The reclaimed wood has natural, worn appearance with old holes and cracks which add to the beauty and charm!

Finish vanity smooth

FoxDen Decor Is Now Offering New Sizes For Each Piece Of Rustic Furniture

The center of the vanity protrudes two inches allowing more space for the drawers and allowing enough space for a tower to be added if desired. Each piece has blemishes, inconsistencies and tiny differences that only a hand made product could have. The sales was excellent is providing me with different options that would fit my space perfectly!

The old wood is sanded to a smooth, buttery finish but still preserves the characteristics of the old wood. The vanity is finished in a hand rubbed paste wax which protects the wood and gives it a smooth, buttery finish. The oxidized metal banding matches our handmade hardware which gives a unique appearance.

Our reclaimed is sanded down to a smooth to the touch finish and can be stained or left natural. The vanity was nice, but the top was made out of pine (a very soft wood) and dented extremely easily.