Furniture that has timeless character and long-lasting beauty. The goodies here will work wonders for your wall including mirrors.

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If you’re driving, you’ll be able to use a nearby parking lot.

We think most furniture stores and manufacturers have it backwards, making you conform to their prebuilt furniture from predetermined specifications.

You define the specifications and we build based on that. Come in to one of our furniture showrooms and let us tailor our furniture to fit your life, your needs.

The furniture is all wood, sturdy and made well. The prices are better if you purchase the entire set but you can also purchase individual bedroom furniture pieces. The staff was friendly and down to earth. The price was on the expensive side, but you could find more economical prices on marked down items. Not as much inventory as other high end stores as well.

I will gladly shop at this store in the future.

We have spent well over ten thousand dollars at this store the last year and have no complaint with the quality of the product. She immediately led me over to the clearance section. While she was busy with other customers, she made an effort to help me, talked to my 16 month old son and gave him a cracker. There was a different sales woman at the store and she was less than helpful.

I again visited with my 16 month old son in tow. She then told me to come back and get a babysitter to watch my son so she could go through my options with me. The store was empty and my son was behaved. More than willing to help out with any questions or concerns. Check joints and cabinet framing carefully for fit, finish and anticipated durability. The staff here are normally both very nice and eager to help in whatever way they can. They even made us a custom bedside table for my sons room when we had a weird space limitation.

You can also choose your wood type and color of stain for whatever you pick out. Looking forward to one day getting a new kitchen table from them.

I could give them a pass but there was only one other customer.

I would have considered if someone would have approached me.

I hope you would be willing to give us another chance in the future.

We really liked a lot of the furniture and the customer service was great. Amish contractor who was making the furniture.

I asked if the store owner could contact them, the salesperson told me she wouldn’t ask him and we should just be patient.

We truly do appreciate your business and we are happy that the quality is what you expected.

I feel the need to add some clarifications to this review. October for a couple of custom small tables in a wood and color the customer specified. Feb the customer was not happy with the color they had selected stating it was too light, so we let them reselect another color.

I know can be frustrating to our customers.

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Only one person can be involved with your custom order so don’t expect to get anyone else to help you if that person isn’t scheduled to work.

I am literally throwing my money at this store and they are a joke.

I wasn’t expecting to go to that store but that shouldn’t matter. She immediately turn to me and said that’s the most expensive table in the store and continued to walk towards the clearance section.

I returned for a second time to the store to look at tables.

I was at the store, the sales woman was extremely nice.

I will not return or buy any of their products.

I don’t to hire a babysitter to shop and buy their products. Great products and the employees seemed to enjoy their jobs. The prices are not too bad considering the amazing quality. The pieces they sell can be handed down through generations; built to last. Sometimes what you see on a computer and what you get look very different, this wasn’t the case. It was hard for me to choose a kitchen table because they had so many good ones. Thankfully the staff there was very nice and they helped me decide on a table.

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