He has always spent the majority of his spare time working hard to expand his own knowledge and still does so, realising that learning is a lifelong process. By 1982 he had established his own business and over the years advised on my antiques purchases, which proved to be a sound investment.

What impressed me at the time was how across his subject he was and, at such a youthful age. His passion for his subject and gathering knowledge about art and antiques has never known any boundaries, and his many wonderful anecdotes and stories captivate everyone. He is well known among his peers all around the world for his encyclopaedic knowledge. Over the years he has lectured extensively for institutions, private and public museums and collections, and his long-established clients all value and admire his advice.

After being in business for more than three decades he is entering the realm of being a ‘father of antiques’, which for many makes him all the more appealing, although he may not necessarily think so. These works will be transferred to the new for that contribution to continue as long as possible.