Every weekend he would arrive in the city with his van full of treasures, fresh from auction. Days after opening, with the challenges of renovation fresh in their minds, their new landlady came to them with another offer.

Quickly realizing the opportunity was too good to pass up, they agreed and got back to renovating. Come often as they have new stuff all of the time. The quantity, quality, and range of their selection is incomparable!

They have four floors of the most amazing and weird antiques around.

Always a nice selection with reasonable prices. Their vintage barn stars are a favorite of mine. Her collection is varied; the prices are fair. Anybody with an appreciation for antiques and vintage could. Great place to start adding some art to your walls. Their prices are actually quite reasonable, especially if you’re looking for something for home.

It’s fun just to go inside and look how they have things set up. Make sure you stop in when you are in the area. Staff is super helpful and local delivery isn’t too expensive. Right now, a lot of folks may be looking around their homes for items they can sell. But what about large pieces of furniture?

It also has a high-quality image capability, so products, particularly high-end ones, can be shown more attractively. The bulk of its business is jewelry and fashion, but it also has a home furnishings section. For those who have inherited furniture and have an overwhelming need to sell it immediately — or even those who have owned heirloom-quality antiques for years — the best advice is to proceed with care and to consult a professional dealer. Your apartment’s cool factor just got bumped up a few notches. The highly curated nature of this showroom means that it’s less of a hunt or adventure, and more of a big-spender investment, but for the right piece, that’s just fine. This site is stocked with insanely rare, curated furniture finds, plus decor pieces and art, too!

The location of these photos is also perfect!

We are very in touch with the current antique and fine art market and will evaluate your items accordingly.

We have a natural love for antiques and enjoy seeing rare one of a kind pieces on a regular basis.

We have created a great reputation when it comes to buying and selling antiques. She specializes in dealing with their senior clientele. Her patience and understanding is second to none. He has a fresh outlook on the antique business. This is family owned and run business at it’s very best and they are a pleasure to work with. They are professional, personable, reliable, and trustworthy. They are very fair and have a vast knowledge of jewelry and antiques. Fun to hunt for them, like exploring your grandmother’s jewelry box. Marion is a pleasure to do business with. Down to earth people with out of this world items.

For Sale Nyc Story

They are really terrific, always there to help you with your stuff.

I have sold many items through them and have been extremely satisfied. This group knows their business and can truly help. He came to my home and was a delight to work with. What we mean is that some nyc antique stores do not put their clients’ best interests above their own.

We understand how tiring and frustrating it is to sell your much-loved antique pieces. It is not easy going back-and-forth to antique stores only to have your items underpriced.

We also understand how hard it is for you to let go of your collection.

We make the lives of each of our antique sellers easier by going the extra mile to serve them.

We help you save time by making the selling process easy for you. That’s how we value our clients just like their treasured antiques.

We know that when clients decide to liquidate their antiques they deserve to be paid right away.

We maintain connections with other entities that can assist you in selling your items. The reason for this is that some items are more suitable for auctions. If we feel that your valuables are better suited for auctions, we will connect you to the right auction specialist. Once we have appraised your possession, we will give you the necessary information to the necessary parties.

We know a a lot about every antique subject, but if needed we can contact specialists on your behalf. Our clients have exquisite antique jewelry pieces that they never wear and do not know what to do with. Our appraiser will take his time in making sure that your jewelry is evaluated accurately.

The 15 Best Antique Shops in New York City

Syl-lee will also evaluate estate jewelry. These are wonderful pieces that have been left behind by someone who once loved them. They can be loved again by someone new, and we want the chance to make that happen.

You can turn unmatched earrings and broken items into cash. Furniture from the 50s and 60s is extremely hot today. It’s hard to believe that century-old furniture is now being topped by mid-century modern furniture. The market value and demand for mid-century modern furniture has greatly increased.

We can also let you know the current market value. Antique coins in good condition can even be more valuable than gold coins from the 20th century. In addition to comics, we can also check the value of your vintage toys. See our coupon page to print it out.

You may redeem the coupon at the time of our visit.

We might have exactly what you are looking for.

We can also connect you with our experts to help you find what you are looking for.

We always love talking to our clients and sharing our love of antiques.

We have many regular clients that we buy from a few times a year. Additionally, we offer referral royalties when you recommend us to your family, friends, and neighbors.

We are proud to say that since we are a family business, we make each of our clients feel like family as well. His work is highly sought by collectors, with larger and more complex pieces fetching large sums. Contact us now for a prompt, friendly, confidential appointment. If we missed your favorite store, let us know in the comments. And if you’re looking for more decor inspiration , check out the best stores for affordable essentials and great online sources for home decor. But there’s an equally extensive collection of furniture and home goods—it’s pricey, but sales pop up with some regularity. Accessories, like throw blankets and dishes, are also sourced from artists who are involved in every step of the manufacturing process. Pieces run the gamut from midpriced to uberpricey, but there are also deals to be had when it comes to accessories and decor. The furniture selection is eclectic, running the gamut from ornate 19th-century furniture to sleek midcentury finds. Expect the same classic selection of home goods that the store has always carried, from bedding and lighting to cleaning supplies and decor items. Rest assured, though, that even with the location change, the mix of vendors—hawking everything from furniture to vintage postcards to rugs that really tie a room together—will remain as eclectic as ever.

We made a lot of new friends and kept the old. This piece is approximately 15 years old.

Red pressed glass with frosted starburst pattern. This is a fun piece with lots of display options. Beautifully hand stitched pair of needlepoint pillows. Vibrant blue tone with dramatic gold contrast. This retro piece is in the shape of an ice cream cone!

Areas of slight fading on arms and seat back. See photo water stain, not visible from distance. Features a floating travertine top with rounded corners over a brushed brass base. The original walnut tall dresser is complete with brass hardware and pulls and dovetail construction. Version with head cushion in polyurethane foam suitable for outdoor use.

For Sale Nyc Story