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From sleek, black living room cabinets that appeal to those with a modern furnishing style, to more chests with walnut or oak finishes, you can pinpoint the right accent cabinet or chest for your furnishing and décor style. These estate sales are history but there's always more ahead. A fun sale to rummage through—both house and loaded barn. African pistol and scabbard, cannon balls, bayonets, artillery shell and more. Wonderful listed artist prints and antique art. Great kitchenware, garden items and some tools. Several cameras, binoculars and antique photo albums, fine art, great ephemera and old books. Don’t miss this treasure trove of a sale!

Great lot of telescope chaise lounges and umbrella and chairs. Lots of camp-style furniture for your summer home. And let’s be honest–there’s a good chance that furniture probably has a funky smell. And no amount of hot, soapy water or time in the sun will even come close to removing it.

I was actually talking to my mom about this the other day and she mentioned a few old-fashioned tricks that work really well to eliminate that musty smell. These should help whether you’re dealing with something a little stinky or extra stinky. If you have an old dresser just line the drawers with dryer sheets or if it’s a vintage trunk just find a way to stash a few of them inside. This is a really great little trick for lots of yucky smells!

Grab some good old-fashioned baking soda, put it in a bowl and place it in the furniture. The bigger the piece the more baking soda you’ll need. For example, if you’re working on a dresser you’ll need a bowl in each drawer. Close it up and leave it for at least a week. Probably two if you’re dealing with a more serious smell.

You can also try using one of those odor eliminating carpet powders like this one. Just mix water and vinegar together using a 1:1 ratio and thoroughly wipe down your piece of furniture, then allow it to air dry. Vinegar is a great natural cleaner and will do the trick just fine!

5 Ways to Remove that Musty Smell Old Furniture

And it’s so easy to use–just pour some on a clean cloth and wipe the piece down really well. Easy peasy for the win and it’s really effective. It’s like it sealed it all in and gave me a fresh canvas to start from. This works really well if your furniture has a serious smell problem going on. Well friends, those are my five best tips and tricks for removing musty smells from old furniture.

I know it’s not the most glamorous topic to talk about, but it’s definitely something that comes along with having a lot of vintage furniture.

I am sure you’re all full of wisdom and great ideas too, so please don’t hesitate to share with me. Next we did the vinegar and baking soda then left crumbled news paper inside to absorb some odor.

I used the armoire in my kitchen for over 5 years …… then we moved into a new house and the odor seemed to come back ( maybe we just got used to it in our old house) anyway 2 coats of kilz and 2 coats of paint layer and it’s not only beautiful but smells fresh clean and new !

I now use it in my mud/laundry room as additional linen storage.

I am usually not allowed to bring anything into the house until the funky smell is gone????!!

I have tried an open can of coffee in drawers or opened jar candles. However, nothing works better than a good cleaning and then paint!

Well, if you can paint it that is–sometimes that isn’t an option.

I recently bought a beautiful stained wood cabinet from a second hand store that had that classic junk store smell. Will it leave an odor or does it “eventually” deteriorate?

Now maybe we can actually bring this beautiful piece of family history into our home. Here’s another tip regarding pillows – kill anything that might be harboring inside by tossing in the dryer, at high temp, for at least 30 minutes!

It’s definitely good info to have on hand for that next stinky piece of furniture!

Kitchen Buffet Hutch

The funky odor has faded somewhat, but the case is still useless for storage. Considering nothing else has worked, that might be your best option at this point. It was a vintage set/3 and they were beautiful but smelled soooo bad. A lady at a local upcycle shop told me to try charcoal. Place charcoal in an open bag inside the suitcase and close them up for about a week.

I think that has helped somewhat but they still have a faint musty smell. When he puts his clothes in they come out smelling like wood. It isn’t old, but has a musty smell from sitting on the old carpet. Would wiping down with vinegar and water hurt the finish?

Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Of exotic timbers with the finest carved and decorated inlay in forms of.

