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Shipping is available worldwide for these fab vintage items. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please complete the vendor application. There are a few things you need to consider that you would not have to with smaller items. If you do not know about the antique furniture market then you will want to consult a specialist.

Below is a list of some of the more popular places to sell your items. They however are more focused on selling items rather than listing for things such as jobs and so on. However there is a time delay when you use an auction house. Sometimes it can take time for your item to be placed in an auction and might be held until they have their specialty auctions.

You can also always ask for a paid appraisal if you want a written one. When selling at auction there are somethings to consider like fees and time.

Here are some articles to explain more about auctions and how they work for a seller. Finding the right auction house to sell your antiques at. Most people coming to these types of sales want a bargain. When selling any type of antique or collectible you want to make sure you know what you have before you sell it. Remember whichever option you choose to use to sell your items there will be pros and cons.

You need to choose the option that best suits your circumstances but gets you the best value for your item. You’d have to hit the flea market or go to specialty stores just to hunt for the authentic ones. It brings you almost everything you’re looking for without you having to leave your comfort zone. We’ve rounded the internet with this complete list of online antique stores for your convenience. This website offers a range of antiques for buyers to choose. All these are great items with a priceless value that you can add to your collection. The website also allows sellers to list their collectible items for sale at a price of their choice. All the items above are legitimate and can be tested to prove. Webstore is an upcoming online auctione store. It lists a wide range of items besides antiques and collectibles. Webstore is a great market place for buyers and sellers alike. Sellers can list their items on it for auctioning. Then buyers will place their offers where the highest bidder is the one who will take home that item. This is a great place to obtain priceless antiques and collectibles. Examples of antiques listed on there currently include a classic silver cigarette case, a vintage tapestry handbag and a rare old antique candle holder painted brown. The website gives talented artists from around the world an opportunity to display their pieces of artwork. For buyers, it is a great place where to find classic handmade jewelry and other fantastic collectibles. Made for gifting purposes, this priceless pendant can be another great addition to your antique collection. There is also a classic handmade champagne bottle opener, which is believed to be more than 50 years old, listed on the site.

Vintage Decor

From amazing sculptures and paintings to beautiful fiber arts and memorabilia, this page offers an endless list of vintage items. This will take you to a page with even more diverse range of classic objects that you can add to your antique collection. From vintage floor rags and classic jewelry to some of the very old paintings in the world, there is so much you can obtain here if you are a fan of classic stuff. Many buyers and sellers rely on this online site that lists nearly every product or service on offer to look for a vintage item or sell one. It is a very popular website for vintage stuff worth checking out. There is also sporting goods, clothes and shoes, home and garden and more. Collectibles and art is one of the most popular product categories on this online marketplace. In addition, there is an endless assortment of sports memorabilia, classic table and wall clocks, vintage stamps and many other incredible objects from many years back. It serves better than some online antique stores that you know. Although this site offers various categories of products, some of the best items you can buy there are antiques. Bonanza lists more pieces of artwork, collectibles, antiques and souvenirs than many sites do. Whether you are looking for the rare 1 dollar coin, which apparently is worth 1000 dollars or other classic item that is worth much more today, you can be sure that you will find it here or at least find a quality lead. Usually, many sellers who list their antiques probably do not understand the actual value of their items, hence they do sell them cheaply. Now the site has numerous listings for different categories of products and services. It is a great online market place to check out as well when you are looking for some antiques to add to your collection. However, classic glass, ceramic objects are also available for sale on this website. Currently, featured antique furniture include a 1920s general fireproof desk, a 1960s steelcase steno chair and a 1940s industrial storage bin. All these are classic stuff from the 1950s going back. But do not be fooled by the lack of a website, this store features a well thought out list of vintage, industrial, and mid century items.

