We take pride in our record of honesty and professionalism. We’ve paid out millions of dollars to all of our satisfied customers, many of who have trusted us time and time again to sell their antiques.

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In a number of instances our clients have referred us to their family members and friends. Stop in to see the eclectic mix from 19th to mid-century modern. My favorite thing to do is find beautiful stuff and share it everyone. Facebook this site if you would like to see the newest items posted.

Keep in mind that shipping overseas is very expensive. If you are near 95 he will deliver to your door. All other deliveries for large furniture is custom arranged. It was very cluttered and full of junk furniture that had to go!

I have been buying cool vintage stuff nearly my whole life. It was always fun to see new different vintage items in the house.

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Visit our site www.reduxdesigns.net for more information on Vintage Furniture Fort Lauderdale.Your visitors will find your.

She also told me there should be one fun thing in each room so it is not to stuffy.

I try to bring both on my site and my new store.

I believe in recycling and this is a great way to do it. Items that have a past are way more interesting then brand new items.

I believe that owning great furniture should not cost an arm and leg.

I am able to spread out and incorporate all different styles of furniture and decor.

I have a great staff that helps me to run the shop. Lorie is my sister and helps with sales and bookkeeping. Richard is the in resident repairman and all around jack of trades.

I am very happy to have these great guys assist me in running my shop. If you have a wish list please send me a note and a picture. You’re bound to find something you love here. Most valuable is the expertise of the owners. Great furniture, icons, 50′ 60′ 70’80’.

I would like to send you pictures for various furniture to see if you would take them. Vintage, mirrored night stands with vintage dresser for my new boudoir. Evoke a festive atmosphere with the aromas of balsam, cedar wood and cinnamon. The zigzag pattern makes it exclusive for any living area.

We need to bring more of this ’50’s and ’60’s retro feel and sophistication in our homes. Head to our stores to shop our vintage collection. Pocock and his staff welcome their clients in the state of the art gallery that offers ample covered parking. He fixed the broken parts and touched up all the mars and rubs. He was polite, industrious, and very very nice to deal with. She took the 4 legs back to her shop and repaired the broken leg and replaced all 4 wheels.

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She came back in a week and put the table back together. It looks great and we can use the table without worrying about it tipping over.

I had been looking for someone to repair this table for a long time. Janine is a skilled craftsman (craft person?). She discusses what needs to be done and offers alternative about how far to restore without removing the history. Her time is valuable and the hours add up. Only use her for important items where you are willing to pay the cost.

I have never seen such polite, courteous and intelligent guys. They are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. My mother has a desk lamp which she had told me to just throw away because there was a 3?

Issac came to my home to inspect the lamp within two days of my initial telephone call. He examined the lamp; gave me a price and took the lamp with him that day. Within four days he called me to advise that the lamp was good as new and set up the delivery. The restoration job he did on the lamp is awesome.

I can?t even tell where the hole was on the base because he did such an amazing job. It was done in a timely manner and the repaired area looks great. Stylish accessories and furniture fly out the door. They are recently reupholstered and covered in an inviting blue suede like fabric in pristine condition. The dogs compliment each other well and show a nice overall wear to the color surfaces.

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The motif is very tropical with a pair of coconut palms, stems wrapped by serpents, flanking a centerpiece bowl surrounded by low vegetation. Some restorations and repairs have naturally taken place during its long lifespan but the overall impression is that of authenticity. The dresser features a two plank top and molded cornice above three drawers with fronts decorated by shaped. Additional information and price:. This one dates to the late 19th century and is in great condition. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and visit often. Steve repaired a wobbly post on my 4-poster bed. Our shop is a cabinet of curiosities that we’ve filled with exquisitely crafted, hand selected pieces from our travels all over the world.

We love our antiques with a touch of “chic” for that unmistakable spark of personality that livens up any room. Very unique objects sure to make great conversation starters. The store was clean, well organized and full of beautiful pieces.

Lauderdale and this amazing vendor was selling candles and other items. Nice furniture , but most of it was sold or layaway and pricey. They have two separate buildings; one is mostly the building material type stuff and the other is furniture. Thank you for visiting our web site; we hope to see you soon!

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