Biedermeier flame mahogany 2 door cabinet features bevelled glass front and side panels with 2 adjustable shelves. French display cabinet of the 20th century. Boulle style furniture in painted fake turtle wood and decorated with brass and bronzes. Red color with a clear glass frill to top. Italian furniture of particular construction in wood, matt glass and chromed metal. The moulded form set with colored glass fish and seaweed.

Demilune furniture in painted metal and glass top of a beautiful decoration. Sand blasted, sheet glass with steel mounts. The moulded form inset with coloured glass fish and seaweed. But there are a number of other factors to consider as well, including the tools that were used to craft a piece and what the individual components look like. Examining these elements individually, as well as furniture pieces in their entirety, will help you learn to correctly date them. Most handmade pieces will show some irregularities to the surface such as minor nicks indicative of a hand plane being used to smooth out the wood, and this is sometimes even more evident on the back than on the finished front surfaces. Lori) so if the piece you’re examining is perfectly finished without shallow cuts being evident, this clue points to it being made in the late 1800s or beyond. This can mean that they were hand crafted prior to 1860 or so. Machine made furniture produced largely after 1860 will have components that match more perfectly than those made by hand. When hand planes were used to smooth woods, they more often than not left some sort of uneven surface. As discussed above, this is especially evident on the back or underside of pieces made prior to the mid-1800s. Cuts and nicks can also leave proof that hand chisels and other tools operated with shear elbow grease were used to shape woods. When circular saws were used, and this wasn’t prevalent until the mid-19th century, a circular pattern is usually present as evidence.

Manually operated hand saws left a straighter pattern in comparison. That’s not to say wood crafters aren’t still making furniture by hand today, and they were doing so at the turn of the 20th century, too. After 1700, mahogany and walnut were very popular. Moving into the 1800s, maple and cherry showed up in fine furniture manufacture quite often. Then, around 1900, oak became very popular again. Can you circa date solely on the type of wood used?

But materials can be an indicator of age when they fits in with the overall style and age of other components that make up the furniture you’re trying to date. Honing your wood identification skills can really pay off in this area. The same goes with upholstery if it’s original, and that’s a key factor. So if you find a furniture item using screws that have completely rounded shafts, pointed ends, and perfectly finished heads with matching cuts (much like a screw you would purchase today), the piece likely dates to the mid-19th century or later. But the heads were still finished with hacksaws to add the groove to fit a screwdriver like those made even earlier, so no two are exactly alike. The first screws were crafted in the 1700s by blacksmiths using square nail stock that was heated and pounded until it was somewhat round. The tips were blunt in these oldest screws, and each one was unique. If you find these hand finished screws in furniture, investigate other aspects of the pieces to see if they match the screws in age. Other brass hardware can be an indicator of age as well. The presence of brass hardware at all also tells a tale. If you have a piece with brasses, it's most likely pre-1830s or a revival piece from the late 1800s on. Some classics are still being made today. When attempting to determine the age of an antique there is no one definitive factor, but rather a combination of elements at work.