Wanderlust Vintage Market

Because of this, it is worth checking out if you are a serious shopper of antique objects. This site offers a well-curated list of vintage kitchenware, furniture and animal sculptures of sentimental value. When it comes to product variety, this website comes first. The list of classic items available for sale here is so broad that we cannot exhaust it all. For buyers of antique objects, this is another website that is worth checking out. They buy and sell timeless furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories, and other items dating back to 1950s and earlier. Do not forget to check out the site for amazing pieces of furniture and other vintage items. First, it gives sellers and buyers an opportunity to sell and buy respectively. Second, it offers different categories of products and services. This category features a endless range of items from past past periods. Right now, there is a very hot oil painting from the 18th century or so that has been listed for sale.

This site offers a wide variety of vintage items and collectibles. If it’s not comfy, it’s not in your home. When guests come to visit, it’s clear who has arrived. Selection, quantities and pricing of products may vary by participating store. Sure, there’s plenty of normal business conducted on the site everyday, but there’s also a ton of shady stuff, too. If you’re looking to unload or pick up used furniture online, there are alternatives.

This leading online luxury marketplace is known for its upscale antique and vintage furniture. Buyers can enjoy free shipping on more than hundreds of items, while sellers can list their items for no charge on the site. Buyers can discover local treasures — including secondhand (used and refurbished), vintage and antiques (20 years or older), local (handmade and small business) and resale (like-new) items — in their area or around the world. Once you find your perfect furniture piece, you can use their integrated messaging system to set up a time to meet the seller. The site’s aim is to create a safe, fun and neighborly selling and buying marketplace.

I bought it several years ago at a garage sale from an elderly couple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have markings of any kind. Is the back real wood or is it particle board?

Are the drawers dove tail grooves or are they nailed together, screwed together, glued together?

What is used to hold up the shelves–are they plastic clips or wood ledges?

The shelves are held up by little wooden dowels. These were workhorse pieces and got a lot of use so they also got damaged and parts wore out and were replaced. Yours has nice dovetail drawers, it looks plywood base, which would date (most likely) after 1928probably into the early 1930s (no wire drops on the desk leaf that were popular in the 1950s).

I will tell you that selling it online would be a nightmare as you would either have to worry about shipping or someone coming to pick it up. They will know the audience of your area and if here is a high demand, low supply or low demand and high supplywhich dictates the price. It can be quite versatile as it holds todays laptops nicely!

It’s neat to think about it’s history and how it was used!

We got it from an estate sale like 15-20 years ago. It is unknown how long the original owner had it.

I have the queen size bed with headboard and foot board, a 5 drawer tall dresser, a vanity with mirror and matching stool, and 2 night stands. It’s absolutely beautiful furniture, just too fancy for me. The more pieces you have, the more they are selling for. They don’t have as many pieces as you do. Some names are more expensive than others, even if they are the same style. It needs some work on the flat surface and legs. Is there a market for people who want to refurbish furniture who will pay a nominal amount for the piece, since they would need to refinish it?

Yes, absolutely there is a market for people who want to refinish furniture, at least in my area. That gives the refinisher room to make a profit on his/her work. Look a prices for perfect furniture and take of 25% for your piece. My grandparents kept these couches covered in plastic which was just taken off recently for pics for selling.

We are selling the entire set, lamps, end tables, and coffee table. Does anyone know or have any suggestions on best place to sell and for how much?

How to Sell Antique Furniture

Any suggestions on how to sell without dealing with crooks?

Try calling various antique shops and see if you can sell there on commission.

I was wondering how to even begin with selling it. What would a good price be without really taking a hit?

It includes a buffet, hutch, table, and 6 chairs. Since it needs refinishing your potential market will be smaller since not everyone wants to do the refinishing.

I am planning on putting them in a fundraiser yard sale. Are they to valuable to put in a yard sale?

Your best bet would be an auction if you know anyone having an auction and they don’t mind if you add your chairs. Or maybe a second had shop that does sales with commission. How do i find information on who made this and how much its worth?

This is a guide about how to sell antique furniture online. Stickely is a well made and collectable brand of furniture. This is a guide about selling antique stickely furniture. This is a guide about getting antiques appraised before selling. This is a guide about finding the value of antique record players.

