The hardest part is usually figuring out the exact style that you want and determining what can actually be achieved in the space that you have. Cluster repurposed planters at different heights to add depth and dimension, and give a visual focal point to your garden. There can be significant overlap of talent and skill between the two roles, depending on the education, licensing, and experience of the professional. With the help of retaining walls, landscape architects make sure that soil is bound between the levels of a hillside and create spectacular and picturesque views. Using decorative retaining walls, you can, without extra investment, make an original garden design and visually divide it into functional areas. Brick walls are not a suitable choice for water reservoirs or places with high humidity as bricks are not resistant to moisture damage and high humidity destroy the masonry. Concrete is perhaps the most popular and reliable material for the construction of retaining walls. Cinder blocks are another cost effective material which is widely used as a material for retaining walls. Filled with river or quarry stones the baskets (containers) are aligned with a grid network. The design reinvents the gate as an architectural typology underlining the connecting characteristics of a former dividing element20. The centre is experienced as a three dimensional continuation of the garden path system26. If you have a tight budget then it is a good idea to go for low maintenance, local plants. Westhoek landscapeu2014from the flatlands to the deforested and bombarded fields to the agricultural farmlands. This feature provides access for jogging, fishing, and swimming, with minimal impact on the landscape. Boylston building for greenery to help reduce the heat effect in this narrow urban canyon.

Additionally, they can host pretty plants and flowers and can form a perfect relaxation spot. If there are any water bodies in the garden, care must be taken to ensure that they aren’t leaked into the planting area, in which they may destroy the plants.

Wall retaining landscape

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Whether you’re looking for that initial inspiration or are already hoping to find the professional best suited to you, homify is here to assist. Another inexpensive but contemparary way to upcycle your planters is by painting them in a bold color. These structures are often designed when the terrain is sloped and soil has to be restrained. Retaining walls with mixed functions are used as strengthening, but should have an attractive appearance.

The choice of these materials will depend on the amount of work to be done for the wall construction. Boulder retaining walls are one of the varieties which has a great visual appeal in addition to the functionality and durability.

When using concrete, homeowners can opt for pre-cast concrete blocks, which are especially designed for retaining wall construction. The upper ends are with antiseptic, and buried in the ground is best treated with hot engine oil, creosote, tar or bitumen. In addition they are a powerful element in landscape design which allows landscape architects to make the best of different level heights in the garden. The idea is a practical separation of space and utilities for efficient use of structure21. The building weaves into the ground creating a series of courtyards and topographic undulations27. We added extensive natural stone retaining walls of multiple sizes and heights, stone stairs in two area’s and another more naturalistic patio. The transformation of what was formerly the world’s largest landfill into a productive and beautiful cultural destination demonstrates how landscape architecture can restore balance to the land. The design will employ sustainable irrigation techniques that require little or no electricity to pump and filter water used in the fields.

Westhoek landscape—from the flatlands to the deforested and bombarded fields to the agricultural farmlands.