Accent Cabinets and Chests

These irregularities indicate that an antique piece is made by hand and not by machine. Look at the bottom, side, or back of a piece. Behind doors and inside its crevices are good places to look for these characteristic irregularities. It is also common for the materials of an antique piece not to match completely. If a piece of furniture was hand crafted, you will notice that carvings or details such as knobs and spindles may not be exactly identical. English furniture in the 15th century highlighted floral and animal-based patterns, while furniture in the 17th century featured elaborate gildings and extravagant engravings. Expert antique collectors generally check the type of wood and metal that was applied to a piece in determining the era where it came from. Furniture that is made from oak was usually manufactured before the 1700s. Most of the pieces made of mahogany and walnut that we have today is made after the 1700s because they were the popular materials then. A collector familiar with the different grains and types of wood has the perfect advantage when it comes to telling the age of antique pieces. For one, antique furniture is largely hand crafted. Many claim that antique furniture is more durable than modern furniture but craftsmanship extends beyond durability. It is common to see cuts and nicks with furniture where hand tools such as chisel were used. French furniture from the 18th century is often stamped with the name of its maker. Using a flashlight and a magnifying glass can be helpful. It can be difficult to distinguish 18th-century furniture from 19th-century pieces. Once our specialists have provided you with an auction estimate and a sale recommendation, they will be able to provide shipping quotes and logistical support. Sotheby’s works with the top white-glove shipping companies across the globe who will be able to safely package and transport even the most fragile antiques. Its wood-grain details pair perfectly with plank-inspired decor while its oak finish matches well with neutral wallpaper for a contrasting look. Lean into this clean-lined piece's modern farmhouse inspiration by adding it to an entryway comprised of arched window-inspired mirrors and vintaged framed botanical prints for a cohesive display. This four-door piece delivers room for everything from plates to linens, while the paint finish and tapered feet are perfect for a touch of cottage charm. This collection offers a unique and useful accent to any room. What's more, painted scrollwork details and words like "love", "honesty", and "friendship" complete the look with added charm. Its clean-lined, crisp silhouette is perfectly paired next to a structured armchair or tufted bench for an effortlessly chic look while the distressed details contrast nicely with colorful textiles and bold decor. Elegant raised onlay details draw attention to the shaped drawer fronts and give this chest an antique impression. This piece features four doors with a free-form lattice overlay and glass panels, offering guests a peek at books, serve ware, and anything else you choose to stow away inside.

Use its open shelves to stack art books or display abstract accents, then keep the top free for trays of hors d'oeuvres and cocktails when guests arrive. The beautiful finish is distressed with natural wood tones underneath for an on-trend weathered look. A pair of stylized shell cup pulls provide easy access to the top drawer. Below, matching plank-effect grooved doors open to a single fixed shelf for tidy interior storage. Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, its frame is traditional with cabriole feet connected by a curved apron and molded trim finished in brown. The compelling hue plays well with other earth-toned accents in your living room, dining room, or den, enabling you to enjoy the incomparable style and convenient storage at the same time. Crafted of solid and manufactured wood in a rich charter oak finish, this unit strikes a rectangular silhouette on a matte black metal frame. This tall piece features inspirational phrases like "dream big" and "believe in miracles" across the front and sides of a farmhouse-inspired distressed finish. Two drawers sit above a cabinet with a drop-down writing surface. Set it in the dining room under a wide wall mirror to bring a touch of cottage charm to your entertainment space. Two adjustable and two fixed shelves stage decorative accents, books, and beyond, while a paper-lined drawer below offers space to safely stash spare linens and bedding. Its two drawers slide out to hold smaller items, while its lower cabinet is built with a fixed shelf that helps to organize larger belongings.

Past Estate Sales

More than practical, this piece features two doors with glass panels and a geometric overlay that offer a peek at whatever is stowed away within. Crafted from solid wood, this piece is hand painted and antiqued with a distressed finish for a touch of rustic appeal in your home. Crafted from solid wood, its clean-lined frame features a rustic finish and metal hardware for an industrial touch. Take a cabinet like this, for example: featuring two drawers and a shelf, there’s space aplenty. Crafted from wood, it features four glass-front doors with black scrolling overlay for a decorative touch. Its adjustable interior shelves let you tailor its storage to fit any odds and ends you choose to tuck away. Octagonal knobs adorn both doors for a contemporary touch, while shelving behind lets you organize spare serveware, board games, and beyond. The manufacturer backs this product with a five-year warranty. Crafted of solid rubberwood and manufactured wood in a weathered white finish, this chest’s base strikes a rectangular silhouette with a carved apron front, fluted spade legs, and detailed metal hardware. Finished and crafted by hand, no two cabinets are alike, meaning the one that arrives at your doorstep is uniquely yours. Utilize its top drawer and interior storage space to stow anything from fine china to photo albums. Top it with burnished accents to play with its bronze-finished pulls, then set out framed photos and objets d'art to complete the look. Four doors with mirrored inserts and wooden grilles intricate overlays open to a posh red interior with shelved storage for dinnerware, serving dishes, barware, and more. Set it in the dining room to round out your refined entertainment space, then open up its cabinet doors and a single drawer to stow away plates, platters, and other serve ware in a simple style. Its elegant molding and turned legs add classic character to your arrangement, while its three full-extension drawers and adjustable interior shelves offer enough storage space for the essentials. Its distressed look is trendy, popular and full of unique character. The high cabinet features an upper display portion with glass doors that enclose the three shelves. On the lower portion of the cabinet there are six drawers for additional storage. This chest would be a unique addition to any space in your home. There are plenty of stylish storage solutions, but one of the most versatile an accent cabinet like this one.