I always felt more a craftsman than an artist. Mineral pigments and nice application of gold leaf on mulberry paper. The measurements indicated are for the largest of the three. Each cabinet features two rolling drawers on casters. The doors extend beyond the cabinet body to create the feel of a painting. Born in the very early years of the 20th century,. In most cases, it’s because our family’s needs or our decor styles change. Many times, the furniture you are replacing is still in good shape. and selling it can be an easy way to earn a small sum of cash. And you can make money to defray the cost of new furniture. If restoring furniture is a hobby, you can make money selling it too.

As you will see, there are many places to sell furniture online. This is simply because it’s one of the most visited online classified sites. Listings are free and only take a few minutes to complete. To increase interest in your piece(s), be sure to include photos. Buyers love details, especially when making a large purchase.

You can sell furniture from your own house. Or maybe you’re buying a rental property in need of a furniture remodel. With furniture, the buyer wants to see the piece first. Letgo is completely free, and you can sell online or with their app. After that, fill in the product details and price. With the in-app chat, you can quickly talk with buyers. But they might buy another piece you’re selling instead.

17 of the Best Online Antique Stores Complete List

However, there is a steady audience of readers that shop local. If you don’t know, many newspapers offer print and online ads for free. But you may have to sell items below a certain price.

You can also pay to place a print ad for high-value items. However, this could be a good way to sell antiques or like-new furniture.

You only have to list on your local buy and sell group page. In these groups, you can enter a description of the products you’re selling. As a tip, try to highlight the feature pieces to attract more shoppers. Maybe, you want to start a furniture restoration business. Facebook ads can be an effective way to attract local buyers too. And you can also tailor the ads to a specific geographic region. Or you can also reach a certain age group and gender.

You might not get retail value for the piece. Remember, the store needs to make a profit too. But it can be less hassle than selling to just any buyer. Here, you can find more than 20, 000 dealers from 20 countries!

This is another place to sell furniture as a side hustle. With these stores, you get paid when the item sells. This pays for renting their floor space and transaction fees. If you rent space for multiple months, you might have to pay a monthly rental fee.

The store might have an appraiser visit your property to provide a quote. If they agree to buy the item, they might pick it up themselves. Or the store might pay more if you deliver it yourself. If you’re buying a new piece from the store, this is a perfect option. In this case, the buyer comes to your house. And you can sell other items at the same time. Garage sale regulars look for the lowest price possible.

And they aren’t afraid to find your bottom dollar. So set a firm price before the sale starts. There are many ways to increase the exposure of your garage sale listing. To start, hire an appraiser to price each item. Then, the items sell at auction or fixed price. Depending on the collection size, estate sales can be a large undertaking.

Wholesale Antique Furniture

But it can be more time-effective than selling each item in your spare time.

You can advertise your estate sale online or in the paper. And you can also find an appraiser on this site if you still need one. Most estate sale companies work on commission. In most areas, they keep 10% to 15% of the sale proceeds. This can be a great place to sell mid-century furnishings. There are a couple of different selling options to choose from. If your item is light enough, you can offer to ship. Or buyers can pick up larger items like pianos and tables. Then, other featured listings from across the nation show. Trove has a very clean site with high-quality pictures. So you shouldn’t have a hard time attracting buyers to your listings. Or woods with quick growth natural materials like bamboo. They also accept used personal and business furniture.

Actively Buying Unique Handmade American Furniture

For Sale Online Vintage Market

Thus, selling your used furniture saves the buyer money. Also, you indirectly preserve the environment. Buying used items means fewer factory orders. And trucks consume less fuel as you skip the warehouse. Buyers can pick up items (the most eco-friendly option). Second, you can sell items for a fixed price.

You can choose local pickup for bulky items too expensive to ship. For smaller items, you can afford to ship and still profit. So you don’t have to worry about buyers having to match the exact keyword. But you can also list furniture and home decor pieces. Plus, you can sell handmade furniture and accessories like pull handles. Also, you can offer to ship to the buyer.