marketing campaign. Powerful features and easy to set up, running an online store shouldn’t be this much fun!

I going to commit to this business adventure.

I can give you is make your booth unique!

If you are going to need electrical power, make sure you bring your own extension cords because the flea market will not provide them. This is going to be an all day affair so bring a ice cooler with food and drinks. Check other booth selling similar items making sure your prices and at or below your competitors. There are different fees you need to be familiar with. Once this was a great place to sell your items, not so much anymore. The insertion fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on the minimum bid (your starting price), your fixed-sale price, or the reserve price (the secret lowest price that you’re willing to sell your item for) for your item. Specializing in one of a kind vintage and antiques. New items are added weekly so check back often you never know what treasures you will uncover. New items will be added everyday so be sure to favorite us. Our store front business closed in 2008 but we continue to sell back issue comics and collectible books via this goantiques and ebay websites. Old bottles (and more!) dug from 19th century privies and dumps. Antiqueable is free and easy to use and offers an enormous and comprehensive listing of antique stores with descriptions, and mapped in geographic “driving-distance” clusters from any location. This antique typewriter collection contains many rare and historically important typewriters.

We are the #1 choice for storage, display and shipping products for collectibles. In addition to keeping members informed of upcoming auctions featuring coin-op items, via its online site and its magazine – which is published three times a year, the group holds region and national events at various times during the year. Insure your collection easily and inexpensively. Also we offer decorative antiques like antique ceramics, antique lighting, antique mirrors and antique statues and antique ornaments. The site also contains a directory of estate sale companies and auctioneers. Just call during a live show to be part of the program. Or ask about any topic related to collecting. Its operation fuses science and technology with online valuations. Plus, it connects sellers with auction houses and dealers, to take the next step. Mearto aims to connect and equip collectors and sellers.

We offer a network of professional appraisers that are educated about industry standards and regulations so that they can accurately assess your treasures. Join our fabulous team of show exhibitors. Our members adhere to our strict guidelines of honesty, confidentiality, valuation and appraisal fees. There’s something for everyone here, come take a look. Will travel for large groups of over 10, 000 postcards. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about online antique store ?

The most common online antique store material is metal.

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