Constructed of a combination of manufactured and solid wood, this piece showcases an antique teal finish with distressed accents for a charming cottage-inspired look. This piece showcases a graceful, curved profile, and three spacious drawers for storage and organization. Set this sophisticated cabinet in your master suite for the perfect place to stow fresh linens. Smooth, matte black iron sliding cabinet door track and black iron handle add juxtaposition with their metal against wood style and utilitarian function. Ample home storage and display with 4 side drawers and a large cabinet with 2 shelves. It may be combined with many other configurations to fit your needs. Two doors open to reveal a mix of slatted and solid shelves, while one bottom drawer provides space for smaller items you want to tuck away.

The walnut finish and black arts and crafts hardware are helpful in blending into any decor. These vintage-looking pieces add an air of history with a punch of charm. Still, have questions about cottage and country cabinets and chests?

What are the benefits of a cottage or country cabinet?

They marry a vintage look with shelves and drawers big enough to hold everything from extra keys to plates and bowls. Distressed wood photo frames, elegant doilies, and your grandfather's old clock all pair with this type of furniture nicely.

Shop Furniture of America Cirque Vintage Style Multicolored Antique Walnut

These items work best in shabby chic rooms or spaces with natural wood tables. They pair ideally with décors like mismatched chairs and world maps. Their classic style and wood exterior make a statement and offer real storage solutions at the same time. Wayfair has a diverse array of cabinets and chests to choose from, so finding a new accent piece has never been easier. In many cases, corner china cabinets have curved glass front pieces so you can make the most of your corner space, storing and displaying an array of china and knickknacks in an area that might otherwise be wasted. If your collection consists mainly of antiques, a vintage china cabinet sets the right stage for their display. China cabinets with the added feature of lighted shelves help bring your valuables to center stage when you light them up to be admired. Shop the extensive inventory of antique furniture , including antique cabinets and cupboards !

It had started to rust and that made us very unhappy. Porcafix was very easy to use and the tub looks great!

Hook part fits bottom part already attached for hanging.

I own a home built in 1905 and this was the perfect piece to give it that extra character it needed. People are fascinated every time they come over and end up ringing it over and over again!

We wanted our bathroom to have a special flair and these cabinet pulls completed the look perfectly.

Cabinet furniture glass sri lanka

Gla Cabinet Painted Wood Furniture

A little smaller than we expected, but still a perfect complement to the look we wanted.

We are very glad these folks are in business. Set includes desk, chair and china cabinet. Whether used as alternatives to traditional shelving or as stunning display cases for fine china, antique china and display cabinets are perfect additions for any dining room. The stylized cabriole legs are hardwood in a walnut finish. This pair is in wonderful vintage condition. There are few marks and scratches on the wood areas of the table. The original leaves were of unfinished wood since they were covered with a tablecloth. Chair is accented and finished with individual hammered nailhead brass tack detailing. These low riders are the ultimate seat for relaxing. The leather is very thick and stiff to provide a comfortable seat. Oval rectangle shape on tempered dowel legs.