With the help of our licensed and experienced movers, you can be sure that all of your belongings will arrive at their final destination in perfect condition. If you own older , our specially selected antique furniture movers will go to every length to make sure that your delicate and priceless items make it through the trip unscathed.

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When you’re moving with us, you’re moving with professionals. Barber’s antique furniture movers are highly experienced in moving various types of antique furniture and know how to properly prepare your family heirlooms and collectibles. You’ll also be relieved to know that we’ll move all of your antique items at an affordable price. From packing up your current home to helping you set up your new one, our movers are available to assist you every step of the way.

We are so grateful for the support and know that we do this together!

All new pieces are located on our facebook page. In all that you do, make a statement…make it good. Making your space functional and pretty may make whatever comes your way a little bit easier…or just easier to find. Slow down, turn slowly, look for those small things and your heart will grow big too. This is such a great representation of love in and love out.

Here is this sweet child who has walked through many trials in life, in family and even during her own personal challenges.

I share with her the must knows and the sometimes unfortunate relates we face here in earth so she is prepared. It is curious to know me and to sit with me in love. It wants not to judge me; not even from the minute of mistakes before or the mountain of ones from the rest of my passing through. It does not want to rush me and tell me that the world has more important things to do and that we can’t sit close in to each other and feel appreciated without wanting to be better than the other. This love never meets in with hurts but with truth of what is real, what is important.

We must remember this and honor each other with love, with kindness of this and tender gardening of each other.

I am curious about this love inside, this love i know you live in but don’t own. It is about fellowship every single moment of every day. It does not matter the cause behind your last 5 weeks, 5 months or five years. Prayer is about changing our hearts, not routine words that sometimes take over our prayer life just to say that we prayed. It is a great reminder to all of us to lead each other in our relationships, whether it be romantic, family, friendship and every relationship it may apply to. It can be lonely sometimes in life from moment to moment even when things seem to look so perfect for the people in our lives. No matter how great someone’s life may look to you or perhaps not, we must take every opportunity to speak to them from our hearts, to be the light and lead them to a loving place at every opportunity.

We should never intend to lead them to a place to help better ourselves or for self edification. He will put on your heart the love speak, the words, the things to do or remind you of the times to be quiet. Each one of us also yearns for fellowship and to be led.

We can’t do this life alone, you have to be willing to fight…even past your own obstacles that were life created. One of the main attractions for the ladies is the stunning estate jewelry. This location also buys and sells gold, silver, and coins. An array of objects d' art and collectibles that treasure hungers love to browse through abound. He is nationally respected in the antique community and known for his knowledge and integrity. This exceptionally knowledgeable team gives every client a positive and productive experience with unsurpassed service. With curated home décor added to the mix, we have something for everyone, no matter your style.

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You never know what treasure is waiting just for you!

You'll be amazed by the diversity and great prices of our furniture and home decor. Again, welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Something for everyone, including lots of reasonably priced smalls and some absolutely gorgeous furniture. Friendly and helpful staff in a nice clean buildling. This was a pleasant surprise as we were hoping to find more antique in the area.

I think every type of collector will find something of interest here. This is by far the best vintage/antique stop for people of all interests and ages!

We're so impressed with their large selection of items and good prices. There are interesting things at every turn in this large antique mall.

I noticed the lady at the desk did not greet us when we walked in.

We do not sell or repair watches, cuckoo, or electric clocks. Our grand reopening will take place sometime this fall!

We will hold a grand reopening sometime this fall.

We have 8, 000 square feet of dealer space on 2 floors. Space is limited and going fast, so get yours before they’re all gone!

Ask us about specific details and information regarding estate sales and appraisals.

We rarely buy anything, but we enjoy the nostalgia. Shipping and delivery took about a month so keep that in mind.

I wish we weren't being such wino's on this trip or we would have had more money to splurge here.

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