Wood is solid oak and in excellent condition. Table standard size is 65 inches with a 25 inch extension.

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Please call if you would like to come by and have a look at them. Very good condition from smoke free and pet free home. Measurements 35h x 20d x 47w with mirror and harp attached 72h. Can’t believe the difference after upholstery and cleaning.

The technique that we use to get your furniture back to it’s best is called ‘re-upholstery’. Reason being, we spend time carefully re-applying the upholstery materials to your furniture so that it sits evenly, enhances comfort levels and looks great too!

A stable structure prevents you from experiencing any discomfort and breaks in the future. At that level, we can make a diagnosis of the level of repairs required. However, we may need to repair various elements to ensure stability such as issues with the feet to prevent wobbles. To make sure that everyone you welcome to your home has a comfortable experience, we make sure that your back and bottom have the ultimate feeling of support, we give your furniture a complete corrective support structure.

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It’s part of our exemplary upholstery service that we achieve the highest standards of comfort so we make sure that when you sit down on your piece for the first time that you can notice the feeling of stability. The padding in your furniture is what makes it feel comfortable so when it starts to feel worn, saggy and uncomfortable – that’s when you know you need a change for sure. There are so many advertisements on television these days for new , but what we notice is that these pieces aren’t built like they used to. They’re often shipped in internationally from massive factories where there is little care for the finer details such as you might expect from an antique piece. Not only that, but we find that antique furniture is without a doubt, much more pleasing onthe eye. There is something about furniture that you just can’t forget. Maybe we’re just the nostalgic type, but the items you value help you define who you are and those memories that have been built up over years should not be forgotten. Truth is if you aren’t sure that your furniture needs an upholsterer service, then you probably don’t. An upholsterer’s job is to refurbish your upholstery when it gets to the stage that you are no longer enjoying it anymore. That could be because it is no longer comfortable or because the furniture looked tired and worn out. It’s important to consider that just because you have a piece that is looking old, doesn’t mean that it cannot become something equally beautiful or even better. The opportunities to change the style, pattern, and colour of your furniture is limitless. When you see the difference, you’ll think you’re looking at a new sofa, but at the same time hold the memories of your old one.

We offer customers the options of modern upholstery, traditional upholstery, and leather upholstery. For older pieces, it is best if we stick to the manner in which it was first constructed, thus preserving its integrity.

We will use traditional methods such as horse hair, springs, flax and herringbone webbings just to name a few. For more recent pieces, we will be more open to using modern upholstery techniques during the restoration process. It uses foam as stuffing as well as other traditional materials such as webbing, hessian, felts and hand-stitched borders. Staples are used for fixing and delivery for faster results and also to reduce the costs. Traditional upholstery is most suitable for antique chairs (typically from the 19th and early 20th century.

We use natural materials such as horsehair or coir fibre, hessian or linen as well as tacks or fixings. This style uses complex stitching techniques to make firm stitched edges. Traditional upholstery is extremely labour intensive and requires a great deal of skill and years of experience to master. What technique is right for my furniture?

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As we mentioned earlier, it depends on the age and style of your furniture. Nevertheless, if you have an older piece, but can’t afford to use the traditional technique, we can give you options for the restoration of your antique furniture using the modern upholstery methods.

We have 3 rooms of eclectic and unique upcycled furniture and lighting along with some quirky vintage pieces.

We offer a full commission service on all furniture and lighting, maybe you have some tired pieces of your own or you would like us to find a piece and style it for you. Drop us a line on the contact page to see how we can help. Please with your postcode/zipcode and we will get back to you with a quote.

We can help you restore and conserve the antiques within your home. Did you know reviving damaged polish and restoring more substantial damage will increase value, save you money and enable them to last for future generations, whilst being good for the environment too?

You will gain satisfaction by bringing a damaged piece back to life and enjoy their beauty within your home.

We recommend you telephone before setting out on a journey. Using nothing but the highest quality materials and understand that when a special item of furniture becomes either damaged by accident, faded with time, or just general ‘wear and tear’, our customers don’t want it ‘over restored’. French polisher, furniture restoration minor repair/repairs etc. However we recommend you telephone before setting out on a journey. Restoration aims to bring the object back to its originally intended form with minimal disturbance. Restoration can concentrate on making the item useable, and visually pleasing to the eye with the minimum use of any new materials.

We are open five days a week but advise customers to phone 07798 640 629 and check before setting out. The rectangular tops are above a tapering body fitted with three drawers,. Businesses can close or change opening times, we recommend you ring first before travelling any distance. Is the business you’re looking for not listed?

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I am always looking for interesting and unusual pieces.

You might be thinking of changing an interior. Maybe you’re moving home or you want to use the space in an old cupboard or your loft.

I offer a free, professional and confidential service. They built very fine quality antique furniture using quality woods but mainly used mahogany with fine quality inlays. If you are interested in fine quality antique furniture by this maker along with our current selection available, please visit our latest stock here. She seen me holding hands with my wife and rolled her eyes.

I can’t believe in 2018 that we are being faced with such prejudice and homophobic people. Check out your local charity and the barras and pay 10% of what they charge you here. A bottle of pledge which only costs a pound from pound land and you can have the items from thrift stores looking just as good. Plus you won’t need to deal with attitudes of the lady who works or owns this place.

This wardrobe has a hanging rail and shelving. Lovely addition to any bedroom or hallway. Would be great for any office, study or decor piece in hallway. Very comfortable and great recycling project. Includes 6 cups, saucers, plates, knives and forks. Two flasks, food containers, salt and pepper.

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Basket with chains and leather fastenings intact. Both in perfect condition with brass umbrella loops on each end. Size 4 feet wide by 5 feet 8 inches (or thereabouts). Each is slightly different, therefore unique. At retrovintage, we strive to provide a hand-picked selection of original vintage furniture to complement your mid-century home or workplace. We’ll always only have one or two of each item though – as each vintage piece will have been unearthed individually on its own merits.

We hold a small but very carefully selected range of original vintage pieces. They do sell quickly, mind you, so there are always exciting new things arriving every week. Whether you have a beloved piece that you would like to have restored, or you're in the market for something special, feel free to visit our store. Please enquire for prices or if you have anything antique to sell or are looking for something specific.

We can also arrange for delivery if required.

We always have spaces available to rent in the warehouse if you are interested in becoming a dealer yourself. Good old solid couch with hard wearing foam.

Letting go of it sadly as we don't have the room. It comes with a lock and key for that section. The bottom half is carved oak with 3 drawers with brass handles on the top and cupboards with keys on the bottom. There is a small crack on the corner of one of the smaller panes of glass as seen in the picture. Consists of upper bookcase, middle drawers and a large lower cabinet. Was told in antique shop 20 years ago that manufactured in 1930s. Items from the 18th, 19th and 20th century. All of our products are of the highest standard and we aim to make sure our customers receive only the best antique bedroom furniture. Often referred to as the style of decorative arts. This is when veneers came to the fore as the finest mahogany was already beginning to run out. Mahogany from any period was still the timber to use for better furniture throughout the early 20th century. The look combines modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials.