There are thousands of items on offer over two floors – do not forget to visit downstairs – in this wonderful air conditioned function centre. This market is certainly a cut above the rest.

Antique Furniture Glebe Furniture

Packed full of specialist dealers and enthusiastic sellers, the usual array of junk and bric-a-brac is replaced with high quality wares from all ages. Victorian artifacts sit alongside 80s retro whilst real vintage clothing hangs next to pre century artwork. Visitors rush the the doors to see what is on offer and find their treasures before anyone else. First time visitors are amazed by the variety of products on offer.

The quality is what people come back for. There is a fantastic mix of elegant and unusual – the perfect spot to find an interesting new evening dress or a classic yet offbeat shirt. Most of the regular stallholders offer a bit of something for everyone. There are plenty of art deco pieces to please the fans, and enough works of art to fill a gallery. It is advised to get down as early as possible and bring along plenty of cash. This market is guaranteed to grow, amaze and delight.

Dedicated to vintage , housewares, and restoration supplies. Offering restoration, painting, crafting, and 'how-to' classes. They also restore vintage furniture, and offer painting,. Glass shelving with wooden decorative casing. Needs a fresh coat of paint, and vinyl on chair tops replaced. Seat tops were rebuilt 2 years ago, so very solid. This console table was bought a year ago. With the need to have more space, we had to place our console table for sale. It can be used as a desk in a nice corner by a bookshelf. The table is slim with moderate length allowing for more space in the room. The quality of its timber is timeless and unlimited by the ever-changing trends. It seats 8 people easily and gives an old charm to the house.

You can attenuate its character with modern chairs. Cream coloured paint and black coloured sewing machine. The table needs and final sand and could look like the last pic shown. The upholstery fabric used is a soft grey blue linen type. The centre feature on the plates depicts a powerful two horned, five-clawed red dragon depicted on either side, facing forward with its body coiled to protect a flaming pearl at the center. Full of trinkets and ‘bits and bobs’ that tell a story of who you are and where you’ve been. Vintage furniture are quite the in thing at the moment and you’ll be surprised by what you can find. So take off your fancy pants and start fossicking through our fave five. One of my all time fave pieces came from here. An old boilermakers table that we turned into the coolest kitchen island bench ever. With over 70 separate stalls, from vintage to retro …. From furniture and lighting, to antiques and collectables.

Yardley's Antiques

Glebe Collectables Antiques Fairs

It’s made up of mini ‘stores’ within a store. It’s full of quirky and collectable items over two storey’s. Furniture, fabrics, fusions, icelandic sheepskins. It has the added bonus of being a free listing system - if you are wanting to part with any items of your own, this is an easy option and saves you advertising costs. Perhaps that perfect addition to your home is waiting amongst this collection. The stock is constantly changing and it suggested that returning visitors will see different collectibles. Pick up decorative and practical pieces full of oriental history. It's a great place to hit up if you are looking for rare items to take home. Or, visit these local stores (amongst many others) for a vast array of antique knickknacks at convenient prices. If you have the hankering to know more about antiques, or you simply want to know what it’s like to hold a fortune in your fingers, book now for your place in a series of workshops that let you get a grip on your subject of choice. To be sure of your place in this year’s workshops book now!

Better still, book five sessions and get the sixth for free. That way you learn the same way the experts do, by having and holding. Let the years recede and the past come alive in these practical sessions open to anyone interested in art, ceramics, jewellery, furniture and silver. In just 90 minutes, insiders’ insights will help you be that little more discerning if you want to be a better collector. Also the help and advice is invaluable and so generously given. Parking is great too then you can have a walk along the prom afterwards. In and showed me a couple of techniques and gave me some tips!!

We have two of the large gold tray tables and one of the small mirror table in stock.

Sydney Collectables and Antiques Fairs

Rozelle apart is the bric-a-brac, antiques and vintage homewares. Rozelle will probably have those things, as well as another seven random items you didn’t know you wanted but now lust after. There’s everything from obscure country and western best-of albums to local and international dance releases. Some sellers specialise in 12-inch singles, while others may only have the yacht rock albums of your dreams. The team is knowledgeable about their range of items, and can help you work out how to install your new piece into your home. The team here use reclaimed timber and vintage items to make original pieces of furniture – but that doesn’t just mean they use old wood. The shopfront is the fully functioning workshop – so head in with your measurements and ideas and see what the team can do for you. With the motto ‘butt ugly blokes building handsome furniture for beautiful people’ you’ll feel like you’re in good hands. The trick is to get to the markets early. There are also plenty of stalls selling great breakfast foods and snacks so after you’ve been the early bird, there’s time to wander around and celebrate your vintage finds with bacon. Ample free parking is available right outside our door.

During the week we are open by appointment. Explore our website to view a small selection of our inventory.

We got splendidly lost in sprawling antique warehouses and learnt a little something from the owners of unusual independent stores, who all have a great story to tell. Chesterfield from one of our favourite antique centres, sink into the cushions with a good read from one of the city’s best bookshops. With more than 60 dealers set up under a ceiling of fairy lights, there’s sure to be a decade, style or oddity that catches your antiquing eye. As you hunt for bargains, any of the friendly stallholders who’re floating about the premises are happy to assist you, even if it’s not their shop.

Once disentangled from the cloaks, light displays and trick hats, he introduced us to his menagerie of unusual objects. The diversity of what’s on the shelves probably helps too. There’s industrial-style stools and light fixtures, weathered chopping boards and rolling pins for a farmhouse kitchen, and collections of glass wine jars and a perpetual calendar.

You can find cheap bargains for pocket change, like a shiny jelly mould or enamel ladle for your wall. It’s not a store for vintage threads but it is one that’ll keep you captivated. If you love to dig for bargains and you’re not afraid of heights, climb the ladder and scour the floor-to-ceiling cabinet of kitchenware for a rare find. There are new items scattered among the old, but most fresh furniture pieces are sustainably sourced or locally made, and the range of linens and pillows are decorated with original prints – even one from the bottom of an antique glory box. Filled with vintage posters, glassware and oak furniture, the store is their first retail venture after years of collecting antiques as a hobby. When travelling for work, the couple would drive out to warehouses and people’s backyard sales to find antiques. This sprawling collection increases tenfold once you wander inside, with vintage toys, antique jewellery and newly created art covering almost every surface. There doesn’t seem to be a strict rule on the style, era or heritage of items. Save and share your favourite picks and make plans to go out with friends. This doesn't just apply to clothing , but also to the items you choose to kit out your home with.

Life's just more interesting when people start getting creative and repurposing vintage items, and it's a more sustainable way of living too. With high- and low-end options, these vintage retailers exude endless creativity and long hours of delighted exploration. It's where industrial, commercial and rustic antiques all come together in one space, and where you can spend hours walking around in wide-eyed fascination. It's the place to go if you're after shipping trunks, industrial work tables, watering cans, church pews or old bakelite phones. The place is huge, so you need an hour or so to browse through everything, but you're guaranteed to find something amazing. In addition to homewares, furniture and lighting there is also a range of vintage fashion, toys, kitchen items and industrial pieces. The quality of items is impeccable, so while it's not always the cheapest place to shop, it is definitely worth checking out. Moreover, only the very best pieces are sourced, so the selection isn't as vast and mind-boggling as many other places on this list. Original pieces are available to buy directly from the showroom floor, or the 'blokes' are happy to tailor-make particular items to suit specific needs. This is the kind of place that inspires creativity. Essentially, it's the kind of place where every primary school craft project is born. Austiques antiques furniture and decorative arts.

We recently moved to new and improved premises and have a wonderful display area with lots of new stock coming in regularly.

We personally undertake journeys more than six times a year to revisit places and people with whom we have built a relationship over decades and are always on the lookout for new sources of old things. Each piece we bring back to our store has been handpicked and is a one-off work of art.

We avoid pretension and artifice and seek out individuality and charm in every single one of our decorative or functional pieces. They are therefore both simple and honest but also rich in symbolism and meaning, each one a conversation piece with a history and meaning. They bring a sense of timelessness and quiet to our frenetic high-tech modern lifestyles.